it's the final countdowwwwwwwwwwn

Posted by Slowplum on 6/29/2006 08:10:00 AM
dododo do, dododo do do, dododo do....

so yeah i have that song in my head now because it was blaring in my head for no reason just now.

On June 27 I made an executive decision to only drink things from either margarita glasses or martini glasses from that point until July 27, my 30th birthday. SO laughed and asked if that meant I'd be drunk for a month, I said no I'd drink milk and things from the glasses, but what the hell you only turn 30 once might as well start celebrating now, however childish it might be.

The only exemption from the "glasses of mar" rule is coffee. Which should be obvious.

Going to see Oliver with a friend tonight. She hollered at me while I was taking the kids to the car after school yesterday. "Hey! What you doing tomorrow?" I said "SFA." She said, "You wanna go on a 'date' with me tomorrow?" I said "Sure!" She laughed and said "Don't agree until you hear what we're going to do, sheesh!" So yeah. Oliver! I'm pumped.

K graduated from Kindergarten yesterday. SO went to the ceremony (he did so for C as well) and took pictures and all. K's teacher was a bit misty over everyone. K was pretty proud because on the slideshow there was a photo of him reading "Who wants a Dragon?" to the class, with a sign under it that said "Thank you for reading ot us K" on it. He was apparently on lots of the pictures.

He also got a little birthday present from his teacher which made C hella jealous because she "never got anything". I explained that maybe it's because he's a July birthday and she wanted the summer kids to get something special since they weren't able to celebrate their birthdays in school like most of their classmates. She didn't swallow that idea very well but what can you do?

Both kids got awesome report cards so hooray! We celebrated with Dairy Queen. Mmmm blizzard.

Last night I had a pretty intense dream about someone I literally haven't given a second thought to in over a decade. I have no idea why or what it represents. Time to dig in the dream book I guess, though I know the result will be something like "you don't call your mother often enough" or "dreams about x portend awful fates to the dreamer or their family members" or somesuch.

dododo do....

Ok time to get C ready for her very lastest day of the school year.


subject here

Posted by Slowplum on 6/13/2006 06:51:00 AM
The weekend was good, kids had an excellent time at L's house. K actually got J's name right this time around as well. The kids were all over their black lab, Lilly. Lilly's a nice dog but prone to the occasional misadventure.

I'm really glad SO gets along with L's hubby, as it makes visiting much easier - there isn't any awkwardness and "so... do you like.... stuff?" that usually goes on when talking to the significant others' of my friends & family. I think that's part of why he was kinda happy about JG & ME getting together - he was already friends with JG, so there's no weirdness when the 4 of us get together, it's all good. Don't get me wrong it isn't for lack of trying on SO's part to get along, it's more or less that he finds he has little in common with most of them. He's not a sports freak and knows only a bare minimum about cars. He's a quiet type and just needs time mostly to find the same wavelength.

SO woke me up at 5:30 to ask me what his email password was. As a result I have this lingering groggy feeling washed over me. I have a feeling he asked me because he was setting up whatever it is we are doing for my 30th & requires email to verify booking. Since we made the switch from sympatico to rogers he hadn't used his email yet, so wasn't sure what the password was, etc.

Yow. 30. I really can't fathom it. Some of my friends will go "30? Pah! Amateur!" but some will say "Eeeep, 30! Are you devastated? That's so... OLD!" To C & K 30 is about a million years old. K actually had put in this mother's day card about me that I was 17... hahaah... to him that's old. On the father's day card he did for SO last year he put that his dad was 35. That makes me laugh to no end because I'm actually 2 yrs older than SO.

Aging aside, I always approach my birthday with a generous helping of trepidation, as something always seems to be off or go wrong. Accompanying this feeling is a twinge of grief - we buried my grandfather on my birthday, something I am not likely to forget any time soon. It might not have affected me so had I been much younger, but I was 22, had just had my first child a few months previous, and had seen him deteriorate as cancer overtook him. Don't get me wrong - my days and nights are not consumed with the grief - but I am prone to a little sadness come my birthday because of it.

Enough of that though, it doesn't happen for another month.

Time to go get some breakfast together for the kids and gather my thoughts for the day.


i swear i'm not strange

Posted by Slowplum on 6/07/2006 10:11:00 PM
So before I purged saved information in my search bar for google, I thought I'd take a peek and see what I've been up to, search-engine wise. The results are a bit disturbing to the undiscerning eye:

abscess on tonsil
asus sata drivers

beth orton
big comfy couch

carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms
chuck norris
cushing syndrome


easy and delicious alfredo sauce
ekko world
emu t-shirt
error (512)
evil macaw

fibreglass art
fish tycoon
font starry night

giant macaw
giant turtle
golden eagle
greatest thing since sliced bread

hells angels

iron man

john favreau

kevin mazer
kingdom of loathing
knit join ends
knitting pattern

large turtle
lemony snicket dilemma deepens
lifelike fibreglass art

macaw bite
macaw wound
medusoid myconium
monster macaw
most extreme haiku dungeon challenge
movin on up to the east side


peritonsillar abscess
piotr nikolaievitch rasputin
polar bear cub

robert langdon

sad martini
snapjaw turtle
sulpher burps
superman returns
symptoms of multiple sclerosis but is not multiple sclerosis

t-shirts with emus on them
the vatikan
tv guide

upside down triangle

vicious macaw wound

waterfront accretion canada
willem dafoe
wonder woman


...yeah. I have no idea what the macaw stuff's about. I am thinking I read an article about a vicious macaw and wanted to see if I could cross-reference it with other articles/photographs.

In any case, this little bit of intrigue should let you, the reader, have a peek at the things that I've been looking up lately, for whatever reasons. If you are interested in reasons, um, I could probably try and answer, but I'm not certain about all of these. Most of them yes though.


hey hey my my

Posted by Slowplum on 6/07/2006 08:38:00 PM
While this whole Brangelina bullcrap sickens me, more sickening is the fact that I am still morbidly curious about what their baby looks like. It isn't like it would be life-altering information to see her - she isn't the Messiah come back or anything. But still.


My ears are a bit hurty now. I'm hoping it's nothing resulting from the strep considering I'm on )#*$@(*%@ medication. Le sigh.

I haven't been sleeping well of late; not too surprising given I've suffered from bouts of insomnia for most of my life. The difference now is, I kind of got to liking sleep, so I miss it when I don't get it now. I've also been plagued with very very weird and intense dreams. One dream involved my looking out a dark window and I don't know what I saw but it made me scream in horror and I actually screamed in my sleep and woke SO up. This is on hearsay however since I was asleep at the time. He managed to calm me down somehow - again, I don't know as I was caught up in the dream.

Two more sleeps till I go to L's house, hurrah! I'm happy because I miss spending time with her - the last event I got to see my cousin was at C's communion, but typically I was busy catering to people & entertaining my grandmothers, etc, to spend any actual time talking.

Received correspondence from a friend I hadn't heard from in a while. I like friends who you can just pick up with after some time and neither be offended by the lack of communication. In my younger years I had too many high-maintenance friends; it was exhausting and I never had a moment's peace. So coming across the kind that don't seem to mind the gaps and chasms between talking/meeting is like finding hidden treasure to me.

I had more to say but I have just spent the past five minutes staring blankly at the screen. A clear indication I need to get up and do something.


try try again

Posted by Slowplum on 6/05/2006 07:53:00 AM
So I wrote out this huge post about what's been happening recently, and then, BWAM! Brief power outage. We've been having outages all over the damn city but most places it's lasting like, an hour or more. Here at my house? 45 seconds. TOPS. Very very weird if you ask me.

Friday at work it was off for an hour and a half, which made my job very interesting. Had to take down all the information from branches and promise to call back when the power came on. Most were understanding but a few were pissy. "We need the information NOW, what do you mean you can't help us? Well do you know when the power will come back on? What do you mean you have no idea? Can I speak to your manager?". Bla bla bla. One lady at a branch was cute though, she said "Power out? Go home, make babies. Mortgage schmortgage, I can call back on Monday!"

Anyhow, my strep infection is back in full force, it came back a mere 2 days after finishing the first round of meds. Went to the hospital again on Saturday and the same doctor that saw me two weeks ago was there and he took another look and was pretty surprised it came back like that. He had me tested for mono, just in case but that came out negative. He said he wouldn't bother with another swab for strep since he'd already assaulted the back of my throat for the mono testing, it was obviously exactly what I had be fore but more hurty. I can only open my mouth so far and then it's on FIRE. The back of my throat feels like I swallowed knives, it also feels like something is caught back there, and now my inner ear hurts like a mofo too. So I'm on stronger meds bla bla bla.

I took the background away from my blog, I was tired of the blue and I'm too lazy to toss together another site at the moment. The title is still blue, but again, refer to the part where I'm too lazy to fix it.

This weekend I go to visit my cousin & her hubby and I'm pretty happy about that. The kids are excited too... they adore her, and think her guy is pretty nifty too.

Ok off I go.

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