Life is full of surprises these days

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So S's friend JG told him earlier this week that our presence was needed at a pig roast today, it was imperative we come, blar blar blar. Tonight we made plans to go to my friend's house and taste wine (they just came back from a Niagara wine tour) but we said sure, we'll come to the roast as it was going to start at 11 am.

Last night I got almost no sleep, and as a result, I almost sent S off without me.

I am so very, very glad I didn't do that.

JG & ME got married today, in front of a minister in their own home, with a small gathering of family and close friends.

They didn't even tell their parents. NOBODY knew what was going on for this. We all showed up in our civvies and ta-da! There they were, and ME looked lovely in her gown and JG in his suit also looked swell. The ceremony was short and wonderful, and yes, they still had roast pig for us to eat. JG had asked her to marry him back in November, and together they planned this surprise ceremony. This is the second marriage for them both, and I think they wanted it low-key, but knew if they announced an engagement it would snowball into something bigger. ME's 4 boys were the doormen, taking coats, arranging us, etc. It was very cute. All in black pants and black turtlenecks. ME's baby girl was dressed up in the smartest little gold & black polka-dotted dress. S was JG's witness, and ME's sister was hers. S was a little in shock, and kind of wished he would have known ahead of time. He felt terribly under-dressed, but then again, so did we all!

All in all, it was perfect, and suited them fine. And what a surprise! I was so glad I changed my mind and went. The kids were a bit confused at first, but in the end they were also glad we dragged them along. Of course, L and I will still be setting up a bridal shower for ME - she can't get away with that part, muahaha. It will be low-key as well, but we want to celebrate this.

So now I'm hoping this wine tasting isn't another surprise wedding - don't know if I could take another in the same day!



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I gave up coffee for lent. So far, so good. It's been trying because I go to Tim Horton's about every other day to get coffee for my S as it is right around the corner from where we live. Our coffee maker is a piece of gos se and doesn't brew anymore. Because I gave up coffee I'm foregoing purchasing a new one, and S will have to deal with Timmy's in the mornings (which doesn't bother him one iota, he loves their coffee).

K gave up chips & ice cream. This may not seem like much, but when you have 2 sets of doting grandparents that LOVVVE to junk you up with treats, this one is tough. C gave up computer and nintendo games - something I am lifting the ban for this Saturday for one day, for Z's birthday. I told her Jesus would understand - it's not every day your bff turns 10 and we'll go right back on track afterward.

I ran into someone the other day that left me very discombobulated. I hadn't seen him in literally years, and it was so strange because he approached me, and spoke like an old friend, which was nice but a bit surreal because we weren't really friends in school. Acquaintances, yes. He drove me nuts sometimes, but in general he was a good egg, and we got along well enough. Whatever, it was nice but a little... strange. He was shocked to see that I had not only one, but two children, and not even babies - the kind that go to school and can actually converse with him. The encounter was brief, and the kids were a bit confused - why was that man acting like he knew you mum? "Umm, because he does. I went to school with him." How come we've never met him before? "Because life takes you on strange paths, kiddo." What the heck does THAT mean? "You'll understand soon enough."

Ok, time to go do house-y type things before heading to work. Have a fabulous day folks.

Here are some procedures for emergency situations.


Wowsa I'm old

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How old are you on other planets?

So. A bit of an update. Took K to psychometric testing thinger, with a psychologist who didn't give me the impression that he was a quack, and had been working with kids for 35 years. Turns out K's IQ in academics (reading, writing, arithmetic & comprehension) is 118-120, which is above average (average being 100-110). The kid reads and comprehends at a grade 5 level (he's in grade 2) and math is around grade 4-5. His IQ in perception, logic, & something-or-other-I-forget-now is 134. That is beyond anything the doc anticipated, and he said "oh yeah, there's no doubt, your son is gifted. I see a case like his very rarely". I got to witness the testing, and even I was having trouble with some of the patterning logic etc. and I'm no dummy. Bottom line however, K has issues keeping focus, partly because he's bored with the material being presented to him, partly from external factors. He is a pretty active kid too - always moving, always on the move, however the doctor feels that it's more about him being a boy, than anything else, and he'll probably outgrow it in time. So the doctor is writing up recommendations for the school, for us, and a report for our family doctor as well.

It cost a kajillion dollars for us to find out that something we sort of already knew. Worth every god damned penny, if you ask me. Not just for the being smug that our kid is smart thing, but because we're finally getting K the tools he needs to reach his potential, as well as help him relieve some of the boredom & etc.

C came with us today for the testing, and the psych. asked her some questions, and made some observations on things she was drawing, etc, and said he wouldn't be surprised if she was also above-average intelligence etc.

Um. There's more on that topic, but I'm kind of tired now. I've been having seizures again, for the first time in years (since K was born at least) and they wear me out. I don't know what's going on; I have to go see a neurologist again.

Check out these fantastic aquariums!

This just in: Tom Jones is crazy.


Adventures in stupidity

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I'm pondering the wisdom of using hair dye I randomly found in our house.

Of course... I'm only pondering it now, as the dye is setting in to my hair.

The things I do to cure boredom / procrastinate from council reporting.

Also, I think I may be addicted to the smell of Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme. No fooling, that stuff is awesome.

I have more to say, but I really should get to starting that reporting, and I have about 20 minutes to kill before I have to rinse anyway. When I have time, I'll talk about my mom, my son, my daughter, my work, and the books I've read (someone who reads this is probably anticipating remarks about a book so that they can be smug and say "I told you so". Not naming names or anything).

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