O Canada

Posted by Slowplum on 3/04/2010 07:50:00 AM
So proud to be Canadian for this year's Winter Olympics. The most gold ever? Take that United States of 'We think we are the best at everything'!

I have been fighting off this cold for a while, which sucks but is better than the flu I had last week - naaaaasty. Blood and viscera. Not fun at all.

So they found scars on my liver and right kidney. No idea what caused them though. I yet continue to confound science. Sadly I've begun to be okay with that.

I've been feeling like a hermit these past few months - I don't really do anything or go anywhere. It isn't my fault - I rarely have the *energy* to verb all over the place.

My brother's twins celebrated their first birthday with great fun and mischievous smiles. Who doesn't love smashing cake into their mouths? I can't believe a year has gone by already - it went so very fast. I love being an aunt so much. I am doubly blessed to call myself their godmother as well. It's so fun to have babies around that you can hand back to the parents when you are tired, heheheh.

I'm getting a tattoo this weekend, if my cold doesn't get worse. I am getting it with my sisinlaw, we are getting the same one, the celtic symbol for sisters. It is her gift to me for helping her out with her upcoming nuptials.

My parents are returning to Canada in June - they have both had more than enough of Mexico and are very homesick. They said it was a wonderful opportunity but enough is enough, they even are looking forward to having Canadian winters again - bizarre. It is going to be so nice to have them home again. I can't wait.

Ok that's all for now I guess. I need to get back into the habit of writing in this thing, even if it's only for myself.


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