tuesday already!

Posted by Slowplum on 10/29/2002 06:10:00 AM
I'm a Wiggumism!

I'm "Me fail English? That's unpossiible!" Which Ralph Wiggumism are You? by CaB.

So yesterday sucked at work, I had a ton to do because my boss didn't do it and his associate wasn't in. It took one of our plants 6 hrs to get their paperwork and another one didn't even get ANY so they had to do it manually (which takes them hours I can assure you). So yeah. Everyone is pissed off at my boss but my boss hasn't said boo to me so it's all good.

Yesterday was also my father in law's birthday, but we totally forgot (DOH!) but SO stepped up to bat and brought over a bottle of rye and drank with his dad most of the night while I stayed home and played Neverwinter Nights (which I am absolutely HOOKED on, gaming gods be damned! *shakes fist*).

Today SO goes for forklift training or somesuch, and his parents are watching the kids while I work. I get paid this week, WOO I am dying to get paid as I am BROKE BROKE BROKE like, BEYOND BROKE.

I'm also putting my costume together for Halloween. Will give details later. This is gonna be fun!

Congratulations, you're New York City, the Big Apple.
What US city are you? Take the quiz by Girlwithagun.

The blurb-y type thing after the results says: "Overwhelming to visitors, this bustling city can seem hard and imposing. With so much going on, there is an axiom that if you visit NY for a day you will see most of what you want; for a week, some of what you want; and if you live there, you will see none of it. It is a city made by people, changed in some small way by everyone who passes through it. Despite what anyone may have ever said about it, New York has shown a tremendous spirit. At their heart, New Yorkers are symbolic of the American Spirit, and have become the poster children for defiance in the face of adversity."

So yeah.

Ok I go work now.


By the pricking of my thumbs...

Posted by Slowplum on 10/28/2002 10:28:00 AM
So K was sick all last week, so much so that it involved SO staying home Thursday and I staying home Friday to keep his temp down. It spiked up to 105 at one point. Antibiotics managed to cool it down as did popsicles and juice.

I have a feeling that today is going to be a bad day, it always is the day after I've had to take time off work because there is all that catching up to do. Also I bet my boss will be all snarly about it (not that he should care, he just gets his associate to cover for me. My taking time off does little to intrude upon his life).

It was SO's Grandmother's 70th birthday yesterday. We were supposed to go to a party for her but I ended up sleeping through the day with a terrible migraine. Yay.


Halloween is my most favorite holiday ever! For real!

This year C is being a Powerpuff girl and K is being a Pumpkin. My dad and C carved a pumpkin this weekend it looks awesome! We have yet to go get ours, maybe tonight we'll get one. We keep the seeds and roast them with hot pepper sauce, mmmm they are great!

I think I am going to be a pile of leaves for Halloween. Maybe. I have a little time left so we'll see. At work we are having a Halloween potluck with costumes and prizes, YAY!

So uhm, yeah, that's all for now. Byebye


I am a sentimental sap.

Posted by Slowplum on 10/22/2002 05:58:00 AM
Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes, I greatly appreciate it :)

So last night my father came over to our house and watched the kids while we went out to see a movie and have a light supper. We watched Sweet Home Alabama because SO didn't wanna watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the other movies sucked. Then we went out for food and ran into eleventy billion people we knew which was kind of nice but also kind of bothersome because we wanted wind down time. Then we came home and put the kids to bed (they waited up for us haahaa) and listened to music and drank some wine. SO's anniversary gift to me was these gorgeous crystal wine glasses and a very very nice bottle of ice wine. I gave him a sweater (haha P I told you I would) and a book from his favorite author. I was going to get him a toy for his computer but money is pretty tight around here these days...

Sweet Home Alabama was your typical sappy girlie movie, about marrying and divorcing and then not divorcing your childhood sweetheart. It got me thinking about my own story about SO and I and I thought I may as well post it.

The Daffodil Story

One night many moons ago, I was sixteen. My best friend at the time, JM, whom I called Mickey because of his uncanny similarity to Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees, and got everyone else to call him that too, decided we should go drinking in the cemetary. Because the next day was report card day, and he was failing math, and figured this would be his last hurrah for a while.

Anyway. We went and he brought along his friends, SO and JE and I brought along my friend L. I had to lead everyone through this trail that goes along behind the cemetary because JM is deathly afraid of spiders and I had to "clear out the webs". True story. We get to this spot under a willow tree and JM proceeds to get very, very drunk.

I had never met SO before, he seemed quiet but nice. Blue eyes to die for, tall lanky boy. JE I had met before, more's the pity. He tried to get me drunk. And failed miserably.

JM got drunk out of his tree. He tripped over everything, apologised to grave stones, and lit the wrong end of at least three cigarettes before finally giving up. By this time JE and L were busy talking it up (poor L, she was too nice to tell him to go, so she just kept listening to him). Meanwhile it was time to go home. So SO and I got a hold of each side of JM and practically had to carry him.

About halfway there, we passed by a house with a really magnificent garden. In the garden were tons of daffodils. We of course got on the conversation and I mentioned I really loved daffodils, I wasn't sure why I just liked their shape and their look and their smell. We kept walking and talking and carrying JM. We reached a corner and he said "wait a minute, I have to do something" And he threw JM in my arms. I figured he had to pee or somethin, right? So anyway, he comes backa few minutes later and hands me a daffodil.

I was so pleased. I was smiling the whole way home. I put the daffodil in a book to press it.

SO and I never got together then. Things were hinted at and mentioned and rumored but nothing ever came of it. Actually, the night he was going to ask me out, some other boy did instead and I said yes. And after that it was just a series of bad timing and one or the other or both having a person in the picture. So then I break up with someone, its a nasty break up leaving me feeling pretty damn raw and scared. Anyway, he's still going out with this girl TB, whom I end up living with for a year (the same year she breaks up with SO and SO and I get together, oh man is *THAT* a story). I'm of course infatuated with him but I don't know what to do. So I let things be. Move in with TB and my friend EF (who is dating my friend JM).

At this point I am noticing a mutual attraction between SO and I (well it had been going on for some time, I just kept lying to myself about it). But I don't want to do anything to jeopardize his relationship, even though she was screwing around on him with his best friend at the time. He and she finally broke up. I was there on that day. So he said he was coming back that night with JM to go out and celebrate. He came back and we all got drunk and he ended up spending the night in my bed, but I swear to God nothing sexual happened. We ended up talking all hours of the night. He stayed the whole weekend.

Then he called me on Tuesday and told me he couldn't stop thinking about me. I told him that I really liked him, but I wanted him to wait things out and I wanted to give him space. I told him I would wait for whatever decision he had to make, but I wouldn't wait forever. He told me he didn't need time. He had been thinking and the only conclusion he was coming to was that there was only one woman for him, and her name was G. Then I hung up the phone because I didn't know what else to do.

This leaves me feeling so confused, and scared and happy all at once. I didn't know what to think. Because there was something about the look in his eye. So I sort of clean things up a bit and I'm crying because I am emotionally overwrought. I'm alone in the house TB had gone home for the weekend and EF was at a late class. I start shuffling things around and this book, "FireStarter", a hardcover of the King novel, falls off the shelf. This book falls off the shelf and lays open to what page? A page with that very daffodil on it. And it lay there, mocking me as if to say I knew all along this would happen.

And we got together the very next weekend.

I still have that daffodil.


Happy anniversary

Posted by Slowplum on 10/21/2002 06:54:00 AM
Two years ago today I did the scariest thing ever and got married.
Two years of marriage, but many more years of laughter, tears, parenthood, debt, devotion, and so much more.

I could not imagine my life in any other way today. I could not have imagined I would ever get to this point, but here I am. And I am happy. So maybe this marriage thing isn't so scary after all...

Happy anniversary, SO. I love you.


quizzes and volleyball and anniversaries, oh my!

Posted by Slowplum on 10/18/2002 04:35:00 AM
Moon, Sun, or Sky?

brought to you by Quizilla

"Moon You have a calm and understanding soul, but since you are reflected from the sun sometimes a little anger comes out in you. People might also try to take advantage of you, for moons usually seem to be dependent on others, but that might not be true. DONT BE TOO TRUSTING! You generally are very emotional, but sometimes you like to keep your emotions to yourself. You are usually the person that people's problems are laid upon, eventhough you usually dont know how to deal with your own.You like to write poetry, and sometimes you are considered a little bit eccentric. Although you and Sun are so contrasting, when put together you are inseperable."

Yeah. So ANYWAY...

I found a new babysitter! It's my friend S's mom, so it is extra cool because it's someone I've known for years and can trust. Today will be their first day with her. Well K. C will be in school. Today they are going on a field trip to a pumpkin patch to learn how pumpkins are grown and to taste apple cider. They also get to bring a little gourd home. :)

Volleyball last night was fun, we were totally beaten down but I had a blast and have discovered that I have a really mean spike. I didnt' discover it until late into our third game tho. Doh! Oh well I can try it on for size next Thursday. I was supposed to go out with the ladies last night for some beer and things at Molly Bloom's but I was too damn tired. Maybe tonight I'll go out as it is CR's birthday, ayay!

On Monday it is SO's and my 2nd wedding anniversary. Not sure what we are doing yet. Possibly very little as we are both broke.

What's Your Bedroom Personality? (For Her)

brought to you by Quizilla

"Mistress may I? Heh. Who wears the pants? You wears the pants! Just remember that it's fun to switch sometimes and not everyone enjoys being bossed around in or out of the sack."

hahahha! too funny. I also took the "what kind of porno movie would you star in?" quiz but I don't think I'll share those results. So where was I? Oh yes...

So Brooke and Taylor were BOTH shot by Sheila, and Erick is left to witness their demise! No wait, that's not my life, that's the Bold and the Beautiful...

RIGHT! So anyway, Halloween is coming soon! I love Halloween to death! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am thinking I might go as a pile of leaves this year. hehe! I forget what I was last year. Oh right I was nothing because I was sick *sigh*. C doesn't want to be a pumpkin anymore because my mom bought K a pumpkin suit without consulting me so now because K is going to be one C doesn't wanna because "You can't have TWO pumpkins, mom!" So now she is going to be Bubbles the powerpuff girl. Oi.

It's 4:30 as I type this, I got up at 3. YAY INSOMNIA!

Ok bye now. More later.


a stable! haha

Posted by Slowplum on 10/13/2002 08:36:00 AM

Which Sexy Comic Book Villainess Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

So volleyball the other night was a blast! We had a ton of fun although we lost every game, it's only the second match of the year so we have time to get better hehehe.

I'm tired of this stupid pneumonia thing. Grrr! I keep hacking up green gobs of grossness and wanting to die.

I'm still working on a piece of writing about grief but I keep putting it down because it is a little exhausting.

Had a long talk with a friend the other night and my heart broke a little for them because they had so much anger but it was well understood why and I wanted to help but there isn't much I could do except to listen.

I've been re-reading books from my childhood, I'm not sure why, maybe to stir up some nostalgia, maybe to see how much of the book I remembered. Maybe to prepare for the day when C would read them. I've kept almost every last book I've ever owned. I love books beyond belief. Always have. I remember growing up and reading while everyone else was watching television. Which isn't to say I don't watch TV, hell even I have some Shameless addictions. But I can't immerse myself in television the way I can in a book. Nerdish of me perhaps but also true.

So anyway, tomorrow is the Canada's Thanksgiving. However, I will be working because you crazy merkins still expect goods to be shipped to you. But I'll only be working till 1pm so I will still have time to get my turkey on. SO's mom was going to host it but she has the flu so now my mom is. Bah. In all honesty I'd be just as happy to not do anything. Mmmmmm not doing anything....

I would kill for a long UNINTERRUPTED hot bath right now. *sigh*

My son is getting better at talking, slow but sure. I am still a little concerned. I'm looking into speech therapy for him.

C made a little paper turkey at school on Friday, it's so cool! She is bringing me home little things every day that makes my heart ache a little with delight. Proud mom syndrome anyone?

She wants to be a pumpkin for halloween. When everyone else wants to be princesses! heee. Her school doesn't allow for costumes but rather has "orange and black day" where the kids dress up in halloween colors. The school also doesn't make the kids solicit for fundraising money which I thought was very cool. They raise money in other ways and are rather successful at it at that.

Erk! Need for coffee. Getting stronger.



I am... a storyteller.

Posted by Slowplum on 10/10/2002 06:18:00 PM


I am a natural story teller, and tales unfold in my mind almost without thought. I can entertain myself by reading a book that exists only in my head, which might make me seem distant from people at times.

Wow, that was a real surprise.

So anyway, work sucked and I ended up being late because I couldn't wake my in-laws up and had to take the kids to mom's house. Which was probably the better deal because my in-laws are sick. Also, I'm still scurrying to fix babysitting issues. Oi! Is it my fault I am picky about who will watch my kids? Personally I think some people aren't picky enough!

I go to play volleyball tonight. A bunch of us put together a team to play in a woman's league. Except we all suck at it. But hey, it's exercise, right?

I am starting to feel stir-crazy. And winter isn't even here yet. Bah.

I have been writing this piece on grief and it's troublesome just how many experiences I've had that have caused me grief. But writing about them is rather cathartic and so I press on.

And now I go to pick up the man. K bye.


crystal aura? indeed.

Posted by Slowplum on 10/09/2002 10:22:00 PM
This quiz told me I have a "Crystal" Aura. That means:

Crystals have clear auras and are known as the "aura chameleons." Like chameleons, their auras will change colors to match those of the people they are connecting with at the time. They then take on the characteristics, behavior patterns, emotions and thoughts of that color.

Interesting, but I'm not sure if I agree. Maybe? I don't know.

Stupid cold. Now SO is getting it, poor thing.

Holy cats! It's our anniversary on the 21st! Two years already, whooboy!

I have to work on Thanksgiving Monday. Phooey. Stupid work.

I've been swamped at work with month-end stuff. ROAR. Yucky.

Weird dreams galore, but fade too fast before I can jot them down. Stupid interrupting alarm clock...

So yeah. Anyway. How are things?


yucky dream

Posted by Slowplum on 10/08/2002 07:05:00 AM
i'm tired and a really crappy time of year is coming up. also i habe a code. yes again!

i don't want to feel blue but i feel it wrapping around me like a warm blanket.

i had a fucky dream last night about somebody giving me a doll and hugging me and asking me all kinds of inappropriate questions. it was weird flashes of us going between being kids and being adults and i couldn't keep up with which i was supposed to be. then there was this room with a thanksgiving dinner in it and all these people and the person said it was their family and now it's my family too. i didn't quite understand that. and the turkey walked away from the table and nobody thought it was strange except me. then i went to sleep in a warm bed and the person with the doll was there again whispering secrets in my ear but i didn't want to hear them but i did at the same time. anyway that's all i remember. i know who the somebody is but don't feel like telling. so nyah.

ok i'm off to work now!



hell + busy = hella busy.

Posted by Slowplum on 10/01/2002 05:23:00 PM
Today at work was hell and busy and hell and busy and hella busy.

Also, my ear is itchy.

Also, I'm hungry.

I got a ride home from work because I left the car at home for SO in case he had to take K to the hospital again. Then SO said he was too tired to pick me up after work. Bugger all. It's ok I understand he was up pretty late and it was wing night last night (they moved it to Mondays! As if) and bla bla bla who's reading this? Yeah, thought so ;p

In other news, I really really hate being sick. And I hate having to explain to my boss why I wasn't in yesterday. And I hate hate hate hate.

Ok I go now.


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