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The next time one of my culinary experiments fail, I will refer to this and not feel so bad:

Hammer, check out the twilight cake, talk about hilarious.


Curse you, H1N1

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My parents are living in Aguascalientes now, so clearly I'm worried about this whole swine flu mess.

I got an email from mom, per my tweets to the right there: 

The people that died in Aguas were from Mex City. We have wipes and hand sanitizer everywhere and masks, even at the grocery stores. Yesterday and today dad is working from home, the schools are closed until May 06,but so far all business is open. Due to this flu and the 4 deaths the Gov't has closed the Feria & any activity such as soccer games bull fights etc are all closed. 

So yeah. I'm more than a little concerned. I understand that the media tends to spin these things out of proportion, but I find it hard to guffaw at this when it affects the people I love. So if you are the praying kind, would you mind kicking one towards my parents' general direction?





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He did it.


Hello citizens

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So uh, I find it pretty amusing that Ashton Kutcher is trying to beat CNN for twitter followers. The nice thing is if he makes it to 1 million followers he is donating 100,000 to purchase  mosquito bed nets in honor of World Malaria Day. But even without that, it's still amusing.

He decided to stream his reactions live, archive here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1393560

The Kutcher vs. CNN tweet charting live: 

Highlights: Ashton goofing up popping a champaigne cork and drinking out of a commemorative Chicago Bears cup. That's right.

Anyway. Um. I forgot what else I was going to write about, a sure sign I'm tired.

Oh wait right. Eye appointment. The eye doctor put all kinds of liquids into my peepers that made them huge and stingy and then did a barrage of tests and the conclusion is: the reason I am missing spots of text when I am reading has nothing to do with my eyes but probably everything to do with my CNS (central nervous system) oh gee, shocker there. Score one more in favor of it being a neurological thing that's messing me up so bad. It's been almost a year since the initial crazy hospital visit form hell, and still no answers. Yay socialized medicine!

This Saturday is S's birthday. I already gave him his gift - a blue DS so he can stop stealing mine and his own copy of Brain Age 2 so he can play sudoku all he likes. Was tempted to buy him a pink one but thought better of it. He loves it of course. On Saturday we're having people over for chicken wings and a keg o beer. Wish I could join them but I unfortunately have to be the sober type person, stupid meds. It's all good, I'll find a way to have fun anyway, I always do.

I can also tell I'm tired because I'm not caring much about the bad grammar (ie run-on sentences) but oh well, it's the internet, I already win by spelling as well as I am regardless of mistakes.

Back to watching old episodes of CSI on DVD with the commentary on. Be excellent to each other people.



Wanting something to listen to

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If you were to give me a bouquet of sound, what would be on the list?

I have this song in my head now. 

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