Posted by Slowplum on 7/19/2001 10:19:00 AM
[no lyrics today. i'm too moody.]

Went to African Lion Safari yesterday. Woo!

Stay tuned!

My speech went rather well the other day, people liked it very much and I got a good review from the person who had to evaluate me. Except that I didn't get many grow points; I don't know if it is because they were too busy listening to me or because they honestly believe I have nowhere to grow. I of course found a million things I did wrong, but oh well.

To elaborate on the safari excursion: This week was my hubby's vacation, I finally kicked his ass in gear and we were off to the African Lion Safari. The whole way there my daughter was singing her lungs off while my son snoozed away. We got there and she took a bit of a pout because we wanted to eat first but then she was good to go when my hubby threatened to take us all back home again. Haha. So we get some food and then go and watch the elephants swim in the water for a while. My daughter thought that was the greatest thing since sliced bread. The only way we could convince her to leave was with the promise of tigers. So we get in the car and follow many other cars into the reserve. First stop a bunch of birds. None of us were altogether too impressed so we moved quickly along to the next stop: lions! These things are HUGE! I swear they must tranquilize them or something, because they were so...docile. Next on the road was tigers, which were kept at bay by two big trucks. They really wanted to roam but the safari people wouldn't let them. Bla bla we see a bunch more animals, all in all pretty cool. But halfway through the tour, the A/C in our car decides to die a slow and deliberate death. Oh, the horror! Meanwhile a car in front of us has their windows DOWN and smoking like crazy! Fools. I hope the monkeys ate them. We bypassed the baboon section because those suckers are aggressive and tear people's cars apart.

So the safari bit ends and we decide to look around the rest of the place. Check out some birds, some monkeys, some baby elephants at play. Then the highlight, my daughter and my hubby take an elephant ride. She absolutely loved it and was even thanking the elephant after the ride hehehe. Kids are so cute sometimes.

Blah, see this is the problem with journals - I have too much to say and my fingers cannot type as fast as I think so I get frustrated and then bored. Enough for today.

Posted by Slowplum on 7/13/2001 07:27:00 PM
I will try not to worry you.
I have seen things that you will never see.
REM, Try Not To Breathe

Argh. Not enough time to say what I need to today.

Posted by Slowplum on 7/10/2001 10:20:00 AM
dont' get your back up over this
if i'm so wrong and you're so right
you really got your mind made up i guess
won't you let me get some sleep tonight?

Sarah Harmer, Don't Get Your Back Up

Lordy, it's been a while since I have updated. Hrm. I don't even know where to begin.

I've been quite ill, this whole tumor nonsense really really sucks. Seizures have been coming back. Insomnia has been kicking me in the ass. I've also been working a crapload of hours. Blah.

Saturday night my other half and I went to a friend's birthday gathering. There was much playing of cards on the wimmen's part and much bitching about the wimmen on the men's part. All in all a good time. Did not drink which was odd but nice at the same time. I am finding that if I even have one drink I get rather ill and very very dehydrated, talk about wierd. SO likes it however as now he has a dedicated DD. Of course he still panics when I am at the wheel but that is neither here nor there. Do NOT mail me about how crappy women drivers are, I am not listening, la la la.

S, the bitch, is going away for my birthday again. True. Nah she isn't a bitch, in fact I don't think we have been around for each other's birthday in years and years. Since the beginning it has been our bane. But we always seem to make up for it in the long run. We are thinking of creating a mutual birthdayish sort of day smack in the middle of nowhere, calendar wise.

Either way I am having mixed feelings about my birthday. I turn 25 this year. The whole quarter of a century bit doesn't bother me. I just have an odd feeling about this year. Anyhow, I'm off. To work. Blah.

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