Holy cats

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Where the hell did the year go?

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My mom needs to have a bunch of external cysts removed. they just up and started growing out of nowhere. They are huge and very noticeable and she says they are also very painful. She measures the pain as a vouchsafe against the dreaded "C" word.

My heart aches and I am tired and I am worried about too many people, none of them being myself.

I need a vacation from life.


Oh have you seen my ghost?

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Currently making a couple dozen butter tarts. I hope 2 dozen is ok - I figure there will be lots at the bake sale and I'm too tired to put myself out any further - it's been a very long, very stressful few weeks and I can't really put forth any more effort than I already have. Last week was report card week and the parent-teacher meetings left me drained and crying. It's too long to get into here and frankly not something I feel the need to publicly air (shocking, I know). If you are curious then you'll know how to get a hold of me to find out what is going on.

Tomorrow night is a council meeting because yet again they had to reschedule. If it keeps going on Monday nights I'm going to have to quit because it conflicts with my schedule BIG TIME. Sigh.

Ok I need to go do more things. Because I have a zillion on my plate and hopefully want to pare it down to a million by the end of the night.


so mad I'm shaking

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I don't know what to do with K anymore. Third note home since November 5th with regards to his being rough and picking on, of all people, his best friend. All three incidents involved his friend, all three incidents he "said he was sorry" and had to go to the principal. I have no fucking idea what to do with him as our typical punishments don't seem to be getting through.

What really makes me irate is that just this morning, he and I had a long talk about his behavior and he PROMISED he would behave. Promised me like there was no tomorrow. So imagine my surprise when I find at the bottom of his school bag (which was soaking wet for the third time in a row because yet again, he didn't put his water bottle in his lunch bag and also left the damn bottle open) another note from his teacher explaining that, yet again, he has done something not very nice to his friend. This time around he threw snow down his friend's coat and hat. Last time he had pushed his friend into a block of ice. The time before, oh god I can't even remember.

I was so mad I was crying. I'm at my wit's end and have no idea how to get it through to him, that if he continues to behave this way, a few not so nice things will happen. First he will lose every last one of his friends. Nobody likes a bully. Second, he'll probably get suspended or expelled. Thirdly... I don't even want to think about it. The path he is walking is not a good one. And it just kills me because he is such a good boy, deep down, and has such a good heart, and I don't know where all of this aggression is coming from. He says he just can't control himself sometimes and this is what he does to let out whatever is in him. I say he needs to learn and real damn quick son because: my wit's end? Yeah. I'm there.

So I'm at a point where, do I do the thing I really don't want to do, and not give him the main thing he really wants for Christmas, to teach him something? Or do I try and figure out something else? My dad would say just tan his hide until he can't sit for a week, and while in a way I'm tempted, it would just be sending the kid the worst kind of mixed message.

I don't know. And I'm so upset, and I'm embarrassed because I really like the family of his friend, and there are only so many phone calls I can make to apologise before even I don't want to hear it anymore. What do I do? I don't know. I don't know. The only thing I can do right now is cry. I'm so frustrated.


Do you see what I see?

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Ugh. SNOW! Freaking. Snow.


I can't seriously be the only one that hates this weather.

In other news... my friends are going through the same hoops that S & I had to go through last year to get a Wii. Hopes up, hopes sunk. Hopes up, hopes sunk. Lather, rinse, repeat. My sister-in-law is doing what she can to help, and I assured them that we didn't end up getting one until Christmas was practically in our laps, but it got done. Still, I know how it feels to be in the uncomfortable position of simply not knowing if it will happen or not.

Speaking of sister-in-laws, I am knitting her a green version of the Jayne hat, taking a break from the sweater I was knitting because while it's beautiful, the lady who wrote the pattern was off by a few things and I had to do a lot of patch-ups where she missed stitch instructions etc. I figure it out but I need a breather. All that's left is the sleeves, and a hat is a pretty quick knit nowadays. I couldn't have said that a year ago - it took me a month to make my first hat - but now I can whip those up in a heartbeat.

Ok off to shovel the rest of my driveway and uh, go window shopping I guess?




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I'm so excited! I finally got my invite to Ravelry!

For those of you not in the know, it's like facebook, but for knitters/crocheters. Because it's still in beta mode, you have to sign up to be invited. It took about a week or so for me to get my invite but boy am I excited! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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So in spite of the fact that I once posted 100 damn things about myself,, I'll humor the recent thing that's going around and do only 8. I don't know that there's anything more I can really say about myself but I'll give it the ol' college try.

The rules: Each player lists 8 random facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Here goes:

1. I really love it when in winter, it's a clear day and everything is still, and all you can hear is your own gasping breaths. And there is nothing around for miles to break that calm and the whole world is blanketed in white. The air smells and feels cleaner than it normally does, and every breath you take reminds you that you are alive.

2. In spite of the fact that my father once ran a sock factory, and my uncle runs his own business making them, I almost never wear the damn things. I do in winter, out of duty to them, but I hate it. And you know what? My son is the exact same way.

3. If you betray my trust it takes a very, very long time for me to give it back. Decades, if necessary. I'll forgive you but I won't trust you again.

4. I keep telling myself that one day I should rent all those classic movies that everyone goes on about, just to say I've seen them all, but I never really put that into action because I figure if I really wanted to see them, I would have by now.

5. I have very vivid dreams. The kind where you wake up and you are just exhausted because you did so much in your dream and it felt so real, like you were living a second life for a while. And I always dream in color.

6. I used to take the change from my father's dresser all the time when I was little. It was just sitting there and would sit there for weeks and I'd want penny candy so I'd just take it. He never seemed to mind because I wasn't sneaky about it or anything - I'd walk up in front of him even.

7. My favorite thing to snack on? Buns. No word of a lie.

8. I used to love the sun when I was a kid but now if I'm in it too long I actually feel kind of sick. I hate that because I do love the outdoors and I don't know why I've become so sensitive to heat.

SO there you have it, a bunch of completely useless information about me. I tag whoever happens to be reading this. The end.


Frankly, while this does not surprise me, still I say "well duh".

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BREAK-INS - Sat. November 10
Police are investigating three residential break and enters that occured on Friday. The break-ins occured on Romeo St, Gregory Cres, and Glendon Rd, while the residents were away during the afternoon and evening hours. Stolen from the houses were various pieces of jewelry, a laptop, and a digital camera. Entry was made through open windows and doors. City residents are encouraged to lock their homes at all times including daytime hours, and are asked to report suspicious activity immediately to Police. Anyone with information regarding these crimes are asked to call Police.

Ok, let's forget about all the damn typos (I've already ranted before about the unprofessional editing of the radio site), and get on with the bolded part. I bolded that one part because it's been a point of discussion before among friends who think I'm crazy for locking my doors & windows at all times (well maybe not the windows part but I tend to have a rather draconian habit of making sure every last bit of the house is locked up before leaving or bedtime). People here need to learn that no matter how "small" this city may seem to them, it's still a city and it's a place where hello, half the homes on Ontario street have at some point run a drug house or meth lab; a lady got attacked in a CHURCH for crying out loud; murder occurs here just as it would anywhere else. Theft and getting your place broken into is not out of bounds here people. Hell half the time depending on what area of town I'm in I even lock up my car, in spite of the fact that sometimes I wish someone would steal it so we could replace it. Hah.

Ok rant off, time to get K to school (C is not feeling well - upset tummy all weekend, still feeling off-kilter and she has a bit of a fever and head aches). I have today off, hurrah hurrah hurrah!


Prepare to have your heart broken into pieces.

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I stumbled upon this site, and went through the photos themselves, then waded through them this time hitting the "caption" button at the bottom of the screen so I could read about these incredibly heart-breaking photos of a mother's journey helping her son battle cancer.


Remember, remember, the 5th of November

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So because I'm crazy and also still not feeling well, watched V for Vendetta last night. After the brief power outage, that is.

Lights went off, the kids went a bit squirrely, and insisted we all camp out in my bedroom (I got a new bedroom set, by the by, and it is ten different kinds of awesome. S & I painted the room as well and now it feels like a refuge, which is incredibly important to me in ways you cannot imagine).

It's fucking SNOWING. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. I am so not prepared for this crap already. Sent the kids to school in winter jackets, hats & mitts, but lo and behold their boots simply do NOT fit. So guess who's shopping for boots this week? Not an easy feat when your daughter fits into a ladies' size 7 boot. Thank god flats seem to be in this season, I could not imagine spending a zillion dollars on flat boots simply because the only kind available are the super expensive sporty kind (which is almost what happened last year).

I want to go knitting shopping this weekend, although my darling S would say that it is crazy talk, and why do I have to have all this damn yarn, etc. Except that this mission is actually a mission to help Hammer learn to knit fair isle style, and therefore this is a purchase for the greater good. Is it my fault that in the process I will end up with a kick-ass skirt at the end of it? The greater good.

S really loves it when I rationalize things like that. Our conversations like these usually ends up with him laughing at me because I say it so seriously, like our life is a sit-com and I'm just churning out the lines. And he's my personal laugh-track. I haven't taught him to go "Awwwww" at the really sweet moments yet, but I'm sure we'll get there.

My cousin Lola just called & my uncle is doing much better, though he's hardly back to par, there's a long way to go there. I miss her.

Ok time to go do... stuff...


Be David Suzuki for Halloween?

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Too fun.



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Too. Funny.

In other news, I have strep throat and have been sick all week. No talk = no work, unfortunately, since like uh, 99% of my job is talking on the phone all day.

My uncle is really sick. Hospital sick. I can't really go into details because 1) I only know vague information at this point and 2) there is no 2, #1 sums it up basically.

My cousin Lola seems to be taking it ok (it's her daddy) but then she's had all week to sort of process it. I am hoping this is an eye opener for my uncle, mostly because I'm selfish and want him to keep living or some nonsense like that.

Ok I'm going back to bed or somesuch.


Eddie Izzard makes me laugh till I pee.

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Some dude did a Lego stop-motion film on Izzard's "Death Star Cantina" bit that also makes me laugh.

Ok I'm going to roll around YouTube for more. I need laughter like you wouldn't believe and this is just what the doctor ordered.


Making it up as I go along.

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After ten million hours of playing

"What do you want to eat?"
"I dunno, what do YOU want to eat?"

I stalked off into the kitchen all annoyed and hungry as hell. I'd already fed K some supper (he wanted, nay begged, for soup and sammiches) so it was just to feed S and I (C is at a sleepover birthday party for her cousin). I wanted spaghetti but S made that face people make when something smells bad when I suggested spaghetti, because sometimes he is a big baby like that. So instead of making a bunch and watching him fuss and either not eat it and be grumpy, or eat it and be grumpy (I'm sorry do I sound annoyed? Guess what, I'm annoyed. It happens) I rummaged through the fridge, freezer and cupboards and found some stuff.

Here's what I did:

Get out a big pan to put in the oven. I don't know... big, ok? I'm not good at measuring. Big and flat-ish, with at least a 1" lip around to hold in sauce.

Pull out some potato, chorizo, and garlic sausage. Wash the potatoes, and cut them up and put them into a bowl.

In the bowl, pour in some (I don't know how much ok? Just SOME) olive oil, some pepper sauce (I think we call it piro-piro? It's basically ground up pepper that has had some time to sit in a jar with olive oil, garlic and some other stuff) and toss in some paprika, garlic salt, celery salt, regular salt, pepper. A bit of hot sauce, if you are so inclined (which I am).

Ok, so mix the hell out of that so that the potatoes are covered and you are smelling the pepper and salivating because you are starving already dammit.

Toss that junk into the pan. Cut up the sausage, cut up the chorizo. Toss that on top, mix it in if you want the sauce on it.

Get some foil. Cover it up. Throw it in the (oops did I forget to mention pre-heat the oven at 400 F?) oven and let it cook. Check on it once in a while, until the potatoes are tender.

Pull it out and watch your mate look sheepish because you managed to toss together something delicious which was exactly what they felt like eating, whether they knew it or not.

Off topic: Holy cats it's my anniversary tomorrow!


Let's play spot the holes in the argument.

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Psycho Killer, Qu'est-ce que c'est?

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S gave me my anniversary present early, in a tit-for-tat motion, since it arrived on our doorstep today. And the gift is -- all three books about Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. He knows what a massive fan of the show (confession: also find Michael C. Hall to be a total badass hottie) and I've been very curious to see if the books go in the same direction. He said he had a hell of a time trying to find hardcover versions of all three, and apologised that he had to settle for paperback for the first two. I love that he was all worried about that.


Lack of posting

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I could lie and say I've been way too busy to post, but I won't. I've just been tired in general and blase about everything. Can't shake it off. This is a hard time of year for me.

Thanksgiving weekend was hectic. The Friday night I went out with a bunch of moms from the school and my pseudo-boss showed up, she's super nice so I didn't mind her hanging out. Most of the moms went home early so it was just me, Hammer, and bossalady. Stumbled after 3 as far as Hammer's home and then she drove me the rest of the way. I'm sure I would have managed to weave my way to my door but I was thankful for the ride.

Saturday was almost a complete write-off due to Friday night's events - mostly because I had forgotten to eat both lunch AND dinner during the day so the booze hit me hard.

Sunday was thanksgiving at my mom's house which was ok but a little weird because my dad wasn't there - dad was in the states visiting his uncle who is dying from lung cancer. Monday was thanksgiving at the in-laws' - hip hop hooray. Did I mention they got another chihauhau? Ugh, I HATE those kind of dogs, I can't even tell you how much.

S is very upset with his brother, over the fact that his brother asked someone else to be best man - this wouldn't upset S so much were it not for the fact that 1) family is EVERYTHING to S - you just don't choose over and above them. S chose his brother for our wedding, even though he had a friend he was much closer to at the time, because his brother is his brother! 2) the dude his brother chose is an idiot and won't do half the stuff he's meant to, so S will probably end up doing it anyway 3) S has been there time and again for his brother, helping him move to his one ex's place, helping him move out of said ex's place when she royally screwed him over, in general helping his brother get a job at his workplace, helping his brother buy the god damned engagement ring because his brother is a nob with no credit thanks to buying a stupid necklace for the ex and then not paying for it for over a year. You know, little things like that. S has never asked for anything in return - in fact has never asked his brother for help before at all, but is always there in a blink of an eye when needed. So why his brother would choose someone is just incomprehensible.

S's brother has been pissing off a lot of people lately actually - my sisterinlaw is also upset with him, mostly for not asking S to be best man (doesn't make sense to her either, nor anyone else for that matter) but also because brotherinlaw has stated he won't be inviting ANY of motherinlaw's family - and sisterinlaw has been trying to point out to him that he simply can't choose like that, family is family and if he knows what's good for him he will suck it up and invite them. Brotherinlaw hates being told what to do, and he's stubborn, and has NO common sense, and in general very much takes after his mother. So it's been grand, let me tell you. Just grand.

I myself am trying very hard to keep out of all of this because there has been enough drama in this little circle of late, but unfortunately I am too close to the bone not to get chewed on this one.

In further adventures of "My In-Laws Are Driving Me To Drink", brotherinlaw has planned paintball for this Saturday, and invited S, but S isn't too keen on going because of this whole wedding business. Saturday night apparently motherinlaw planned brotherinlaw's birthday dinner (even though his birthday is Friday) so that "everyone can come". Sunday they planned a surprise birthday dinner for S's grandmother, even though her birthday is the weekend following, and even knowing that Sunday is S's and my anniversary. Considering S works afternoons this week, we can't even try to plan something for Friday night, something else that motherinlaw also knew. She also knew that S and I had planned to go to St. Catherine's with our kids to visit my friend Mickey & his wife, to visit their babies and in general hang out, go out for anniversary dinner with them. Now of course it is all for naught and I had to cancel plans with them, again, because last time we made plans with them there was some other sort of family event that was planned last minute. "Oh oops, you had plans? So sorry." This is her passive-aggressive way of messing with my head, because she knows I can't say anything, since these are family events she is planning, and I've iterated more than once that family is very important. Nonetheless. Fuck. Off. And then she calls me up last night and has the audacity to ask me to help her write her god damed book report (aka write it for her)

Blah blah blah. Let's stop talking about that. In other news, K is going to be Harry Potter for Halloween and C wants to be a witch. Easiest. Costumes. EVER.

Time to go make some tea and eat a biscotti and watch Judge Joe Brown or somesuch rot. Cheers.



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booze. urrah!

so drunking trunk.

thx to hammer for taking me home. hop ei wans't tooo much truch.ble. shows hat i should really eat befoe trinkning.

so sorry. thanks for wonderful time though!@



oh Sweet Baby Jesus and all the Angels and Saints preserve us.

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Please please please tell me that they are just hiring 5th graders or something to update the "news" section of the local radio station's website. Please. Because this... I have no words.

Here's what is getting my goat. See if you can spot the errors:

Police have concluded this years marihuana eridication - destroying nearly 18-hundred plants. The biggest outdoor grow-ops were discovered September 14th in (removed location because that is just how I roll, so ignore this stuff that isn't italics.) - with 973 marihuana plants being seized. In total plants having an estimated street value of 1.8 million dollars were seized during the summer. None of the property owners are believed to be involved in the production of marihuana. In most cases, people trespass onto the property to plant the marihuana, damaging farmer's fields in the process.

I have half a mind to write a letter to the editor on this, since this isn't the first time I've noticed glaring errors that make my eyes just want to pull themselves out of my skull. Maybe I'm being a pedantic bitch, but my God people. Someone out there is getting good money to publish news - the least they could do is edit the damn thing before posting.

(I realize I may sound like a hypocrite nit-picking about this, what with my run-on sentence structures here and forgetting to use the basic points of grammar (forgetting to capitalize things, etc), but the only thing you are missing is that this, my blog, is my words just being spewed out willy-nilly half the time. When I'm writing things for really real, I'm pretty damn picky.)

/rant off.


bowling never looked so cool.

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Too bad it's so bloody expensive.


And basically my blog site got buggered because I clicked the xml conversion button by mistake, so I put up this copy/paste template in the meantime until I find my code. I guess I could consider this incentive to change things up again...


You can stand under my umbrella

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It's been drizzling dreary for the past few days. This does nothing to help my current mood.

K is still feeling under the weather, but ok to go to school now as his massive fever has broken. Of course, today is a PA day though so that gives him some extra time to recuperate.

Last night's parent council meeting was... very interesting. I could say more but - it would take too long, and I think all that needed to be said was said. In the end there were victories for certain parties, and a little disappointment for other certain parties, that all in all was pleasing to see.

This Friday I'm going out with a bunch of cool moms to celebrate pre-thanksgiving madness, or somesuch. Awesome.

Time to get ready for work.



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K has pneumonia!


What is love? Baby don't hurt me

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Ok so the title is appropos because that that Haddaway song was on the radio this morning. And it got me to thinking about this one time I went out with S to Swiss Chalet. This was back when that damn Eiffel 65 song, "Blue" was out. S just LOVED this song. I mean LOVED it. Hummed it all the time and did this weird head-swivelly thing. Anyway, it drove me nuts. And I told him to stop humming or singing it al-damn-ready. And he said ok, he promised. And we were sitting there in the restaurant, and to be a brat and not break his promise at the same time, he started the head-swivel thing and started mouthing the words.

So to be a brat back, I said, "oh yeah? Well -"

And I started doing that head-bob thing the boys in Night at the Roxbury do. And laugh! Oh my God, we were cracking up right in the middle of the restaurant, and getting all kinds of dirty looks from these little old ladies in a booth near us. And that didn't help it just made us laugh more. Oh man. And it probably isn't as funny describing it, but that's just the way we are. We laugh and laugh and laugh sometimes until laughing-tears come out and we can't breathe.

That is love.


holy hell

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A Referendum.



Attention, citizens

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I have a cold. That is all.



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I can't tell you how glad I am that the weekend is here. Seriously.

I woke up with a horrible kink in my neck and it's all I can do not to cry when I try to move my head even a little. Our mattresses and pillows suck so bad it isn't even funny. That or I am getting old? Possibly a combination of both.

Time to go see my in-laws' new dog... they got another Chihuahua, which in my books is not a dog at all but some sort of rat-dog hybrid. The kids are beside themselves excited - S and I are feeling blase about the whole thing, and S has already said that when they breed her, under NO circumstances are we taking a puppy off their hands. Hallelujah to that. Our only counter-method to this plot the in-laws have to give us a pup is to maybe get a real dog first. I have been whispering words like "beagle" and "basset hound" but S wants something along the lines of "retriever" or "St. Bernard". Um. NO. No big dogs. Basset is as big as I'm willing to go in this house. If we had a large property I'd think "English Mastiff" but not in our house. No way.

What am I saying? I don't want a dog!!!! See what is happening to me? This crazy family is pushing me over the edge, I tells ya...


Sick sick sick

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I'm not actually sick. I just have that Queens of the Stoneage song stuck in my head.

I want to knit this so badly I can almost taste it. It is beautiful and just the type of thing I would wear. I just need to find the right kind of yarn.

You would never know I got paid this week. Stupid bills. And signing C up for Guides. And a million other things. Siiiigh.


In other news...

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I have no words for this...


Patriot babies: Russian province holds 'Conception Day'

ULYANOVSK, Russia (AFP) - Bureaucrats in Russia's Ulyanovsk province urged residents Wednesday to do their patriotic duty and make love, with prizes for anyone producing a child on the country's constitution day in exactly nine months.


If I only could, be running up that hill, with no problems

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Not sure what to think of this cover. I think I like it. I think.


words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm

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There's been all sorts of drama going on in this one circle of friends, that I am just so very tired of and I just want to rip everything to shreds over it. What I cannot abide by is malicious gossip, and there is one person who is poisoning everything for everyone else, and nobody is saying anything about it. At least, not to her.

The troublesome thing is there is really no escape from this person. I could elaborate but I really don't feel that I should, at least not on this forum. To say the very least - I'm tired of the bull. And the drama. And the bull drama.

On another note - guess who got voted back in for treasury for Parent Council?

Let's just not talk about it.

Time to go get ready for work, I guess.

I need a night out. Suggestions?


Fuck it.

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26 miles to Salsolito

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Um. Yeah. No idea about the subject - just popped in my head. Maybe I am channeling someone driving to Salsolito? Who knows.

First week of school = survived. The kids are back in swing of things, I'm still catching up with filling in all the damn paperwork. Bleh. I hate that part of beginning of school.

I'm still waffling about going back on council this year. Those of you who know me, know why.

Tonight is a surprise party for some friends celebrating 10 yrs of marriage (20 years as a couple). I'm happy for them but not in the mood for it - too much drama in that friendship circle of late (none to do with the couple we are celebrating though) and I just don't want that.

Tomorrow: Pig roast for JG & M. It's supposed to be a laid-back pig roast but I think they are using subterfuge and what this really is, is a divorce party for them.

I helped my brother in law choose a ring for his girlfriend last night. I'm too tired to go into details now but I will. Soon. Whoever is reading this that knows these people - keep it under your hats.

I am tired and sore and we desperately need a new mattress because I'm tired of waking up feeling like a truck ran over me.

Ok off to get coffee and fill in sister in law on the details of yesterday's excursion.


And you'll ask yourself, where is my mind?

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Kids: back in school. Finally! I'm beginning to think a friend at work had an idea there, where March Break & Christmas were extended, and the summer vacation was shorter. The kids were driving each other (and ME) bonkers by summer's end this year.

There's a hint of a whisper of a rumor that they want me back on council this year - I might and I might not, it depends... it would be nice not to have to have that on my head anymore, but at the same time, I'm used to doing it by now...

My cousin V is getting married in May... in CUBA. She wants us to go but... ugh. I hate money. It really depends on if we can swing it financially. It isn't that we don't want to go, but life always has a way of sticking it to us, financially speaking. We'll see. I was talking to S about it and he's game, but also is of the same thought - we need to see if we can afford to.

I'm itching to re-vamp this blog site again. The only thing that has been holding me back (aside from lack of creative muse) is that I really really like the Lost in Translation thing. However, I almost find myself missing the "Mean Reds" one I did a while back. Hmmm.

Now I'm just posting crap without meaning, a clear sign I need to make coffee. And send the kids off to school. Ahhh.

With your feet on the air and your head on the ground 
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse if there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself

Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?
Way out in the water, see it swimming


Tit for tat

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Why am I the bestest wife ever? Because I gave S his anniversary gift a couple of months early - the Heroes season 1 DVD box set. That's right, suckas. Totally surprised him and scored bonus points for me.

(Yes, I'm aware our anniversary isn't until Oc-freaking-tober. Pshaw to that. I wasn't going to chance him buying it first.)


It's the most wonderful time of the year

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This just in: I have not fallen off the planet. I have just been extremely busy.

Wedding went over well, I was given many compliments no my role as MC so hurrah for that. Got to see some old friends I haven't seen in a long time, and scored some chocolate from Geneva - woo hoo! S got along famously with JD which was both hilarious and a relief. It makes things much nicer when boys get along. They bonded over food of all things, which I suppose is the typical Portuguese route.

Helped my sisinlaw make props and decorations for her workplace - they are having some sort of "stars" promotional event, so we decked the place out like an Academy Awards extravaganza. I had the brilliant idea to get some cheap Ken dolls from the dollar store and paint them gold, and prop them on stands. Voila! Instant Oscar. All of her employees are dressed up in formal wear for the event as well. It looks fantastic and she got a lot of compliments from their district manager, so she's happy happy happy.

School is in session next week - I can't wait to get back into routine. I love autumn, have I ever mentioned this? It's may most favorite of the seasons. October is my favorite month (ergo getting married in October) but in general I love the fall. The air just seems sweeter and full of promise. It is a time of new beginnings in a lot of ways, and to me it is the true mark of the beginning of a year. And school supplies. I cannot get enough of new school supplies. You thought my shoe fetish was bad - it doesn't hold a candle to the absolute need to get new school supplies. And I haven't been in school in a long long time.

Got the kids their back-to-school gear this weekend - phew. There goes all that extra money I was making doing overtime. Oh well, it is money well spent as far as I am concerned. The kids' shoe sizes multiplied over the summer. C is in a ladies' 7!!!! K is a size 4 boys which is ok by me, at least it's still easy to find shoes his size. C on the other hand - it is very hard to find something that isn't either a bajillion dollars, or comes with a six inch heel. Honest to Pete. Can't wait till winter... siiiiigh.

I should really be doing laundry right now but I'm sort of skivving off from it at the moment - there is so damn much to do around this house to set it back in order, and I'm just too tired from not sleeping enough lately. So I keep picking things up and putting them down again, wondering where to start. I realize that is a piss-poor way to make a wuss attempt at cleaning, but today I really don't care, so neener neener.

There was a mothers' get together last week that I missed - judging from the photos I missed a VERY good time. I'm sure the opportunity will come again though.

There's also something about autumn that makes me want to knit more. I have been scouring knitty & magknits to find a new project. I'm thinking about this because it is so fabulously ugly and crazy, how could I possibly not want to? Everyone should have a caution tape scarf, n'est-ce pas? I'm sorely tempted to make these for the kids as well. Who doesn't liken their kids to Thing One & Thing Two now and again?

Ok, I really must be going now. Laundry. Yes. That.


What's wrong, what's wrong now? Too many too many problems... Don't know where she belongs...

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C is going through a funny stage in her life right now. She had finally started to get comfortable in her own skin, happy with friends, playful, good. Now puberty is hitting our little home fast and furious, and she's all a mess again. Singing along to Avril Lavigne (champion of the adolescent & teenage girl) and moping about. Crying at the drop of the hat one day, giddy as a 4 year old the next. Ah, me, I wasn't expecting this to happen so soon.

I can't say I'm surprised though. I've been anticipating this. It happened early to me as well, albeit in different ways and likely for different reasons.

K is such a little ham. FIL took me out with the kids last night for a belated birthday dinner for me, and K had to go to the bathroom. Against my inner hyperventilating "everyone is out to get my kids" self, I let him go on his own, with the proviso that he had "five minutes, and then I'm coming to get you if you aren't back". He took a little longer than that, so FIL went to see what was going on, and was back in 30 seconds with a proud little K. K said that there was a dude in the stall and that he told him that he only had 5 minutes or mom was coming in after him, so hurry up man. The dude apparently laughed and hurried up so that K would make it back in good time.

Tonight I'm going out with the wedding party as a pre-wedding bash of sorts, avoiding the whole bachelor/bachelorette regime. That's fine by me, and if it's fine by the bride and groom, it's all good. I feel kind of odd being invited out, since I'm only the MC for this thing, but I guess the bride and groom decided because I helped out a lot with things they wanted to include me and thank me for it. Who am I to disagree to a night out?

School is just around the corner. My good gravy. Where did the summer go???

Sunday I go out for dinner with Lola, I'm so excited!!!!


tick tock, where did summer go?

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I'm not sure. But it seems to have passed quickly. My friend's wedding is in a little over 2 weeks now - I'm dying for it to be over with, but at the same time don't want it to come because it means summer is almost over.

Work has been a bit harried and they've had me come in full time the past week - they want me full time for the rest of the summer if I want it, or whatever days I am willing to work it. I don't know what to think about that. The extra coin would be good, but then again - would it?

I have to talk to S about it I guess.

Sleepy. Need a long hot bath.


hold on to your hats

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Ok, so there is a LOT to update on.

K's birthday was spent in Niagara Falls. We went and visited various places on Clifton St and had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. My Dad has a friend who gave us a bunch of passes and gift certificates to go there, who was I to say no to free stuff??? Downside? K was sick in the car on the way up there, and when we got there a couple of times. No fever or anything, so he was probably just car sick, but still. Ew.

After that it was Marineland which K has been wanting to go to since he could speak. It's an expensive trip but what the heck - we always try to do cool stuff for K on his birthday since he's a July baby and it's tough to try and manage a birthday party, you know?

So a good time was had by all, and it topped our week off nicely.

The week we had off, we had an overnight kid swap with K & C's friends - Z came to our house and K went over to theirs. It was K's first time sleeping over at a friend's house, and he was in good form for it so hurrah. The girls had a good time but they always do - that's how girls operate.

Um, what else?

My birthday - well... It sucked in that I woke up with a headache, worked overtime spending most of the day being carped at by angry bankers, came home to my kids fighting the minute I walked in the door. My parents took us to the Portuguese restaurant in London and that was good - birthdays are always bittersweet since my grandfather died though - it's hard not to remember that when you bury them on your birthday. Dad and I had a drink in his name and then we came home because I was just exhausted. Saturday night I went out with my sisterinlaw and brotherinlaw and their friend and... yeah. I had a few too many sicilian kisses and beer. I think I would have been ok but then they brought out the tequila... needless to say I was a trainwreck.

This past weekend we went camping with the kids and some mutual friends. It was good in the way camping is always good, but tiring in the way that camping is always tiring. It really isn't a vacation for me - with the preparing and cooking and cleaning that happens even in the great outdoors - but the kids had fun. We ended up coming home early on Sunday because I was feeling under the weather and so was C. We stopped at a video store and rented a bunch of movies - hurrah for no late fees. Yesterday was spent with me feeling wretched and sickness coming out all ends, if you catch my meaning. So of course the house is still upside-down, kids feel fine though. S has today off, hoping he gets some things done but I won't hold my breath.

I woke up this morning groggy and still feeling unwell, but off to work I will go to spread my germs because that's what everyone else does to me, the bastards.


fast asleep or rocking out with the band

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Back to work I went this week. I have a lot to write about but I've just been so busy and today is no different.

It's my birthday on Friday. I turn 31.


goodbye ruby tuesday

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So I have the week off this week. Yesterday we went swimming at the Lion's Pool - in spite of my dislike of public pools, we went. The kids had a blast, and that was the whole point, amen.

Today we were supposed to go to the beach but it's too overcast, so it's going to be a lazy day inside I think. That's fine by me... I suppose I could do a spring clean of the kids' rooms, but what fun is that? I've been overtaxing myself in all areas. I need the rest time.

Plus there's been a lot of drama going on all over the damn place and I need a break from that as well.

Ok, time to go do nothing things, except I'll probably snap and do the dishes and ten tons of laundry because I'll feel guilty for doing nothing things.

My baby boy turns seven this Saturday. Freaky!

Also, we're probably going to that Potter Fest thing, the kids won't shut up about it and it'll be amusing I'm sure.


Itchy trigger finger but a stable turntable

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Thursday I went to a gathering that my friend was holding - it was nice, everyone contributed food, there was singing amusing songs and playing guitar, it was just... nice. I hadn't seen her in a long while and I missed her.

Went out Friday night with sisterinlaw - she called me wanting me to come over and talk. It was a good time and she needed to vent - apparently she had separated with her boyfriend the weekend previous. He was still at their apartment but sleeping on the couch. He was working late Friday so he wasn't there when I had arrived. We had a few drinks and she told me what had happened, and then her friends came over, and we went out to the pub because she needed to breathe (but also because her now-ex had arrived home). We split a pitcher or two and then went to the park, sat on some swings and I let her do her thing to get back into herself.

Walked her home eventually, then got home myself. Stayed up late watching re-runs of CSI. S woke up, came down, laughed at me "I see you managed to find your way home..." and then went off to watch more Naruto (long story).

Saturday I brought sisterinlaw breakfast at work; she was very pleased. Saturday night she asked if I could come over for a bit again. So I did, and she was kind of out of sorts - turns out that her now-ex boyfriend slipped away quietly while she was working, instead of sticking around so they could talk things out more. So where did he slip to? Her other ex's house. Yeah... I have no words for that.

She said she didn't blame him, and this whole breakup was entirely her doing, but she felt he deserved to know the truth (being that she didn't love him, probably never would) and there is more to that story but it isn't for me to tell.

I stayed for an hour, let her talk things out sort of, then went home and watched the entire first season of Dead Like Me that I had rented earlier when visiting sisterinlaw at work. Love that show - seriously, it's terrific.

So as a result of watching the show, I was up late again Saturday night. By Sunday morning I was ridiculously tired. The kids and I just hung out all day - didn't do much of anything important, just lazy Sunday things.

I did a crazy amount of screen-viewing this weekend, which is pretty unusual for me, but I think my brain just wanted to take a bit of a holiday, you know?


Happy Wednesday

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So S came home drunk at about 8 pm last night. He ended up going to FIL's place and got drinks poured down his throat, but nobody had the decency to feed him, so he came home roaring drunk. FIL & one of FIL's friends had to walk him home - and they live around the block. What does that tell you, friends? Exactly.

He was so drunk he was snoring with his eyes open on the couch. I sent the kids to bed and then took on the task of getting him up the stairs - no easy feat, I assure you. He kept swaying backward and thank god he kept righting himself because if he fell back there would be no stopping him and I'd be a pile of broken bones at the bottom of the stairs right now. Got him a bucket and some ginger ale, and came back down to continue watching CSI.

I really like the original CSI. I'm not a big fan of the spin-offs.

I ended up staying up till almost 4 am writing. Something I haven't done in a long while but I had found some old notes for a story I was working on, and got to typing them out to try and string the pieces of thought together.

S got up around 6 am not feeling well at ALL. I wish I could say I feel sorry for him, but I don't. I'm sorry but nobody made him drink that much that fast. I'm not calling the kettle black here - I wouldn't expect his sympathy either. I did make sure that there was plenty of cold juice and water in the fridge for him this morning, heck I even made his lunch for him so all he'd have to do is pull it out of the fridge and take it to work. But I'm well past the point of holding his head when he's sick.

Bleh, it's raining. And I'm tired. And I'm secretly hoping that soccer practice is cancelled tonight so I can rest. Tomorrow I have a gathering to go to, which I'm looking forward to as it's being held by a friend I haven't seen since October I think.

Time to go putter around for 15 minutes before work. Ciao


You are the wind beneath my wings

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Head fuzzy a little, but happy. More tomorrow.


Memories like fingerprints are slowly raising

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I got my birthday present from S a month early... and I'm not going to complain one bit becauuuuussseee:



I was just so shocked I sat down and cried. S found this slightly amusing but he was also happy about my reaction- it meant that he got the right thing, haha. I have been wanting one for so damn long, and every time it looked like I'd squirreled away enough money to do so, something would come up like the car needing repairs or the kids needing something or getting massive traffic fines (*cough*) so I always end up putting all those other things before my needs (welcome to Motherhood, right?). As a result, I'd pretty much given up on the idea of ever getting one.

And then I came home on Monday and S was looking stern and said that we needed to go upstairs to talk... right now. This had me worried and confused because I had no idea what was wrong but he looked pretty upset. So we went up into our room and he still had this really stern look and he said "you know how [S's bank] called me about my [credit card] recently?" (they had called on Friday asking him to confirm a purchase, I took the call but they wouldn't tell me anything because I wasn't the card holder. This happens a lot when he orders computer parts online so I thought nothing of it). And then he said "Well, my stuff from [online computer resource] came in..." and I said "Uh-huh. Annnd?" because it wasn't making any sense. Then he said "Well, it wasn't for me..." and then he made me sit down and handed me a big box. I had no idea what it was - I figured a new monitor, at best.

So when I opened the big box and found a smaller box inside, I was flummoxed. I opened up the littler box and out it came... and I just sat there looking at it and I looked at him and he said "I wanted to wait, but I knew there was nowhere I could hide it on you here, and you've been wanting one for so long, I couldn't wait to give it to you..."

I just sat there and looked at it and cried. He went on to say that he knew I always wanted one, so that I could take my writing with me, and he wanted to encourage me to write more. He said that he knew it was one of the things that truly made me happy, and he wanted to encourage that as well. I kept apologising for crying and hugging him and crying some more. Eventually I got myself together but I was so damn overwhelmed and happy I couldn't help myself. He was a pretty good actor - I was convinced something was seriously wrong.

Of course, now that I have it, I am suffering from Block - hello there Irony, been a while. Don't make yourself too comfortable now.

My kids have to be "assessed" by an "occupational therapist" on their "fine motor skills" because their writing is apparently "a concern and illegible at points". Right, because when you are 6 and 9 your penmanship needs to be impeccable. Give me an effing break. S hit the roof when I told him. I gave in though and signed the damn document, hopefully they can get this "assessment" over the summer.

Hammer made an interesting point - the school is losing a lot of their special needs kids this year, so they are probably grasping at straws to keep their funding. But anyone who's met my kids would hardly find them to be falling under the "special needs" category. But whatever.

Also, report cards came in and their grades decreased (not so much for K, but definitely for C - her teacher is a cow, as some so delicately put it. Remind me to insert rant here later).

Ok, time to go do work type stuff I guess.... I find it hard to pull myself away from this thing though...




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So I've been a bad, bad girl and haven't updated this. My last post I was obviously drunk... which I apologize for but I won't delete it. It made me titter.

Apparently I wrote a lot of drunken emails that night - if you were a recipient, I hope it amused.

How I got to that point is simple enough - my sister in law invited me out last Saturday night. But let's get the rest of the updates over with first.

Friday K had a Father's Day Breakfast at his class, similar to the Mother's Day thing his class did for us moms, but minus the squaredancing and tea. Instead they put on a few plays, and the men were served muffins and juice. K was so very, very happy and pleased that S went. S particularly took the day off just so he could go - seems like a small thing to do but K was giddy beyond belief over it. S was Father of the Year for it, to be sure.

Friday night, uh... Gee I can't even remember! How bad is that? It was only a week ago... well that should tell you just how much I've been cramming into my days lately. Let's just gloss over Friday night and move on to Saturday.

Saturday, we went over to my folks' house for an early Father's Day barbecue. It was delicious as usual, and then my parents wanted the kids to stay over, which I was fine with as it's been a long while since they've spent time with my parents. So we came home and my sister in law called me and invited me out. S could come too if he wanted; he opted to stay in instead. Said something about enjoying some peace and quiet? I dunno. I told sisterinlaw I was dead broke and wouldn't be able to afford going out, and she said we'd just compromise by my paying next time. Fine by me.

We went to the Boar's Head, and drank and drank. Her co-workers were there, which was fine as I'd met most of them before. There was one lad there from England though who of course was madly in love with her because that's what happens to about 90% of the gents that work with her. Anyway. We got into a heated debate once he found out I was Portuguese - whined about how we robbed England of their chance to win the World Cup, and my saying they were just being a bunch of big nancy crybabies. And then we debated about other nonsense things, and every time I said something clever he kept shaking his fist at me and muttering "Portugueeeeese!" but it was all in good fun.

Then his folks came 'round, which was interesting - they are divorced but they're best friends. I don't know, whatever works right? So they got into the whole thing and the boy was embarassed to have them there but we didn't mind, they were good folks and lots of laughter was involved. Except his old man was coming on to me, which was slightly uncomfortable, but he's English, right? So I expected it. (Let's play a game called "How many stereotypes can I perpetuate in one blog post?")

They forgave me for being Portuguese, because at least I was passionate about football, and understood where they were coming from. Most Canadians don't really follow the game, so they don't get where we're coming from. I kept reminding them I was Canadian, I just was of Portuguese origin, which they waved away because it was a moot point to them.

So after all that the topic was switched to deep, philosophical things, like who was the best Batman... you know, the typical drunken garbage. The night ended at Bentley's for last call somehow, and then I walked sister in law home to her new apartment (which KICKS ASS by the bye, she just needs to paint it - her living room is painted like the outside of a BARN. No joke, but I digress...) and then I talked her ear off for about an hour, then cabbed it home.

Got home, wrote drunken text, woke S up because dammit I still felt like talking. Yapped his ear off, fooled around, fell asleep. That was about... 5? I think 5 by the time I fell asleep.

Woke up at um... six-thirty? Possibly seven. Wide awake so I went crawling downstairs and watched tv... it had to be early because infomercials were still on.

S came down eventually, took pity on me, went and got me coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Timmies. Made a joke about how this was his day off, I should be taking care of him. I snapped back that every damn day is Father's Day as far as I'm concerned, and reminded him of how my Mother's Day went, and he just laughed and told me to go back to sleep. Which I didn't, because then the kids came home.

Sunday we went to the in-laws' for Father's Day barbecue part deux, so yay I didn't have to cook! I certainly wasn't in any condition to do so.

Monday came and went, had to pick C up from school because she hurt her arm and they weren't sure if it was broken or not. Four hours at the hospital, one x-ray to confirm what I already knew but had to make sure of, and home we went.

Wednesday my boss held a bbq for us... which is to say on Monday he made eye contact with me and said, "G, please come here a moment" and then got me to plan everything for him. Which I don't mind because I like doing this kind of thing, but at the same time can be a bit aggravating.
The bbq was good though, and everyone contributed a side dish of some sort, and it put us in a good mood which was pretty important because it was the week from HELL. If this is any indication of how busy we are going to be for the entire summer, they should seriously reconsider staffing. The thing is, there isn't enough room in our department to put more bodies in, so I don't know where we'd put extra people, but it's obvious that we need the extra people, because we are simply being SMASHED with calls.

Chatted on and off w/Mr D, who is more or less dependent on me for wedding details for his brother, since nobody is telling him anything. Since he's in Geneva I can see why there would be a communication gap of sorts, but nobody has even made an attempt. I mean come on, his contact information is out there - you don't have to call or anything, just email. Whatever. It's been good to talk to him, as it's probably been about 15 years since we've done so. Playing catch up in between all the wedding business. He is amazed I am married with kids, doubly so when I remind him that not only do I have kids, but they are nine and six-going-on-seven. He's dying to meet them, dying to meet S.

So this past Friday, we had a gathering at Othello's because one lady was leaving, but also just to have an excuse to sit on a patio and socialize outside of work, since we seldom get the chance to do so during work. It was nice and pleasant, and then I got a text from sister in law who was at work but in a lot of pain due to, uh, girl complaints. So I went and rescued her, bought her a hot water bottle (she didn't have one, and it didn't occur to her that it would help) and then brought her home. She was pretty damn pale - I think part of the complaints being so bad was because she's been working herself into the ground lately, and the last time she actually had a day off she used to move to her new place. No down time can be pretty taxing on the body. Add to that the stress of living with someone who drives her absolutely batshit (don't even get me started on this bent - it's a very long story and this post is getting long enough as is).

Took care of sister in law, came home, fell asleep watching the Karate Kid. Yesterday, S made us brunch of french toast, sausage, bacon, and hash browns. Ever eat to the point where you're just content? Stomach full, feeling sort of sleepy-happy? Yeah, that was the feeling I got after brunch.

Yesterday afternoon, C and my mom and I went out shopping. C still had money from her birthday to spend, so we took her to her favorite store - Old Navy. I'm not even kidding, she LOVES that store. She got a new shirt & a bag and then wanted to spend the rest of her money on a tamagotchi so we got her one, had a quick supper, and came home. Went and rented some movies for K, who was feeling out of sorts and left out, and one of sister-in-law's co-workers is now giving him a giant Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) for his room. K is giddy over this.

Which brings us to today... lazy day but no, not really, as I've been cleaning like a madwoman all morning. I think this is enough updating for one day. I pinky-swore I'd be better about the updating and I am sticking by that promise.


holy dru knga hell

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so drnk not funny
wentou t w/sister inlaw drank many pitchrs beer. hurrah

just got home gong to go to bed meaybe

um, porbably ebarrassed by post by tomorro w but good fun had and also i love my husband hwich reminded sister inlaw of which also will bef unnier when soebr

mmm good vbooxzwe hurrah


hello is anybody out there

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Busier than you could possibly imagine. Welcome to the end of the school year/beginning of summer sports.

Last council meeting was tonight - it was good and etc.

Buck and Doe went over well, everyone left happy and that's what matters right?

I still haven't found something to wear to the wedding.

Tomorrow is somebody's birthday. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

I suck lately, I know. I'm sorry. Real post soon, PINKY SWEAR


And so it is, the shorter story, no love, no glory, no hero in her sky

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Damien Rice is pretty good at just rending your heart into little bitty pieces.

Buck and Doe this weekend. I'm getting things ready for it. I've sent the response to the wedding invite out - it's on the same day as my Dad's birthday, and as they're invited too this should prove amusing.

I sort of have my speech planned in my head - it's a matter of getting it all down on paper and accosting a captive audience.

Brownies tonight - last one of the year, and because it's cruddy out they're having it at the hall again rather than the park. Oh well, c'est la guerre, right?

I've had a lot going on in my head lately. Things that I haven't thought about in years are surfacing, and begging me to write it all down. And I have, but not here. Probably never here. Some things just shouldn't be. It's almost cathartic, this process of releasing the little bones that make up one big skeleton.

K is loving soccer, and was all sad that it got cancelled last night due to the rainstorms. Mostly because S missed last week's first game due to work, and K was looking forward to his daddy being around for this one.

Summer is fast approaching, and I don't feel ready for it. I turn 31 this year, which is a pittance compared to some, but dinosaur-like in status to others. I haven't brought up my birthday with anyone close to me - I'm secretly hoping it just passes quietly.


dying all the time, lose your dreams and you will lose your mind

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I'm exhausted but had a great time. I was officially up for 24 hours when 4:30 hit. There was no sense in getting to sleep until I got myself home. My legs are also very angry with me right now, I walked way more than the alloted times given to me by my team captain. I was just so restless and since there wasn't much else to do, a-walking I went. There were luminary bags lit as night fell, and they had arranged some to spell out the word "hope".

Relay for Life was pretty good. The luminary ceremony was moving, as was the Survivors walk. Reading the bags, there were so many people I knew, but this one hurt the most:


Let's spend the night together

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This weekend is the Relay for Life, thus the subject header for this post. I'm really looking forward to it. I missed last year's go around because of a wedding or something. It's a great night and pretty inspiring - I love watching the Survivor's walk and the Luminary ceremony later on. You are hella tired by the end of it but it's great otherwise. Plus, I live what - maybe 2 blocks away? So I can crawl home the next day with no issue hehe. Or get S to come get me as I'll have the tend and whatnot to deal with - I'm not about to cart all that stuff on my back.

Our team is called the Sassy Support Sisters and we are all wearing tiaras and boas and slinging plastic martini glasses (full of water or whatever, unfortunately haha).

K had his first soccer game this week. He has... some work to do. He tends to skip after the ball rather than run, and if he kicks it he doesn't go after it... and um... he gets distracted pretty easily but then again it's only his first game.

Went to visit Senor & Senora D last night to get pictures of their son for a collage for his buck and doe - the photos are TERRIFIC and hilarious. It was a nice visit, then again they are nice people and are the type that will always welcome you into their home with open arms. The minute we got in though of course Senora was feeding the kids - we Portuguese women have this thing about feeding people.

Time to get the kids packed, and then go to the paper to have the buck and doe advert ordered, and uh... lots of stuff. Then work!


Sleep, those little slices of death. Or somesuch.

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Remember sleep? I think I do. I had a lot of it over the may 2-4 which was lame but necessary. I still feel like something the cat dragged in (probably look like it too, heh).

It's Friday again so hurrah for that.

Kids have track & field today - well, actually K does but because C turned 9 recently she's in a different age bracket? So she only gets to help for the primaries? I don't know, it's messed up if you ask me.

Sun shining, woo.

Wannagosleepnow. Kthx.


Still pretty effing tired.

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Oh hell, I have a ton to say but I'm too tired to say it all, so here's some point form:

- K's class put on a Mother's Day tea for us, complete with squaredancing. It was awesome and funny and awesome.
- C's birthday went well with few issues.
- C turned NINE (NINE!!!) yesterday.
- I worked crazy hours this week, in between massive bouts of insomnia. I don' t know what might be subconsciously troubling me to the point that I am losing sleep - could just be biology. Who knows.
- Been corresponding with people I haven't spoken to in a while, which is good and fun but also weird. You know?
- I'm already running out of steam for this.


Mother mother can you hear me, sure I'm sober sure I'm sane

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I always think of that Tracy Bonham song.

I spent my Mother's Day morning cooking waffles for C's friends. She had her slumber party last night - the little ladies were up till about 1:30 and then woke up at 7 am today. S & K managed to escape the madness by spending the night at my in-laws' place.

C had fun, and I'll elaborate more when I'm not a walking zombie.

Happy Mother's Day, all.


Be running up that road, be running up that hill, be running up that building.

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If I only could
Be running up that hill
With no problems



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So C is having a sleepover for her birthday this weekend. All but one of the girls she invited can come, which makes her hella happy. S has already made an escape plan and is taking K with him, the bugger.

Since I'm one of those boring moms, it's going to be a pretty laid-back type thing. They are making their own little pizzas on greek pitas for supper, that will waste about an hour's worth of time. Then there will be snacks, I think I'm going to set up Scene-It for them, and of course the typical movies-popcorn-craziness that goes on. Girls are pretty easy - they can entertain themselves for hours. I've started on their grab bags - those will be nifty at least. The decorations are the bomb (thanks Jackie). I think I'm going to set up the movies in C's room after a certain point, so they can do that whole giggle giggle let's stay up all night and talk talk talk and not sleep until morning stuff that girls are wont to do.

I had forgotten the next day was Mother's Day though. D'oh! I think most of the moms who agreed to let their daughters stay over also forgot. Either that or they remembered, and thought "Woo! I just bought myself an extra hour or so of sleep!"

Bah, I had more to say but I'm running out of time so to be brief:

- Toronto Star can lick my nads. I told them to cancel my damn subscription and they go and charge it on my card anyway.
- I can't believe C will be nine.
- C had to write a paragraph on why it isn't cool to mutter mean things to oneself under one's breath because god forbid she do that instead of lashing out (don't get me started).
- K's rash type thing is almost all gone - woo!
- I keep forgetting to call someone and I need to. Memo to self: call.
- I still haven't picked up Ysabel (Sir T, hush. I already told you why)
- I need sleep and it yet again evades me.
- I keep forgetting about my own breakfast and it's making me ravenous at work. Note to self: pack a damn lunch already.


And you think you have it still, heaven inside you

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I caved, let C go to the Brownies trip, sucked up my issues, and am glad for it. In an hour or so I get to go pick her up from the bus - she'll be happy and tired and cranky and souped up all at once, I'm sure. That's how these things go. I hope she was good, I hope she had fun.

K and I went to see Meet the Robinsons yesterday, while S went to see Spiderman 3 with his brother and his brother's girlfriend. I would have liked to have seen S-3 as well, but I promised K I would take him to see the Robinsons flick, and I keep my promises. Hammer brought her sons Bruce Banner & Otter with her, and the three boys made themselves quite comfy and happy as you please in seats in front of us. (We aren't cool enough to sit with them I guess? It was all we could do to convince them NOT to sit at the very front of the theatre.)

It was a cute movie, pretty funny for both kids and adults. Some of the stuff that Hammer & I were guffawing over probably went right over the kids' heads, but that's ok.

After the movie we walked home (it kicks nine kinds of ass in a 3 ass town that we live within walking distance) and my brother-in-law & his gf came over as well. Then S took them to the butcher to pick up their meat, took them home to put it away & brought them back so we could have a barbecue.

I LOVE BBQ. I cannot say how much I love it. It's that much. We had corn on the cob & smoked pork chops and honey garlic sausages and I made up some macaroni salad & house salad as well. Dayum, son. So tasty. K had a hot dog and he was happy with that. Then my parents called - they wanted to have K over for a sleepover, so he had something special to do this weekend as well (balancing out the C going to camp thing). His rash and everything was cleared up, so I let him go. Then brother-in-law & gf stayed a while, and we talked about... oh everything.

S and I took turns telling them the stories of how we met, how we got together, all that rot. I told some stories that S actually hadn't heard before, and you could tell he was dying for them to leave so he could ask me about it.

Sure enough, they leave, we go for a mini-walk and check on my in-laws' dog for them (they were in Chatham this weekend at a family gathering of mother-in-law's) and when we get home, he finally asks me. "Is it true what you said about your friend saying/doing those things to try to help my prev relationship with ex? And the thing about that other thing (I am not going into much more detail than that folks - it's a long story and frankly nobody's business)." I said yes, to a degree, and explained the further motives etc there. He seemed nonplussed.

Here's the deal: My best friend for the longest time was a person I will call Mickey, because he looked like Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees especially with a certain haircut he had for the longest time. He was also friends with S - that's how we met actually, through Mickey. S always had this feeling that he was just Mickey's back-up plan, never a friend for friendship's sake. So it blew S away that Mickey was doing all kinds of things to try and 1) repair his failing relationship with the girl he was seeing, and/or 2) help set him up with me, if plan 1 failed.

There's about a thousand more details between all this that would make this make a whole lot more sense, but I doubt the people reading this are really all that interested in the minutae of these events. Trust me when I say - Mickey cared a hell of a lot more than S realized. I think S was of the notion that Mickey was primarily concerned with my happiness in this whole deal, especially after our actually hooking up and Mickey giving him the all "if you hurt her, I will kill you" speech. Mickey's vested interest in my happiness is another long story, but long story short - our friendship extended to a point where we were more like family than friend. He is my brother from another mother, I am his sister from another mister. All that stuff. His giving S the third degree was a given, but certainly didn't mean he wasn't happy about our getting together - he had wanted this to happen, and long before it did.

Ok, let's set up a chronology to get some of this a bit clearer, however it may confuse you more.

- Mickey & I meet up in high school, I call him Mickey Dolenz, he isn't happy and doesn't talk to me for sometime, then he gets over himself and we start walking home from school together.
- Of course, a friendship develops, but goes no further, in spite of speculation on everyone else's part.
- Mickey introduces me to S. S and I walk Mickey home one night when he was too drunk to walk himself. S picks a flower for me. (I still have this flower - true story)
- I think S is sweet, S thinks I'm a hottie (his words, not mine). S is too chicken to pursue it at this point in time.
- School dance, S finally gets up the courage to ask me out, about 10 minutes too late - I end up dating someone else.
- Bad relationship with the someone else lasts about 2-3 years, S in meantime moves on & gets involved with others at this point. Point is - always either he or I were with someone else. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't find him attractive anyway.
- Bad relationship with someone else finally ends, S is dating someone else at this point, I am random serial-dating that occurs after ending a bad relationship.
- One day Mickey & I are hanging out at S's house after a party, S and I are talking a mile a minute and Mickey thinks to self "Damn."
- Conversations w/Mickey indicate his approval and frustration over S still being with that girl who put him through some not so nice things.
- Mickey initially attempts to set me up with S's best buddy at the time, since best buddy was messing with S's girl and Mickey hoped in my getting together with best buddy that S's girl would actually focus more on S, her freaking boyfriend, instead of his buddy.
- This of course doesn't work, because frankly I'm not attracted to best buddy, for many reasons (including his being a lecherous prat for ever messing with a friend's girl - why would I want to get together with someone who has no compunctions about doing this?)
- Over the summer, S's girl goes to Germany, almost breaks up with him but not quite, and in the meantime S notices I'm around a lot more. S does not pursue anything, as he is stalwart and would never betray a person he is with, in spite of how ridiculously they happen to be treating him.
- Several events occur that give S pause.
- I end up moving in with Ferg & S's girl at the time (loooooong story, and trust me I had many, many, many, many misgivings about the move, but was convinced by Ferg).
- Oh hell, this is getting way way too long. I'll tell the rest another day but the point is - she cheats, he gives her an ultimatum, she takes it, he and I get together, she gets pissed off because she was hoping he'd remain single in case things with best buddy didn't work out (which they didn't - she lost appeal after she was "free to roam"). All this happens and the whole time S has no idea that Mickey was all for this to happen, to promote S's happiness as well as my own.

Ok, time to get some food out for later (my parents are coming over, yes we're having another barbecue, this time steak! MMmm, steak.)

Any questions? Drop me a line.


I'm The Illest Motherfucker From Here To Gardena

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Little K loves the Beastie Boys, so I managed to entice him into going to the clinic tonight by promising to play some in the car.

He's had a mad rash all over himself since Sunday night - we aren't sure - the doctors aren't sure - so we're taking him for blood tests in the morning.

It's just awful. I feel so bad for the little guy.

As a result he can't go to school until the rash is gone. Which is fine for this week since S is on afternoons, but if it's still around come next week I'm fucked.

C is fine though.

This weekend is her Brownies camping thing, but I already told her if K isn't better by then or if we don't have a good handle on what's going on, she may not be going (because I can't go. Look it's a long story, and it isn't that I don't trust her with strangers or whatever, but trust me I have good reason behind this).

Ok I'm tired and have a million things to do.


Cante-me seu Fado

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This is my lifeblood. Mariza is a wonderful Fadista and she demonstrates what a good one can do with a traditional Fado. She is singing Povo Que Lavas No Rio. This is my history. This is my life. This is for my grandfather.


Dear Superman: Flee while you still can!

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Here's an article from CNN, which I'll paste some of it here because 3 months from now the damn link won't work anyway. If Reuters sues me for it they really need to get a life. My comments of outrage are in italics.

Scientists unearth Superman's 'kryptonite'

"We will have to be careful with it -- we wouldn't want to deprive Earth of its most famous superhero!," said Dr Chris Stanley, a mineralogist at London's Natural History Museum.

Dr. Chris Stanley, I am horrified that you would unearth a substance that you know - YOU KNOW - will kill Superman. For shame, Dr. Chris Stanley. For shame.

Stanley, who revealed the identity of the mysterious new mineral, discovered the match after searching the Internet for its chemical formula - sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide.

"I was amazed to discover that same scientific name written on a case of rock containing kryptonite stolen by Lex Luther from a museum in the film Superman Returns," he said.

Curse you internet! Curse you, terrible movie about Superman!

But instead of the large green crystals in Superman comics, the real thing is a white, powdery substance which contains no fluorine and is non-radioactive.

Um. Well. That's interesting? And they're naming the rock Jadarite??? What the hell, Science. What. The. Hell.


and i'm worn clear through from my disco days

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So Operation: Crazy Go Nuts was this weekend. It was fun but I wasn't feeling well, and didn't get much sleep on Friday night because K was sick and I wasn't even going to go but he managed to bounce back the next day so I went.

Drove to my cousin Lola's house first, had a bit of lunch and then the two of us drove the rest of the way. There were drinks and games and the usual craziness, and a Fantasia party somewhere in the mix. Yeah. Because nothing says family gathering quite like fondling sex toys.

There was fun to be had, but I'm too tired to jot it all down here.

Sunday morning we took our time driving back to Lola's then I stayed and soaked in the sun for about an hour before making the rest of the trip home. Got home and lay like a lump on the couch until S dragged me over to his folks' house for leftovers from his supper the night before. His parents had a birthday dinner for him Saturday night while I was away. That was fine by me.

I still feel like crap and I was wide awake at 6 am, ugh ugh ugh.

I think I hear the shower calling.


happy birthday to you

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My dear S turned 29 yesterday. I got him the Tiger Woods golf game for the Wii - he's hooked already. The kids and I took him out to King Buffet for dinner at their insistence - just so he would get the paper crown, balloon, song and picture that they do there. He was a good sport about it.

Then we went to my parents' house for a quick visit. My mom apologised over and over for not having his gift with her - they didn't anticipate we'd come over until the weekend.

Speaking of weekend - it's Operation: Crazy Go Nuts this weekend and I'm pretty excited about it. I haven't seen the girls in Barrie in FOREVER at least. I would promise to behave my best but I know better.

Work has been hectic and crazy - welcome to summer. Suddenly everyone's buying a house?

I got a new Wonder Woman t-shirt. Those of you who were unlucky enough to be subjected to my cell phone photo taunting have seen evidence of this glorious shirt.

Facebook (which I affectionately call Facecrack) has made life pretty interesting of late. I'm communicating with people I literally haven't seen in over a decade. It's interesting how much they've either changed or stayed the same. Mostly location changes; otherwise they're much as they were before.

C is having a slumber party for her birthday in a couple of weeks. She's pretty excited about it although a bit bummed that I put a cap on the invite limit - only 4 invited. I'm just not up to more than that at this point (my health is still not 100 per cent) and she understands that and is pumped anyway because she knows I'll set up something cool for them.

I've been a slacker in the blogging department which I have promised myself to get back on track - believe it or not writing in this thing gets my creative brainjuice flowing a little better. Probably because I'm dumping all the stuff on my mind in here, leaving my mind free to go where it wants to.

Sir T, did you get your package yet?


Time to go beta test LOTR online. For serious!


8 days a week

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Crazy-Go-Nuts is this weekend. As an added bonus my cousins are throwing a Fantasia party as well. Interesting times? Hells yes.

Tonight sisterinlaw is coming over so we can watch Miami Ink because we're dorks like that.

I woke up the other day with my left shin just aching, and the ache hasn't gone away, so my walking is a little stilted. Guh.

It's S's birthday on Wednesday. For his birthday I got him bbq type accessories because the man loves his bbq and because he wouldn't give me any other ideas and because I already gave the idea of a new fishing rod to sisterinlaw. He's a simple man and has a tendency not to want presents and such on his birthday or Father's day or any other day for that matter. He feels if he really wants something he'll just buy it. And he does. So it sucks for me when I'm trying to come up with imaginative gifting ideas. I have other things planned for him but that's not for public consumption.

The kids want to take him to King Buffet for his birthday - mostly they want to see him wear the crown thing they make you wear and get the little dessert and happy birthday song.

My flat iron is dying so my hair is all over the damn place. I ordered a new one through my workplace incentive program but that wasted all my points so goodbye new wok. I'm not near as vain and shallow as this blog indicates but when you are short on things to write about, there isn't much left you know?

I need to write more because my brain feels frazzled. I have written some more elsewhere but I certainly am not going to divulge that information.

Time to submit this puppy and get the kids to school.


friday the 13th

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There are so many many things wrong in this story I don't even know where to start.

My chest feels like an elephant is sleeping on it. Woo.

Got my taxes done! Woo!

In a fit of niceness, I bought my mother-in-law a card that says I'm proud of her accomplishments. Because in spite of the fact that she drives me around the bend, I really am. She's doing well in school and has an A average, something she didn't think she could accomplish. Sometimes she's too hard on herself - she was upset because she only got 22/30 on the last test - um, hi? That's crazy talk.

My friend Hammer is going away on a cruise this weekend. I'm hella jealous but also very excited for her - she and her hubby definitely need "them" time.

If someone writes a paean about you, is it ok to be flattered?

C is listening to Avril Lavigne on her mp3 player right now. The kid is happier than a clam that I finally got around to downloading a bunch of her song requests - she had a list, see. But I kept forgetting (read: procrastinating) but then I remembered (read: found time at around 2 in the morning one night) and now she's a happy little kid indeed.

K is mumbling and bumbling about with his light-up sword we got him at Medieval Times a few weeks ago. It lights up all crazy-cool. Heck, I want a light-up Medieval Times sword!

Next weekend is that gathering thing my cousins and I do - I'm very excited! S is taking the kids to go clean up one of our local nature trails with his work. It's something they started last year, and it's a great program. The workplace does it to honor Earth Day and whatnot, they clean up the park all morning, go have some lunch and they even have prizes and little handouts for the most interesting garbage, the wackiest stuff, etc. Some of last year's haul included a hockey net, a toilet brush, the fan you find at the front of a schoolbus, half a boot, a tent, a roll of carpeting... there's more but I can't think of it right now.

ok, so i left this blog update thinger running for a few hours before remembering I had it up. Mea culpa. Let's post this puppy and go back to resting (stupid head cold)



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Went and got my hair cut last night. Took my sisterinlaw along and convinced her to cut hers as well. It looks so cute! Seriously.

Saw M's baby last night for a little bit - gosh she is so tiny. And cute. And was being all social with me, yay!

Friday is the buck and doe meeting for a friend's wedding, I have to think up some ideas for it between now and then. My thinking cap is a little askew due to the cold meds, but I'm sure I'll pull through somehow.

S's birthday is next week. I asked him what he wanted and he said a fishing pole. So you know what he's getting? A fishing pole. He has it in his noggin to start fishing again - who am I to argue?

C's birthday is coming up, I'm going to have to speed up the boa-making process.

Tired and don't wanna go to work. But hafta. Have a good day


home early

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I had some hours banked from overtime last week, and I feel kinda cruddy, so hooray for being able to go home without penalty.

Easter was quite the ride but I'm not in the mood to talk about it.

i could have been learning something, oh well you know what i mean
i've done this before and i will do it again
come on and kill me baby, while you smile like a friend
oh and i'll come running just to do it again

I have had that Pulp song in my head for a week straight.

What I love about Pulp is that they are so cheeky and comfortable in the knowledge that they're tongue-in-cheek disco/mod.

Ok, I'm seriously feeling dizzy so I'm going to lie down.


it won't be long before you'll do exactly what they want you to

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Been a while since I've heard a Depeche Mode song. Hrm.

So I overslept and was in a mad rush this morning to get the kids off to school. I managed to do so, thank goodness. Then I went out and got them some Easter goodies. I actually found a skip-it with a bona fide strawberry full of beads at the end of it. God bless the Dollarama. C is going to have kittens when she sees it. They also had nerf-like rocket launchers so I got one for K.

Sped home, took a shower, cursed because blowdryer is dead and I had to tie my hair up in a bun because it was still wet. Air conditioning was on at the office, so I froze my bitties off. Funny thing - took the bun out of my hair just now, and there are still wet parts. Hair smells like Johnson's no more tears shampoo. This is not by accident.

It snowed a little today which is completely depressing, but I'll get over it.

MIL's birthday is on Saturday and FIL is planning a surprise dinner for her. I'm glad for FIL's thoughtfulness but also think what the hell - she bitched for us not to have a dinner for her last year, then bitched about it afterward that we never held one. Um. You can't have it both ways lady. Anyway. S has bought her a card and not much else - I have no idea what to do but I can't afford to go out and buy her anything. It's his effing mother, I'm tired of doing all the gift shopping for his family, but what really burns my ass is that if he neglects to pick something up, somehow it is going to be my fault. Le sigh.

I still can't believe it's almost Easter.

Sometimes my job really irritates me. Or rather, the people I deal with on the phone irritate me. I'm sorry that you fucked up. I'm sorry that I refuse to take the blame for it. I'm sorry that you aren't willing to try at least one of the 3 resolutions I suggest and provide for you on a platter. Click. Bang.

But the nice thing is, I come home, and it's forgotten, and I don't care.

I was never able to say that about my previous job, as anyone who's kept up with this blog or spoken to me can attest. I was a shadow of a person there, completely lost. Completely.

I've felt the itch to write more things of late. This is good, and something I haven't felt in a long while.


and so it goes

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Parent Advisory Council meeting tonight. It dragged on till about quarter to ten. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. We kept trying to move the topics but people just kept going on and on. I mean the questions and discussions were relevant and all, but come ON people. Some of us can't spend all night here. Sister in law was awesome enough to watch the kiddos while I was doing it.

Have you ever had your words completely misconstrued? And then you don't even know if it's worth trying to explain it, because the explanation is either too long or will just end up in further misunderstanding? Yeah. That didn't happen at the meeting, but it's happened with other stuff recently. I don't really know what to do about it.

The thing is, when I write something, how it is received all depends on the reader, and what mood they are in, and other external stimuli that I have absolutely no control over. That is fine, but sometimes it causes me to pause, revise, or withhold my words, and that bothers me.

That's why I'm very, very selective about who I let in, writing-wise. Oh sure I blabber on and on in this blog type thing but it's only a surface scratch. That whole duck analogy - still on the surface, paddling like mad below.

No rhyme or reason for today's post. Just letting all the words pour out, because they are begging me to.


Bleeding words onto a page, I have no choice

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No idea where the title came from. My Noggin, I guess.

Spent the weekend at my cousin Lola's house, and we brought the Wii. I'm pretty sure her hubby is now enamored with the system. S and I are comtemplating just how long he'll go without one - I'm figuring one more visit with the system may push him over the edge.

There has been a lot of introspection going on with me of late. Perhaps its the season shifting that is causing the tectonic shift in my thought processes. I don't know.

This weekend is Easter weekend of course, and with it brings a whole new set of problems: how do you make egg trails when you own a cat that loves to bat things around?

C actually made hazardous mention of the idea that maybe Mr. Bunny and his mate S. Claus don't exist. Nobody at school has been saying anything - she just drew up the conclusion on her own. I asked her why. Then she mulled it over and recanted. She said there is probably for sure a Santa, because she was sure there wasn't but then he brought her exactly what she asked for at Christmas and there was no possible way that S & I would have got these obscure requests. So if Mr. Claus exists, maybe E. Bunny does too. We had a talk about faith - believing in what you can't see. We also had talks about Jesus - I think the religious aspect of these holidays is what is causing the counter-point of "why do these figments exist?"

This whole scandalous conversation thankfully went down without K in our presence. But it got me thinking - I mean, I can't really pinpoint the time that I stopped believing. I think it just happened slowly, in increments, until that last bastion of magic in my life crawled away when I wasn't looking. Sad really when you think on it. I figure if I'm lucky, if I'm very lucky, C will believe for one more year, and then she'll be done. That's just the way C is, but is it silly that I find that just a wee bit heartbreaking?


What's up? What's up? What's up? What's up? What's up?

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Doug: "Steve, slow down."
Steve: "I can't help it man, it's hottie overload!"
Doug: "Just pace yourself."
Steve: "Ok... What's up? ...2, 3, 4. What's up? ...2, 3, 4..."
(A Night at the Roxbury)

So after much cajoling on the parts of quite a few people, I joined up facebook.

As a result, I've come across people I haven't seen in years and years. Kind of spooky, kind of awesome. Kind of addicting, mostly because as I said, I've come across people that require a lot of catching up with. But even with the people I see more regularly, it's a nice feature, with a messaging system that allows for short notes rather than lengthy emails (though I still love writing those).

Being completely bored last night, facebook amused me greatly. More specifically, messaging on facebook. You know who you are.

Sister in law is coming over tonight, we're going to drink and bake. Girl's had a rough week.

Tomorrow S the kids and I are going to my cousin Lola's. It's been a while since we've visited her and her hubby, so I'm looking forward to it. Initially we had planned for it to be just S and I, but the way the week's gone we're better off taking the kids too.

I need to look into getting a new blowdryer. My hair was a scary tousled mess yesterday. Strangely enough I got compliments on it? I didn't realize the bed-head look was a good one for me. I'd ask for S's opinion but he's a smarmster.

S & I were invited to take a trip with Hammer & her hubby - unfortunately it's a no-go, but for a brief flickering minute it was a possibility. Damnit. For once it has nothing to do with funds, so much as being able to take time off. Le sigh. Were it not for my previous issues, this wouldn't be a problem.

Ok I have a million things to do before work (as usual) so I'm off!

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