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Not only is it REX MANNING DAY, it is also [info]hazenhammel's BIRTHDAY! HOORAY! HAPPY BORTHDAY!



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We mustn't dwell... no, not today. We CAN'T. Not on REX MANNING DAY!


I am Lois Griffin.

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You are Lois Griffin. You consider yourself
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We're on the hunt for a new vehicle and praying this one won't be completely dead before we get one.

I have to work a bjillion hours this week.

Went for interview for that job. It went ok. I'm not too sure what will happen.

Gah, I forgot last night was shrove tuesday, but that's ok because I HATE pancakes. So we had pizza. Ha! It's flat like a pancake... and uhm... yeah.

I'm giving up pasta and bread for lent. Do you have ANY idea how hard this will be?



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [info]avaaricious!


hooray for day off

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yesterday was my day off and boy howdy it was a good one!

but today sucked.

our car is dead. this makes juggling how i and the kids get to where we need to go very... uhm... interesting.

tired. gobednow. bye.

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Who sent me the postcard with the canadian flag with a heart instead of a maple leaf? No message, no indication of it being from anywhere except the U.S. (which is pretty vague, I know a lot of u.s. citizens...)




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I have this song in my head and have had it all morning. Please shoot me.


don't. wanna.

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I really, really don't want to go to work today.

But! I have Wednesday off, mostly because I have a Walk for MS brunch to help host, but that's only in the morning. At noon I will be lunching with my favorite girl S. And then in the afternoon I'll be visiting KF who I literally haven't seen or spoken with in MONTHS. So I'm looking forward to that.

Also this week there will be the start of interview for that internal job I applied for. Gah! I'm nervous about it and really really hoping I get it. Less stress? Hells yes.

C went to a bowling party for her little friend Z's birthday yesterday. It was glow in the dark bowling and she had a blast! I actually got to sit down and natter with one of the moms there for a little while. Then I headed over to William's for coffee with ME while C enjoyed her time with her friends. Picked her up around six and came home. The grab bags for the party were quite neat. Z's mom JZ is an avid sewer. So she made the bags the stuff came in. Each little girl got a barbie dress (made by her? C says yes) as well. Also in the bags: a kaleidoscope, magnetic paper dolls, cookies, candies, a powerpuff girls keyring, a little coin purse, a new pencil, a little writing pad, some stickers, a bag of chips, and a coupon for one free game for the bowling lane.

So of course now C wants a bowling party for her birthday... this happens every time. She goes to a party and wants the same thing for her party. So technically she's changed her mind at least three times since December.

Did I mention I don't wanna?



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pah. valentines.

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the nicest valentine i got so far was from my son. it was crumpled and dirty and full of scribbles and nonsense. there is more love stuffed into that tiny piece of paper than i've seen in a long time.

want to know what makes me keep waking up in the morning? what really makes life worth sticking around for. it is my children.


holy cats!

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HOLY CATS IT IS THE BIRTHDAY OF [info]sarcasmosis!



things and stuff

Posted by Slowplum on 2/10/2004 08:58:00 PM
i suck because i don't give myself enough time to write anymore.

i applied for the job after talking to nice bossaman and he said "go for it, nothing ventured nothing gained" so hooray for nice boss! let's hope cranky boss doesn't go ballistic if i get the job. let's hope i get the job so i won't care if he goes ballistic anyway. ha!

i was so sick yesterday i wanted to die. i was literally hanging by a thread at work all day. i came home and lay down on the couch and wished for death. i kept feeling like i had to vomit but nothing would come. then my kids came and jumped on me and that made me feel even worse. i had to literally crawl into the kitchen to get them supper. don't ask me why SO didn't make them anything to eat, it is a very sore spot with me right now.

i ended up staying in a half-sleep on the couch all night. SO and K came downstairs and said "yeah it's 7 am now" so i got up to go call in sick, and then i decided i would rather go in to work than have to call my boss and call in sick. so i went in anyway and by the afternoon i was fine again. but it was rough going.

crazy or dedicated. you decide.

been rearranging the house some. i'm going stir crazy with this winter weather. it is really depressing me.

JPk, i'm sorry i didn't order anything from your party. i was 1) broke 2) not remembering what i wanted to get. i hear it was a lot of fun. sorry i missed it.

i did way too much work today. i started at 7:15 and didn't get home till a little after six. i feel drained. and it's like all the different areas i do work for all ganged up on me at once. gah. total frenzy and i HATE that.

i am currently missing american idol because the tv is going nutso.

i miss having a kittycat. i still resent my parents for putting mine to sleep instead of giving him back to me. i told them i wanted him back and they refused to give him up to me and then they got tired of taking care of him so they put him down? bastages.

valentine's day is coming up, oh goody. /sarcasm. i fucking hate this holiday. if you want to be romantic, DO IT ON YOUR OWN TERMS. do not rely on a holiday to make up for the rest of the year. yes i am a cynical bitch. don't bother trying to tell me all the good things about it. i've heard it all, baby. don't mean shit.

i'm going to a gala event on the 29th. it is to support our local women's shelter. well my name was drawn for a free hairstyle/nails/makeup for the night of the gala. and the lady i am going with (because SO wouldn't be caught dead going to a faux oscar party even if it is for a good cause, because he hates dressing up THAT much) she won the limo ride! so we are going in style. this is exciting to me because i never go anywhere interesting lately, i've never been to this, it's a free meal, it's a free ride, i like the oscars, and i actually won something, which never, ever happens to me. ever. unti now. :)

ok tired and beginning to see stars.



life is... (fill in blank with appropriate option)

Posted by Slowplum on 2/06/2004 06:38:00 AM
So last weekend I went to see L. The train was a total debacle and I don't want to get into it, it was too traumatizing let me assure you. It was a pleasant weekend in spite of the trip there and I'm so glad I went.

This week on the other hand has been a total week from hell. Came close to quitting (hey what else is new). The pinnacle of the badness was yesterday morning when my customs boss emailed me saying "what time did you leave yesterday? what are your hours? i had plant 2 calling me looking for you at 4:15 but they'd been advised you were gone" so I wrote back "i left at 4:27 yesterday, 3 minutes early which of course i am sorry for. my hours are usually 7:30 - 4:30 or 8:00 to 4:30. i do have a fax here that is timestamped 4:48..." then he wrote back "well *I* have one timestamped 4:15..." so i gave up. I wrote back something like "Well I am confused... but I am willing to accept any and all reprimand for my lack of meeting their needs. What more can I do but sincerely apologise and promise it won't happen again. I do not know what else to say..." What I really felt like saying was "fuck you, fuck this job, i don't fucking care anymore. fucker." Customs brings the tourette's out in me. haha.

So yeah my customs boss is being a prick. and plant 2 is trying to get me in trouble because i have stopped bending over backwards for them and making myself available at every turn. they were so bold as to call both my parents and my in laws last weekend when they could not get a hold of me. that i am afraid is 1) unprofessional and 2) lacking in respect for boundaries. I told my boss so and he for once stood up for me to them. but now they are trying their best to make my life hell. i don't need this shit. the job isn't worth it.

what made my day better was around 2 pm i got an email from one of the production control fellas, marked for my customs boss and cc'ed to me, stating that one of his trucks got stopped at the border for three hours for a mistake MY BOSS made... ohhhhh vindication. and of course my boss didn't say a word about it, and totally blamed me for the incident again stating i didn't upload the information in a timely manner. excuse me? i upload the information EVERY FUCKING DAY just like i was told to in the beginning. i cannot be expected to babysit him and call him to remind him to retrieve the data and update his own information.

yesteday was a write off regardless, because gm came to visit our place of business. so naturally everybody was on edge, running around like we were on red alert, and acting completely unnaturally. it sets my teeth to grinding to watch them kowtow like they do. it also amuses me in a small way though. what i find a little bit stupid is that they didn't put out even a small degree of the fanfare that they did when our ceo came to visit... you would think that they would want to woo the customer more than someone internal... goes to show you that to be a manager you have to lose control of your senses completely.

a girl that i work with is leaving in april... i let it drop to my other boss (the good one) that i was interested in learning more about her position with intentions of applying for it. even if i don't get it, hey, nothing ventured nothing gained and at least it broadcasts the message: i hate my current mode of employ. at the very least it will be a good starting point to spurn the "please stop making me do 4 jobs for the price of one or i will very likely go mad" discussion.

time to go now. my mother in law needs to borrow my car again. let's hope she returns it with some gas in it this time. christ.

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