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Back to work I went this week. I have a lot to write about but I've just been so busy and today is no different.

It's my birthday on Friday. I turn 31.


goodbye ruby tuesday

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So I have the week off this week. Yesterday we went swimming at the Lion's Pool - in spite of my dislike of public pools, we went. The kids had a blast, and that was the whole point, amen.

Today we were supposed to go to the beach but it's too overcast, so it's going to be a lazy day inside I think. That's fine by me... I suppose I could do a spring clean of the kids' rooms, but what fun is that? I've been overtaxing myself in all areas. I need the rest time.

Plus there's been a lot of drama going on all over the damn place and I need a break from that as well.

Ok, time to go do nothing things, except I'll probably snap and do the dishes and ten tons of laundry because I'll feel guilty for doing nothing things.

My baby boy turns seven this Saturday. Freaky!

Also, we're probably going to that Potter Fest thing, the kids won't shut up about it and it'll be amusing I'm sure.


Itchy trigger finger but a stable turntable

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Thursday I went to a gathering that my friend was holding - it was nice, everyone contributed food, there was singing amusing songs and playing guitar, it was just... nice. I hadn't seen her in a long while and I missed her.

Went out Friday night with sisterinlaw - she called me wanting me to come over and talk. It was a good time and she needed to vent - apparently she had separated with her boyfriend the weekend previous. He was still at their apartment but sleeping on the couch. He was working late Friday so he wasn't there when I had arrived. We had a few drinks and she told me what had happened, and then her friends came over, and we went out to the pub because she needed to breathe (but also because her now-ex had arrived home). We split a pitcher or two and then went to the park, sat on some swings and I let her do her thing to get back into herself.

Walked her home eventually, then got home myself. Stayed up late watching re-runs of CSI. S woke up, came down, laughed at me "I see you managed to find your way home..." and then went off to watch more Naruto (long story).

Saturday I brought sisterinlaw breakfast at work; she was very pleased. Saturday night she asked if I could come over for a bit again. So I did, and she was kind of out of sorts - turns out that her now-ex boyfriend slipped away quietly while she was working, instead of sticking around so they could talk things out more. So where did he slip to? Her other ex's house. Yeah... I have no words for that.

She said she didn't blame him, and this whole breakup was entirely her doing, but she felt he deserved to know the truth (being that she didn't love him, probably never would) and there is more to that story but it isn't for me to tell.

I stayed for an hour, let her talk things out sort of, then went home and watched the entire first season of Dead Like Me that I had rented earlier when visiting sisterinlaw at work. Love that show - seriously, it's terrific.

So as a result of watching the show, I was up late again Saturday night. By Sunday morning I was ridiculously tired. The kids and I just hung out all day - didn't do much of anything important, just lazy Sunday things.

I did a crazy amount of screen-viewing this weekend, which is pretty unusual for me, but I think my brain just wanted to take a bit of a holiday, you know?


Happy Wednesday

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So S came home drunk at about 8 pm last night. He ended up going to FIL's place and got drinks poured down his throat, but nobody had the decency to feed him, so he came home roaring drunk. FIL & one of FIL's friends had to walk him home - and they live around the block. What does that tell you, friends? Exactly.

He was so drunk he was snoring with his eyes open on the couch. I sent the kids to bed and then took on the task of getting him up the stairs - no easy feat, I assure you. He kept swaying backward and thank god he kept righting himself because if he fell back there would be no stopping him and I'd be a pile of broken bones at the bottom of the stairs right now. Got him a bucket and some ginger ale, and came back down to continue watching CSI.

I really like the original CSI. I'm not a big fan of the spin-offs.

I ended up staying up till almost 4 am writing. Something I haven't done in a long while but I had found some old notes for a story I was working on, and got to typing them out to try and string the pieces of thought together.

S got up around 6 am not feeling well at ALL. I wish I could say I feel sorry for him, but I don't. I'm sorry but nobody made him drink that much that fast. I'm not calling the kettle black here - I wouldn't expect his sympathy either. I did make sure that there was plenty of cold juice and water in the fridge for him this morning, heck I even made his lunch for him so all he'd have to do is pull it out of the fridge and take it to work. But I'm well past the point of holding his head when he's sick.

Bleh, it's raining. And I'm tired. And I'm secretly hoping that soccer practice is cancelled tonight so I can rest. Tomorrow I have a gathering to go to, which I'm looking forward to as it's being held by a friend I haven't seen since October I think.

Time to go putter around for 15 minutes before work. Ciao

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