Posted by Slowplum on 1/30/2002 08:33:00 PM
Tomorrow, I go to the school board to pick up the pre-kindergarten registration package. Whoah. My daughter will be in JK this September! How exciting! She is bouncing with anticipation. It is all she will talk about. I hope she still feels that way when I am hauling her ass out of bed in the morning to go there. hehe

Posted by Slowplum on 1/29/2002 10:07:00 AM
i'm tired. and sad. and so many other things in between all that.

the trip is looking like a no go, finances just won't allow for it. ah well c'est la vie.

my mother in law had to put her dog down because of various things but in any case it gave me the responsibility of trying to explain death to my three year old daughter. tricky subject, death is. very tricky.

she didn't quite understand but she did at the same time and she was hurt and upset which made me hurt and upset.

the curse and blessing of motherhood is that each child tugs at your heart and every whisper and scream will cause your heart to react in ways you've never dreamed.

i am tired. we are out of cookies. i want cake.

this is unacceptable. 

Posted by Slowplum on 1/22/2002 04:53:00 PM
i am finally feeling a bit better after a horrid bout of the flu. my stomach is still pretty weak though (S: read: no lunch tomorrow) and i am still kind of tired but otherwise all is well.
i am hoping to go to boston in the spring, right now it depends more on funds and convincing my hubby i won't go up in flames if i take a plane than anything else. let's cross our fingers because i am in need of a holiday.

Posted by Slowplum on 1/19/2002 04:03:00 AM
Ugh ugh. I don't wanna. I am up at 4 am to go to work by 5.
I still feel sickie sickie. Pity me.
I am going to sleep like the dead when I come home today.

Posted by Slowplum on 1/15/2002 06:20:00 AM
i was sick as i could ever be yesterday. funny, i felt fine at S's on sunday night, we were there yapping it away till about 12:30pm, then i went home, and proceeded to get royally sick.
i was so weak yesterday SO pretty much had to carry me down the stairs and there i stayed on the couch the rest of the day. SO stayed home from work to take care of me and the kids. what a sweetheart.

high fidelity was on tv so i watched that and you know, it really is a good movie all around. funny and philosophical but not too pretentious and in your face. woo.
i still feel a bit cruddy but at least i can stand without help. so, i go to workie now.

Posted by Slowplum on 1/12/2002 05:08:00 AM

It is early in the morning. I am killing time before going to work and killing some more time. I like it in the early hours because I am the only person awake and the house is still and silent. Listening to me.

Have you ever noticed that things are clearer and louder at night? Perhaps it's just me.

Life is getting more complicated by the minute. So I enjoy being able to identify and appreciate the simpler things.

Posted by Slowplum on 1/10/2002 08:11:00 PM
I went to see the neurologist today and she is weaning me off the apo amitriptylene (for my headaches) and putting me on something else because this stuff just messes me up royally and I am constantly tired and wayyyy too moody. So yay!

My daughter drew me a picture today of a little girl dancing and she atually put some time into it making the face hands hair dress everything. Which was a proud moment because prior to this it was pretty much scribbles and snails. She is only 3. I adore her.

My son has also discovered the magical world of crayons and has found fit to express himself using the medium of black crayon on my living room wall. We still have yet to paint over one of Celeste's previous creations in the front room.

I am itching to repaint the whole house. The people who lived here before had their own ideas about color combinations which leaves much to be desired. A home doesn't feel like home to me until I have done something to alter it, no matter how small.

I have resolved to go against my pack-rat nature and get rid of the things I don't need. This should take me quite some time; but I need to.

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