Let's spend the night together

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This weekend is the Relay for Life, thus the subject header for this post. I'm really looking forward to it. I missed last year's go around because of a wedding or something. It's a great night and pretty inspiring - I love watching the Survivor's walk and the Luminary ceremony later on. You are hella tired by the end of it but it's great otherwise. Plus, I live what - maybe 2 blocks away? So I can crawl home the next day with no issue hehe. Or get S to come get me as I'll have the tend and whatnot to deal with - I'm not about to cart all that stuff on my back.

Our team is called the Sassy Support Sisters and we are all wearing tiaras and boas and slinging plastic martini glasses (full of water or whatever, unfortunately haha).

K had his first soccer game this week. He has... some work to do. He tends to skip after the ball rather than run, and if he kicks it he doesn't go after it... and um... he gets distracted pretty easily but then again it's only his first game.

Went to visit Senor & Senora D last night to get pictures of their son for a collage for his buck and doe - the photos are TERRIFIC and hilarious. It was a nice visit, then again they are nice people and are the type that will always welcome you into their home with open arms. The minute we got in though of course Senora was feeding the kids - we Portuguese women have this thing about feeding people.

Time to get the kids packed, and then go to the paper to have the buck and doe advert ordered, and uh... lots of stuff. Then work!


Sleep, those little slices of death. Or somesuch.

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Remember sleep? I think I do. I had a lot of it over the may 2-4 which was lame but necessary. I still feel like something the cat dragged in (probably look like it too, heh).

It's Friday again so hurrah for that.

Kids have track & field today - well, actually K does but because C turned 9 recently she's in a different age bracket? So she only gets to help for the primaries? I don't know, it's messed up if you ask me.

Sun shining, woo.

Wannagosleepnow. Kthx.


Still pretty effing tired.

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Oh hell, I have a ton to say but I'm too tired to say it all, so here's some point form:

- K's class put on a Mother's Day tea for us, complete with squaredancing. It was awesome and funny and awesome.
- C's birthday went well with few issues.
- C turned NINE (NINE!!!) yesterday.
- I worked crazy hours this week, in between massive bouts of insomnia. I don' t know what might be subconsciously troubling me to the point that I am losing sleep - could just be biology. Who knows.
- Been corresponding with people I haven't spoken to in a while, which is good and fun but also weird. You know?
- I'm already running out of steam for this.


Mother mother can you hear me, sure I'm sober sure I'm sane

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I always think of that Tracy Bonham song.

I spent my Mother's Day morning cooking waffles for C's friends. She had her slumber party last night - the little ladies were up till about 1:30 and then woke up at 7 am today. S & K managed to escape the madness by spending the night at my in-laws' place.

C had fun, and I'll elaborate more when I'm not a walking zombie.

Happy Mother's Day, all.


Be running up that road, be running up that hill, be running up that building.

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If I only could
Be running up that hill
With no problems



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So C is having a sleepover for her birthday this weekend. All but one of the girls she invited can come, which makes her hella happy. S has already made an escape plan and is taking K with him, the bugger.

Since I'm one of those boring moms, it's going to be a pretty laid-back type thing. They are making their own little pizzas on greek pitas for supper, that will waste about an hour's worth of time. Then there will be snacks, I think I'm going to set up Scene-It for them, and of course the typical movies-popcorn-craziness that goes on. Girls are pretty easy - they can entertain themselves for hours. I've started on their grab bags - those will be nifty at least. The decorations are the bomb (thanks Jackie). I think I'm going to set up the movies in C's room after a certain point, so they can do that whole giggle giggle let's stay up all night and talk talk talk and not sleep until morning stuff that girls are wont to do.

I had forgotten the next day was Mother's Day though. D'oh! I think most of the moms who agreed to let their daughters stay over also forgot. Either that or they remembered, and thought "Woo! I just bought myself an extra hour or so of sleep!"

Bah, I had more to say but I'm running out of time so to be brief:

- Toronto Star can lick my nads. I told them to cancel my damn subscription and they go and charge it on my card anyway.
- I can't believe C will be nine.
- C had to write a paragraph on why it isn't cool to mutter mean things to oneself under one's breath because god forbid she do that instead of lashing out (don't get me started).
- K's rash type thing is almost all gone - woo!
- I keep forgetting to call someone and I need to. Memo to self: call.
- I still haven't picked up Ysabel (Sir T, hush. I already told you why)
- I need sleep and it yet again evades me.
- I keep forgetting about my own breakfast and it's making me ravenous at work. Note to self: pack a damn lunch already.


And you think you have it still, heaven inside you

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I caved, let C go to the Brownies trip, sucked up my issues, and am glad for it. In an hour or so I get to go pick her up from the bus - she'll be happy and tired and cranky and souped up all at once, I'm sure. That's how these things go. I hope she was good, I hope she had fun.

K and I went to see Meet the Robinsons yesterday, while S went to see Spiderman 3 with his brother and his brother's girlfriend. I would have liked to have seen S-3 as well, but I promised K I would take him to see the Robinsons flick, and I keep my promises. Hammer brought her sons Bruce Banner & Otter with her, and the three boys made themselves quite comfy and happy as you please in seats in front of us. (We aren't cool enough to sit with them I guess? It was all we could do to convince them NOT to sit at the very front of the theatre.)

It was a cute movie, pretty funny for both kids and adults. Some of the stuff that Hammer & I were guffawing over probably went right over the kids' heads, but that's ok.

After the movie we walked home (it kicks nine kinds of ass in a 3 ass town that we live within walking distance) and my brother-in-law & his gf came over as well. Then S took them to the butcher to pick up their meat, took them home to put it away & brought them back so we could have a barbecue.

I LOVE BBQ. I cannot say how much I love it. It's that much. We had corn on the cob & smoked pork chops and honey garlic sausages and I made up some macaroni salad & house salad as well. Dayum, son. So tasty. K had a hot dog and he was happy with that. Then my parents called - they wanted to have K over for a sleepover, so he had something special to do this weekend as well (balancing out the C going to camp thing). His rash and everything was cleared up, so I let him go. Then brother-in-law & gf stayed a while, and we talked about... oh everything.

S and I took turns telling them the stories of how we met, how we got together, all that rot. I told some stories that S actually hadn't heard before, and you could tell he was dying for them to leave so he could ask me about it.

Sure enough, they leave, we go for a mini-walk and check on my in-laws' dog for them (they were in Chatham this weekend at a family gathering of mother-in-law's) and when we get home, he finally asks me. "Is it true what you said about your friend saying/doing those things to try to help my prev relationship with ex? And the thing about that other thing (I am not going into much more detail than that folks - it's a long story and frankly nobody's business)." I said yes, to a degree, and explained the further motives etc there. He seemed nonplussed.

Here's the deal: My best friend for the longest time was a person I will call Mickey, because he looked like Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees especially with a certain haircut he had for the longest time. He was also friends with S - that's how we met actually, through Mickey. S always had this feeling that he was just Mickey's back-up plan, never a friend for friendship's sake. So it blew S away that Mickey was doing all kinds of things to try and 1) repair his failing relationship with the girl he was seeing, and/or 2) help set him up with me, if plan 1 failed.

There's about a thousand more details between all this that would make this make a whole lot more sense, but I doubt the people reading this are really all that interested in the minutae of these events. Trust me when I say - Mickey cared a hell of a lot more than S realized. I think S was of the notion that Mickey was primarily concerned with my happiness in this whole deal, especially after our actually hooking up and Mickey giving him the all "if you hurt her, I will kill you" speech. Mickey's vested interest in my happiness is another long story, but long story short - our friendship extended to a point where we were more like family than friend. He is my brother from another mother, I am his sister from another mister. All that stuff. His giving S the third degree was a given, but certainly didn't mean he wasn't happy about our getting together - he had wanted this to happen, and long before it did.

Ok, let's set up a chronology to get some of this a bit clearer, however it may confuse you more.

- Mickey & I meet up in high school, I call him Mickey Dolenz, he isn't happy and doesn't talk to me for sometime, then he gets over himself and we start walking home from school together.
- Of course, a friendship develops, but goes no further, in spite of speculation on everyone else's part.
- Mickey introduces me to S. S and I walk Mickey home one night when he was too drunk to walk himself. S picks a flower for me. (I still have this flower - true story)
- I think S is sweet, S thinks I'm a hottie (his words, not mine). S is too chicken to pursue it at this point in time.
- School dance, S finally gets up the courage to ask me out, about 10 minutes too late - I end up dating someone else.
- Bad relationship with the someone else lasts about 2-3 years, S in meantime moves on & gets involved with others at this point. Point is - always either he or I were with someone else. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't find him attractive anyway.
- Bad relationship with someone else finally ends, S is dating someone else at this point, I am random serial-dating that occurs after ending a bad relationship.
- One day Mickey & I are hanging out at S's house after a party, S and I are talking a mile a minute and Mickey thinks to self "Damn."
- Conversations w/Mickey indicate his approval and frustration over S still being with that girl who put him through some not so nice things.
- Mickey initially attempts to set me up with S's best buddy at the time, since best buddy was messing with S's girl and Mickey hoped in my getting together with best buddy that S's girl would actually focus more on S, her freaking boyfriend, instead of his buddy.
- This of course doesn't work, because frankly I'm not attracted to best buddy, for many reasons (including his being a lecherous prat for ever messing with a friend's girl - why would I want to get together with someone who has no compunctions about doing this?)
- Over the summer, S's girl goes to Germany, almost breaks up with him but not quite, and in the meantime S notices I'm around a lot more. S does not pursue anything, as he is stalwart and would never betray a person he is with, in spite of how ridiculously they happen to be treating him.
- Several events occur that give S pause.
- I end up moving in with Ferg & S's girl at the time (loooooong story, and trust me I had many, many, many, many misgivings about the move, but was convinced by Ferg).
- Oh hell, this is getting way way too long. I'll tell the rest another day but the point is - she cheats, he gives her an ultimatum, she takes it, he and I get together, she gets pissed off because she was hoping he'd remain single in case things with best buddy didn't work out (which they didn't - she lost appeal after she was "free to roam"). All this happens and the whole time S has no idea that Mickey was all for this to happen, to promote S's happiness as well as my own.

Ok, time to get some food out for later (my parents are coming over, yes we're having another barbecue, this time steak! MMmm, steak.)

Any questions? Drop me a line.


I'm The Illest Motherfucker From Here To Gardena

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Little K loves the Beastie Boys, so I managed to entice him into going to the clinic tonight by promising to play some in the car.

He's had a mad rash all over himself since Sunday night - we aren't sure - the doctors aren't sure - so we're taking him for blood tests in the morning.

It's just awful. I feel so bad for the little guy.

As a result he can't go to school until the rash is gone. Which is fine for this week since S is on afternoons, but if it's still around come next week I'm fucked.

C is fine though.

This weekend is her Brownies camping thing, but I already told her if K isn't better by then or if we don't have a good handle on what's going on, she may not be going (because I can't go. Look it's a long story, and it isn't that I don't trust her with strangers or whatever, but trust me I have good reason behind this).

Ok I'm tired and have a million things to do.

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