MRI tomorrow

Posted by Slowplum on 4/12/2010 09:12:00 AM
Finally getting my vision back, sort of. Things are still blurry but nowhere near as blurry as before.

MRI is tomorrow at "oh my god it's too damn early" o'clock. I'm equal parts nervous and calm. I don't really know what I want from this. Answers, to be sure, but you know what they say about getting what you wish for.

My daughter has been writing a story which tickles me to pieces. She's almost 12 and parts of her writing make it glaringly obvious that she's an adolescent girl, but oh my is she clever. The story is interesting and her dialogue cracks me up. She definitely picked up my dry wit.

I've been listening to CCR; no idea why. Maybe because I miss my Dad. He once wore out this tape he had of their greatest hits, when we would go on long drives to visit family. So Dad, this is for you. Can't wait till you & mom are home.

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