nananana nananana hey hey hey goodbye

Posted by Slowplum on 11/30/2006 08:27:00 AM
I finally got the damn tarts made. the edges on my last two batches were a little burny but guess who doesn't care? i just trimmed the burny parts off.

I started this blog at 8:30 am. I only just got home now to finish it. BLeh.


she looks like a sugar in a plum, plum plum

Posted by Slowplum on 11/27/2006 11:21:00 PM
I have Boney M trilling in my brain right now. Eesh.

I've baked the first two of what looks like is going to be about 5 trays of buttertart squares for the Christmas treat exchange at work. I may never be able to look another buttertart square in the face... doubtful though. I do love those things. What will happen though is any leftovers I have will have to be disbursed among friends. Any takers?

K's French teacher approached my MIL and went on about how phenomenal K is at languages and how quickly he's picked up French. Make me crow? Yes indeedy.

SO is hot for Wii. It's too bad Wii keeps eluding him. (note: edited this after the fact. Initially I had written "alluding". Damn you, internet. You are destroying my spelling and grammar, little by little.) I *told* him to pre-order. Men never listen, do they? Unless they're getting a suggestion from another man. That's a different story.

For instance, we've started working on our basement. There have already been several times where I've made a suggestion or told him we have to do something because of safety codes, and he totally blows it off. Right. Because helping my Dad build every damn basement in every house we ever owned, plumbing electrical and everything, from measuring to going to the suppliers to haggling for better prices to measuring twice, cutting once, makes me less qualified than SO who has never built anything that wasn't somehow configured electronically (read: computer geek). Then JG will go ahead and make the same damn suggestion and SO will be all "Oh yeah, that makes total sense man. I can see how it would be a bad idea to leave the stairs open-concept instead of putting a railing in. We do have a six-year old monkey after all." WHAT? That's right son. JG is actually telling him the same things, and getting a very different response than I am.

I'm not bitter. I promise.

Rrrr I have an itchy foot and it won't go away. I'm sure you all needed to know that.

Sisinlaw is getting not one but two kittens. C is very happy about this - she loves kitties and is dying to meet them so she can spoil them.

Brotherinlaw is getting along smashingly with his new girlfriend, so hurrah! I'm so happy for him. Even if things don't work out in the end, at least now he knows he can attract a sane, happy girl with a good sense of humor and little to no baggage. Instead of the alternative, which believe me I could fill a book about.

Nothing more to report.

Plum plum!


ok, here's the situation

Posted by Slowplum on 11/26/2006 07:05:00 PM
I think I need a break.

I have a lot of crap going on in a very small space of time , and things are piling up, and I feel like I'm caving in the middle. But oh well right?

I got cornered into participating in a Christmas sweets exchange at work. This means I now have to make 84 of something. I had offered buttertart squares so I'm thinking, hmm. That's not so bad I can cook two large trays at once and be done with it. Thank God I didn't offer up something like cookies or somesuch. Bleh.

I was going to bake tonight but my get up and go just got up and went. I have no energy whatsoever from all the lack of sleep.

Speaking of sleep - I have been having very, very weird dreams. Here's the thing. Every night it is the same dream, but features a different person. Each time the person goes through the same motions, asks me the same questions, answers the same way. It is just the person interacting with me that changes. First the person was someone I hadn't spoken to in 15 years, then someone I hadn't spoken to in 10 years, then someone I hadn't spoken to in 5. I'm not sure why... and each time, I found it harder and harder to refuse what they were asking of me. I don't quite feel right about jotting down all the particulars here. Needless to say, I'm a little disturbed about the whole thing. Waking up felt like having to pull myself up from a deep ocean. I haven't dreamt so deep in a very long time. I always end up waking up feeling exhausted and not rested at all.

There was a Mom-to-Mom sale on Saturday that I participated in. It wasn't so bad - I made 40 bucks out of the deal and got rid of some stuff we don't need anymore. The remainder went to House of Blessing. Hammer organized the whole damn thing and I give her lots of props for that - a lot of work with little payoff. Her daughter played violin with her group, they did pretty fabulously. C has mentioned several times now she wants to start violin. I told her if she was serious about it, we would discuss it in the New Year but for now let's just think it over. I told her if we were going to invest our time and money into this, she had to prove she would also invest her time, and stick to it. I explained it will be hard at first but if she stuck to it the rewards would be great. She's going to mull that over. I'm willing to back her on this but I want to make sure she understands what she is getting into. K wants to start playing piano again - he really liked the lessons when we went but frankly it was a bit of a drive, we were going out of town to get him lessons. I'm going to look into what is available in town maybe. Both my kids have music in their hearts and sing all damn day when they're home. It's only natural - my grandfather was a folk singer, as was my aunt, and my father when he was a kid for that matter. I took all kinds of music lessons when I was younger. It's in the blood.

Blah blah blah. I do carry on about nothing. I'm going to go soak in the tub and try not to fall asleep - this may require doing logic puzzles while soaking or somesuch.


Dizzy when we talk so fast, fields of numbers streaming past

Posted by Slowplum on 11/21/2006 11:33:00 AM
I'm working 12-8 this Monday to Wednesday, my regular shift Thursday, and if it gets approved I'll be off on Friday. SO is off on Friday so it would be a great opportunity to do some shopping for the kidlets.

Whoops, look at the time. Gotta go.


This ship is bananas, b a n a n a s

Posted by Slowplum on 11/19/2006 08:25:00 PM
So Hollaback Girl came on the radio on our way to SO's company kids Christmas party today. Of course, the radio bleeps out a certain word. C doesn't seem to notice and sings it as "ship". Haha! The S. S. Bananas!

The kids got nice gifts - each of them got a movie from "Santa" and were very pleased.

Just got off the phone with my brother in law, who was reporting the latest on his new love interest (thanks to me; I am totally taking responsibility for this) with whom he is getting along fabulously and even invited to the Christmas party at his workplace (which is same as SO's workplace - this works out nicely as at least the girl will know a couple of people there instead of a room full of strangers). I'm very happy for him and he sounds pretty content, so hooray!

Um. I had more to say but I'm pretty tired. I worked 12-8 on Friday and do it again for M-W this week, covering someone who is off on sick leave. Thankfully SO is on days this week - that was the only reason why I agreed to do it, at least I knew one of us would be home with the kids for dinner/bedtime routines, you know? Don't know how the Brownies thing is going to fly this week. I'll probably get the car to SO during my lunch break at work and he can take C, otherwise she might miss it this week. We'll have to see.

Ok, I'm going to go watch a movie and knit or something.


You'll be doin all right, with your Christmas of white, but I'll have a blue, blue blue blue Christmas

Posted by Slowplum on 11/16/2006 07:24:00 AM
I caved and put Elvis in. Just for the one song. Then we put on How the Grinch Stole Christmas and decorated the tree. The kids spend hours figuring out where to place each ornament and the end result is a chaotic masterpiece that would give my mother conniptions but that I absolutely love.

Oh Christmas Tree

There are a few questionable items on the tree, including a few fake little birdies that I have no doubt the cat will annihilate once she discovers them.

Christmas tree!

I also put up ten thousand knick-knacks. Here are a few of the ones I mentioned in my previous post, which shall go to the highest bidder or whoever is willing to take them for FREE.

An army of knick-knacks

I really need to get a new memory card and decent batteries for my digital camera. This taking photos with my phone thing is for the birds. But it will do for now.

Time to get the kidlets off to school. I may post more later - I'm not sure.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Posted by Slowplum on 11/15/2006 09:06:00 AM
So I caved last night and started the Christmas decorating. I had been feeling blue (welcome back, PMS. I had forgotten ye) and decided to jazz the place up.

Here's something I learned. I. Fucking. Hate. Knick-knacks. My MIL has given me more useless Christmas knick-knacks than everyone else I know combined. I have no idea where to put half this crap and the Salvation Army is the answer for most of it. There are one or two pieces I do truly love - the Nativity scene, for instance. Most of it though is little china figurines of carolers and kids frolicking in the snow and all that rot. I've never expressed an interest in knick-knacks, have in fact pointed out how useless they mostly are many many times; and I think she was downright insulted when last year I finally voiced my opinion around the October mark in that I had more than I knew what to do with and felt that I had plenty more than was needed. Hint, bloody, hint. My FIL was also there and I think he talked her out of future purchases - however she trumped us both by buying me Christmas Tree decorations instead. Which, by the by, I also have a metric fuckton's worth. Both my and SO's mother drive me nuts in this manner - they just keep trying to dump on us all the stuff they don't want anymore. Listen, if you don't want it, what makes you think I will??? Drives me batty. Honest to Pete.

In any case, I got the tree up and put the lights around it while the kids were in bed. That way, they don't have to wait very impatiently while mother scratches her arms off installing limbs and curses under her breath testing tree lights. When they come home from school we can just get things going proper. I may or may not break out the Elvis tunes. Listening to Elvis belt out "Blue Christmas" is synonymous with the season for me. I am determined to have a happy holiday this year - although a little bittersweet as my parents have decided to vacate the country in favor of warmer climes. My mother is going to visit the island she was born on, a place she literally hasn't been in 50 years. Then they're going to mainland Portugal to celebrate the New Year. I'm happy for them but at the same time - it's going to make the holiday feel a little empty.

Ok enough mood swings for one post, no?

Am I crazy to start putting the decorations up already?


If you're listening, sing it back

Posted by Slowplum on 11/14/2006 09:20:00 AM
I woke up to Jimmy Eat World blaring out of SO's clock radio. Startled the bejesus out of me and SO. SO managed to get back to sleep no problem though.

I baked like the Dickens on Sunday. The results were very good and I'll be lucky if it makes it past Wednesday. Mostly the reason for baking was that C's group in Brownies was responsible for goodies for tonight's initiation celebration of the new girls in Brownies. C is sponsoring none other than her nemesis from last year-turned-friend, E. I'm glad the girls managed to sort things out. It's amazing what a summer can do. I have also noticed though that C seems a lot more confident this year. I have no idea what was the catalyst for change but I like it.

I can't believe Christmas is a little over a month away. I feel so ill-prepared. Usually by now I have over half my Christmas shopping done. Not so this year, I'm really slacking for some reason. Oh well I'm sure it will all go well.

Went out for brunch/lunch with Sir T yesterday as it was my day off and the alternative was watching SO sleep on the couch all day getting his energy up for afternoon shift. We went to the new Indian restaurant and I got the tandoori which was pretty good but not as "extremely spicy" as the menu would have you believe. Soooo much food though, I was stuffed. Nice restaurant though and you definitely get your money's worth. I hope it manages to stay in business; it would be a shame to see it go in a world surrounded by ten thousand italian and chain-type restaurants.

This weekend my little cousin is turning 3. We were invited to her birthday party. At first my Aunt E was a little shy about asking - she figured an 8 yr old and 6 yr old wouldn't be interested in a toddler bash - but C & K just absolutely adore their little cousin and jumped at the chance to go. So that's Saturday. On Sunday it's SO's company party for the kids. They're having it at McCully's - pity about the lack of snow but I'll be honest, I'm really happy that there isn't any snow so far.

SO's company Christmas party is coming up December 9. I'm waffling about getting something new to wear or just digging something out of the closet, trying on ten different things and then going with the first thing I put on. The whole process of shopping for a new dress this time of year is a rather depressing one - the stuff I'd really love to wear is usually made for people size zero and under, or will cost me about half a mortgage payment. I could just say toss it and sew my own. Don't think I'm not tempted! I'm just such a novice at the sewing thing I'm scared to fuck it all up royally and be left with a mess of cloth that may or may not resemble something that can be worn.

Ok I need a cappucino or something. Blar blar blar.


Safety dance

Posted by Slowplum on 11/11/2006 05:06:00 PM
Is it sad that I mostly want one of these for the cool container?

I forgot to mention in my previous post... our building got evacuated around 1 pm yesterday due to something to do with air quality issues - it's a long story but I'm not supposed to say more than that. All the other departments got to go home but not ours - we just got moved to the building downtown and hooked up there so we could still answer calls. Most calls we got were people that were sympathetic but a lot of them were also angry - what do I mean, we can't transfer funds to them? What do I mean, everyone got sent home? What do I mean, emergency evacuation? Why can't I just do it then? Why can't I just do it then? Why can't I just do it then?



RIP Jack Palance

Posted by Slowplum on 11/11/2006 02:45:00 PM
Ok first off? What the hell, blogger. What the freaking hell. It took me seventy times to post this stupid thing.

I'm actually really sad to learn Jack Palance died.

My first actual exposure to him was when he hosted the television show "Ripley's Believe it or Not"... I've liked him in everything I've seen him in.

Today is remembrance day. Last year I posted a really cheesy poem I had written when I was twelve or so. This year I don't really feel up to doing anything but lying under the covers and crying myself to sleep. I have some very mixed feelings about this day, most that I would not care to divulge to the general public.

I just keep reminding myself of two very good things tied to this day - the day SO asked me to marry him, and the day I found out I was pregnant with K. It mostly drowns out all the bad things. Mostly.

I am itching to put the Christmas tree up. If anything it will keep me occupied, plus make the kids happy. I spent most of my morning reorganizing my scrapbooking supplies and cleaning out underneath the computer desk - talk about a scary chore.

C had a sleepover with her Brownies group last night. She had a ton of fun and I am very glad I had the foresight to bring our two big blowup mattresses - most of the girls only came with sleeping bags. C's friend Z ended up in a different room so I was doubly glad bringing both - that way both got to sleep in comfort even if they couldn't be roomies.

C said to me this morning that this has been her best week ever. She has been all smiles all week and I have to tell you - it's like walking into sunshine. It just brightens me up like anything. K enjoyed having me all to himself last night. We watched A Series of Unfortunate Events curled up under a blanket eating chips and yammering. I am soaking up the cuddle time when I can; before I know it he won't want my company anymore. The fickleness of adolescence shall soon descend upon both my kidlets, so while I'm still the best smartest coolest person in the world I take it all in. Soon enough I'll be a know-nothing jerk who is like, totally unfair man.

Ok enough procrastinating. Time to go seize the day or something.


no time for losers cause we are the championsssssss

Posted by Slowplum on 11/09/2006 10:21:00 PM
Tonight was Best of the Best, a sort of employee appreciation night wherein we nominate and celebrate our fellow employees who provide outstanding service. It's a huge to-do and they usually get some awesome entertainment. This year they had some players from Second City come to entertain us, it was hilarious and wonderful. Winners get their names put into a draw to win a free trip to Mexico. This is a huge deal and 15 people out of all the areas in Canada win. We managed to have two winners from our building - one from my department! She was so shocked... So anyway. This year it was at the Arden and the food was actually really good and hooray for free booze! I love my job. It was a nice evening. The kids were at my in-laws' for the night as SO had to work afternoons this week.

I have Monday off, that's another perk for working for a financial type place. Gov't holidays.

The kids' school photos look hella awesome this year, but only digs it in my brain a little deeper that they are growing so fast...

Ok time to put some groceries away and stuff.

Since some are probably wondering - the court thing went ok. Charges were reduced considerably but the fine remains intact.


i'm total pro dude that's what i'm here for

Posted by Slowplum on 11/06/2006 07:04:00 AM
Halloween came and went with a bang and a whimper. Our house managed to pull through all the sickness but not without me missing a scandalous amount of work last week. It is frustrating in some ways but I'll get over it well enough.

My court date is tomorrow and I am a bit nervous as I've never been up in front of The Man before. I'm sure it will be fine though.

Went to see my friend's boyfriend's band play at Molly Bloom's on Saturday night and brought the brother in law along to meed another friend's sister. They seemed to like each other well enough but as brotherinlaw said, it was a bit awkward because he felt like all eyes were on them. He said now that he's met her though he'd like to call her up and actually talk without the social awkwardness having just met and etc. Anyway. We'll see how that goes.

Anyhow the band was fabulous and the singer who happens to be my friend's boyfriend has an excellent vocal range. They played original material as well as covering other tunes. What is funny? Funny is already knowing the singer because he's the son of this Portuguese couple my parents used to hang out with all the time when I was in high school. Our mutual parents once tried setting me up with his brother, who was 5 years my senior, so yeah. Y'all can guess how THAT went. I was fifteen the guy was twenty. There was no way it was going to work. Now the guy works for NATO or somesuch and lives in Switzerland. Crazy shit man.

This whole being on birth control thing is still weird. I keep remembering I have to take them at weird hours. It's like this - because I am not choosing to be on them for a specific purpose, I've been just terrible about remembering them. When I was taking them for a specific reason, I was like clockwork, very vigilant.

Ok. I just stared blankly at nothing for three minutes. A clear sign I am ready to take on the day.


house of a thousand sicknesses

Posted by Slowplum on 11/02/2006 05:02:00 AM
Things have been strained here the past few days. Sickness rampant in C and I and now it looks like SO is getting it - K seems to be unaffected at present but I'm sitting here waiting with baited breath. C seemed to be getting better yesterday then she woke me up at 3 am crying because she got sick again. Which in turn is making my stomach churn.

I was hoping that all the damn disinfecting I'd done around the house yesterday would keep the pesky germs from attacking again but no such luck. Ooog. Time to go take a shower and hope my stomach stops, and hope her stomach stops, and hope I don't have to miss yet another day of work to take care of one or both or all of us.

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