sick sick sick

Posted by Slowplum on 9/29/2006 10:03:00 AM
Home sick today, which makes 2 days in a row that I didn't go in to work. yesterday I was taking care of C who had fallen ill (again). This time not her tummy tho- her neck & chest hurt. Last night K also got sick. So I was back and forth between the two of them while fending off a cold myself.

Also in between I was coerced into making chili for SO - he said with the weather being so dreary and cold, he had a hankering for chili, and would I please please please make some? So of course I obliged. It isn't like it is a gourmet recipe which would take hours of my time anyway, you know?

In any case, I battled a cold as well as took care of my family. Looks like the cold won. I woke up achey and bleh. My chest feels like a wall of bricks is resting on it. K has been crying on and off - overemotional and tired. C is not complaining, just sort of lying limply on the couch.

I'm going to go lie down shortly myself.

Here's hoping everyone has a much better weekend than me. My sisterinlaw & her friend P took this weekend off to celebrate his birthday - if it's anything like Sir T's, I'm sure they'll have a good time and not remember much save for the fact that they had a good time.

Mmmm warm bath may be in order. And large mug of tea.

What do you do to make yourself feel better when you are sick?


You tell a story like Tokyo Rose

Posted by Slowplum on 9/27/2006 09:56:00 AM
So Tokyo Rose is dead.

Most people only know the name from the song by Idle Eyes.

C is really enjoying Brownies - she was practically gushing last night, talking about plans and making new friends and how she got to stay in faeries again this year. I'm very glad she's enjoying it so much.

K was put out at first that she has something to do and he doesn't, but he's also been enjoying having us to himself. Last night it was just he and SO until I got home - went out with Hammer to wander through the new dollar store. I am greatly impressed and actually on my way there to get cheap boxes of Mrs. Field's cookies. I bet the Dollarama is taking a huge hit from it - the store is spacious, has decent merchandise, and is clean, and takes interac/credit/cash. My only true bone of contention with Dollarama is that it is cash only.

People who don't know the joys of dollar stores need to come shopping with me. I find some pretty terrific things when I am of the right mood. Useful things, shiny things, things that make you go "wtf?".

Ok off I go before work starts. Tonight is family bbq night at the school - should be interesting.


running on empty

Posted by Slowplum on 9/26/2006 09:05:00 AM
I have had a lot going on in my little life over the past few days. For those of you in the know - she seems ok, not sure what the heck happened but I'm thanking God for small miracles and keeping an eye on her in case her condition flips again.

For the record also, and in case you didn't know, my MIL is driving me absofuckinglutely nuts. I cannot begin to express the frustration I've been feeling toward her lately. It is a very long, very boring story and I don't want to get into it. Just saying for the record - she is driving me up the wall.

I need a rest and I feel I haven't had a true rest since yegads, I don't know. A long time. I need me time and I'm not getting it. Oh Angst! Oh Bother!

What I would really love to do is just call in to work, have a long hot bath, wrap myself in a warm robe, and curl up under a blanket and watch crap movies. No interruptions or anything. What I am going to do instead is drag my sorry self out to work, hope the phones actually work today (they were wonky all of yesterday, led to some interesting times let me tell you), and answer calls with patience and not get too cranky when people are ignorant to me all day. They have been lately - it's a cranky time of year in mortgageland, I guess. I don't take it personally but it certainly is taxing on the nerves. One solicitor was very rude however and I told him if he didn't stop I would end the call - well he went off and I hung up. I told my boss about it he said I did the right thing. Some people believe because of their stature they can push you around - well sir I do not pander to that.

Wow looks like I had things to say after all. I just feel all empty and dried up, wordwise.

Also, I'm not the best when it comes to grammar and spelling, but I have to say when I'm reading newsgroups I openly cringe at some people's contributions. It just floors me.

Ok, time to go procrastinate some more before work.


Buy the sky and sell the sky and tell the sky and tell the sky

Posted by Slowplum on 9/21/2006 08:44:00 PM
Had a lovely visit with my friend LT this evening, walking along the river with the kids. The kids collected some lovely feathers, among them a blue heron, crow, and cormorant.

It was sketchy at first whether or not we would even have a visit at all - I ended up bringing C home early today because of a tummyache. She seemed to be fine by evening though. I'm thinking maybe growing pains? She's blossoming a little too early for my comfort.

In any case, it was a good visit, as I hadn't seen LT in, oh, 4 years? Something like that.

My head is killing me though.

I'm literally seeing stars as I type this.

Anyway... off to pass out on the couch watching Sin City or something. Maybe I'll watch Mirror Mask - I had actually borrowed it from sisterinlaw for C, as she loves those sorts of movies, and adores Jim Henson films especially (think Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and the like).

Ooo it feels like the headache is starting to go away. Bless you, Advil for migraines!

Tomorrow the kids are going to be at the in-laws' for a sleepover - they had made the plans and all before I even heard of it. So I'll be solitary for the evening - SO is working afternoons this week. Not to worry though, I always have plenty to do and a visit is in the planning.

Now off I go to go do that passing out in front of the telly thing. Woo it's almost Friday!


Hey kid, you know I'd love to stay and catch up

Posted by Slowplum on 9/20/2006 08:00:00 PM
I have that Kyprios song stuck in my head. It's a catchy beat but kinda sad.

Took the kids to "Take Back the Night" for a bit this evening to support some friends. K wasn't too interested and got antsy way too soon so there was no walking for us. But they made signs and got the picture anyway.

Going to see a dear friend tomorrow morning? evening? Sometime tomorrow anyway. She came up to participate as a speaker for "Take Back the Night" - I kind of feel bad not staying to hear her, but I've heard her before and know what she's on about. She totally understood.

Um. So anyhow. I was going to say something but I got hella sleepy all of the sudden. I'm the boringest person on earth lately when it comes to posting.

ME is trying to convince me to convince SO that we want to join them for all you can eat shrimp at Red Lobster this Saturday. Alas, this weekend is plugged full of things, and we promised to take the kids to the fair on Saturday weather permitting. We'll see.

Sunday is my friend's daughter's christening at 1, and then at 4 we have to be at the inlaw's for my sisterinlaw's birthday dinner. I already got sisterinlaw her present (read about waxing escapade on my previous post, possibly the post before that), but I'm making her a CD as well. I have this thing about making CDs. Because I'm a big music dork.

Ok, back at the laundry pile, which I totally neglected last night in favor of a long hot bubble bath and some logic puzzles. Meh, we can't all be perfect right?


Your hand won't write not tonight but your mind may wander

Posted by Slowplum on 9/19/2006 09:21:00 PM
I am sleepy but also in pain.

C's first night of Brownies was tonight - she had a really good time and I'm glad I signed her up for a second year. K was a little put out but then enjoyed his time just him and I. We went and visited my parents for a bit, which they also loved. Midweek visits are generally unheard-of come school time, so it was a pleasant surprise for them.

I stayed up late last night watching the brit comedy Absolutely Fabulous, borrowed from my sisterinlaw. I loved French & Saunders, and this was a spoof show put together by Jennifer Saunders. She did not fail me in the hilarity department. SO tried to watch some with me but he just didn't get it. He said "it must take a special kind of humor to appreciate this crap". What was amusing was he said this a few seconds after laughing at one of the scenes.

He ordered new parts for his dead machine, so I am preparing myself for a quick exodus of Mr. Helpful and the re-entry of OK Computer. I am hoping I am wrong, but I'm not holding my breath either.

I have 2 votes in favor of my setting this blog on "log in to read" posting. I am still leery of it - I might set up one of my other blogs as login only to test functionality and purpose.

Time to go do that laundry thing. Any minute now. Yes. Erm. Yes. Right away. Like, this instant. Truly.


I missed the last bus, I'll take the next train

Posted by Slowplum on 9/18/2006 08:47:00 PM
I try but you see, it's hard to explain
I say the right things, but act the wrong way
I like it right here, but I cannot stay
I watch the TV; forget what I'm told
Well, I am too young, and they are too old
The joke is on you, this place is a zoo
"You're right it's true"

So I missed work today - migraine from hell and also overall stress from this whole fine nonsense. The prosecutor I talked to on the phone today from the courthouse told me to plea my case though - it's a long story but if the Crown is telling me I have half a chance, then hell. I'm going for it.

Took my sisterinlaw to the spa to get her legs done - it's her birthday coming up so I decided to treat her. She was looking forward to it with a little trepidation, but let me tell you: she's already hooked. She asked me sixty million questions on the pros and cons of the brazilian, which is not your typical dinner table talk, but was amusing nonetheless. I guess that can tell you how close we are. Since we both grew up with no sister in our lives, just brothers, it was easy to bond once I got involved with SO. She is considerably younger than I am but not so much that we can't get along.

C's first night of Brownies is tomorrow. Memo to self: fill out form.

So sleepy. Battling migraines all day will do that to you.

The fair is coming up this weekend. The kids are ecstatic about this fact. They are still young enough that everything holds interest for them at the fair, and old enough to enjoy most of it, and young enough that they still want their parents around to enjoy it with them. The kids make the fair fun. Otherwise I just see it with a disinterested stare. It's the same smelly food, cheap and tacky prizes, volunteers that are probably doing community service for their parole, rides that need to be fixed every few hours, animals pent up in little cages. I do have to say this though - I love a fair lit up at night. It's breathtaking, really.

C brought home actual homework today. It was math, patterns in numbers or somesuch. She finished it in five minutes, but it was homework all the same.

K brought home some things they had been working on in school. His printing is miles ahead of what C's was at this stage - it's amazing really. K is and always has been the type that you might think is slow, but really he is just absorbing it all and then BANG will show his learning off all at once. It used to concern me. I mean he didn't really start talking until he was two - we had his hearing tested and everything. He could hear perfectly fine. He was just absorbing. As soon as he was around 18 months he wasn't just saying the odd word; he was communicating concepts and stringing along sentences easy as you please.

Yeah. I just stared at the screen blankly for over a minute. Probably a good hint that I should hit "publish" and call it a night.


wanna feel my heart break if it must break in your jaws

Posted by Slowplum on 9/15/2006 12:12:00 AM
So I've been listening to Songs: Ohia on repeat lately. It is bluesy-slowsy-drowsy-zow.

I'm kind of sad because I didn't realize they were playing at Lee's Palace in TO this week- had I known earlier I would have made a point of finding a way to go.

Friday is here - how did that happen? The time is telling me it's 12:15 am - guess what I just finished doing? That's right, the employee review. I could have finished it earlier but I had a procrastination attack and cleaned my upstairs bathroom instead. Oh well. At least my procrastination was productive, right? Right???

you can't get here fast enough
i will swim to you

One of my favorite Songs: Ohia songs is Captain Badass. It makes me think of summer in the south for some reason. Hard to explain on typeface. Just... hmm. Nope, can't explain it. If you want the mp3 and have an email that can handle it, let me know, otherwise I could burn it if you're local to me.

Came home to supper cooked again. Wow. I don't know what I did but I have to keep doing it. It's times like these that help me to focus on the important fact that I am very fortunate in having SO for my chosen lifemate.

Ok I'm feeling the sleepies coming on now. Hooray for sleepiness! Take that, insomnia!


Overground, watch this space

Posted by Slowplum on 9/13/2006 10:20:00 PM
I have that Sneakerpimps tune stuck in my noggin. HELP!

Signed C up for Brownies tonight. K is wanting to join Beavers now, but I'm still waffling on it. I mean last year's seemed to be a disaster, and I'm not sure if it's even available anywhere in town at the moment. Plus he's six, and a boy, so I don't know if the dedication/attention span is there.

K's been pretty moody lately - crying at the drop of a hat. I think he's still adjusting to going to school everyday; he's been coming home just exhausted. He says he likes it but he is also very tired. He says it's also tough sometimes because he wants to play with T but sometimes he just doesn't get what T wants to play (this comes from T being incredibly, incredibly smart. This kid is gifted with a capital G, while K - well, K is special in other ways. As a result, sometimes K doesn't know exactly what it is T wants to play - I told K to just ask T to stop, wait, and explain to him).

I explained that he just needs to remember that friends won't always like all the same things, and that maybe he could suggest they take turns picking what to do. He also said that T disappears at recess sometimes or whatever and K can't find him. I said it's a big yard - and they don't have to play together every single time. But if he especially wants to play with T, all he has to do is just tell him so. K says it's hard because T sits in the middle of class and he sits at the front, and he doesn't want to get yelled at for trying to talk to T, because this teacher will totally yell if he tries. I gave K the option of maybe telling T when they are lined up at the beginning of the day - surely he can do it then? We'll see.

I think part of it is that K isn't used to actually having an option of someone he actually likes to play with at recess - last year was pretty tough on him, and he got pretty used to just sort of ambling and hoping someone would eventually let him play. Usually he ended up playing with C if she didn't have her "I'm older and don't want to be seen playing with my brother" attitude on.

I figure it'll all work out in the wash - it usually does with boys, and K & T are like peas and carrots for the most part.

As for C? She seems to be adjusting very well with her new class. She absolutely adores her new teacher, and she says recess has been pretty decent as well. She says she isn't always playing with the same people, but that her recess pals are pretty consistent, and that she is just so happy to be in a straight class with her friends. She is pretty bored with the school work, but her teacher has already said if C wants extra work to just let her know.

Guh. Work employee review time. I haven't even started the self-assessment, which is due by Friday, thankyouverymuch. I don't mind the whole whoring myself for that 1% raise jazz, but I just don't have the energy to fill out six pages of it. Meh. I hear my good friend Procrastination calling. Tomorrow night it is, then!

Blogger beta so far has been pretty decent - no loading issues, a little more user-friendly as far as interface goes, especially if you are new to the whole html razamajazz. Which I'm not, but it's nice to have an option if I'm feeling lazy.

Also I can access it from my google mail - niiiiice. It also allows for permissions - meaning I could set it up so that only certain people could see my posts, rather than the general public. I am toying with the idea - however, it adds an extra step for people to have to "log in" to my blog. Thoughts?



Posted by Slowplum on 9/13/2006 06:08:00 PM
So I caved and switched to beta.blogger.com as regular blogger has been giving me more grief than it's worth. The good side is, I can post quickly now. The bad part is, I now have a dumb blogger bar at the top of my site, which I'd never had before. Boooo, blogger! Doesn't having a dedicated account with you for the past 5+ years mean anything???

C is on the pc beside me designing families for TheSims 2. Literally she could spend hours just making little people. She also enjoys the whole architectural design interfacing. Eventually she gets around to actually interacting with families - but that could be months ahead, as I tend to limit their onscreen time.

Got a text from SO today indicating that the cat had left us a little present - a huge dead mouse in the middle of our back yard. Looks like she doesn't need claws after all. I loves my kitty.

SO made supper tonight - he barbecued sole in a lemon-pepper marinade. It was very tasty. It was also odd as SO is not a big lover of fish - I mean, before we met the extent of his eating anything that came from water was limited to cans of tuna mixed with mayo to make sandwiches. After about a year or so in, he graduated to shrimp - but only the kind that comes in a ring. Now he is all "let's have this tonight". I'm not complaining - it's just a little strange to me, as for the past decade I've been begging him to eat the crap.

Just about time to go get C signed up for Brownies - HOPEFULLY. Space is limited; I have my fingers crossed and not much else.


The Truth About Cats And Blogs

Posted by Slowplum on 9/12/2006 09:52:00 PM
As I sit typing this (hoping furiously that blogger will play nice and let me post without timing out fifty billion times) my not-so-kitten is resting nicely on my hands. Yes my hands. Because of this I keep having to backpedal and re-type some things. Why am I allowing for this to happen? Perhaps you didn't see the big sign on my forehead. It reads "sucker".

It figures that on the day that blogger gives me a hella bad time, I feel the need to post not once but twice. I'm like that I guess: Tell me I can't do something. Now watch me try.

Truthfully though I'm a journaller at the core - on top of my nine bajillion blog projects, I also have an actual diary, chock full of the stuff that I don't dare post for public consumption. One day when I'm dead someone will either publish or burn my diaries - or possibly both. Fortunately I won't be around to deal with the aftermath.

Tonight I went to the first Parent Council meeting for the kids' school. Yet again I have agreed to be the treasurer. Whooboy. Hang on to your hats. It was a decent meeting though, and a few scandalous tidbits were hinted at. This should be an interesting year.

My black hair was the topic of conversation today at work. I guess it took a day for people to register what it was that was different about me. The consensus was that it looked good, it made my eyes "pop", and um, why did I dye it again so soon? I explained that it was my Thing To Do. You know, that thing you do when you need a change, or you're bored, or there's no milk left, or you just saved a ton on your insurance. I've tried to cut back; truly, I have. I hope to keep it black for some time. For one thing, it is much easier to maintain - reds just HATE to stay on my hair. For another, it feels familiar. Black was actually the first color I ever put on my hair, way back when I was fourteen and entertained myself by subtly changing things to see how long it would take my parents to notice. It took my dad over a week . My mom noticed almost immediately - mostly because I ruined one of her pristine towels doing it.

I'm sleepy suddenly, which comes as no real surprise as insomnia has taken to visiting me more frequently. If you chronicle my behavioral patterns over the past decade, it almost always seems to be when seasons shift that I have these bouts, and mostly in the fall/winter area. I suppose you could knock it down to seasonal affective disorder or somesuch; frankly I'm too lazy to "officially" find out.

Ok, now I press the magic button and see if blogger will deny me my need.


Man oh man

Posted by Slowplum on 9/12/2006 09:23:00 AM
So it's taking me ten thousand years to get blogger pages to load - thus the lack of updates.

I got a huge fine for a traffic violation that I don't really want to get into - let's just say lesson learned, and that'll teach me for actually wanting to use my tax return for selfish things, like buying Christmas presents early or perhaps fixing up the car.

Gosh. Even typing is showing up slower than I'm typing it. What is going on with you, blogger? Are you sick? Have I done something wrong? Talk to me boy!

SO loves the phones - sends me ridiculous messages just because he can. It took him a while to get on to how to send a text but now that he can - it's hilarious really. Since his computer is completely dead he cradles the phone like it's a baby or something - precious precious technology. I can't really judge - I also love text messaging, as it does not require me to get into lengthy conversations over something that I wanted to briefly communicate - which fills my sisterinlaw with glee as she is also a texter.

K & C survived their first week of school with nary a bump. K didn't understand why they were practicing letters again - however - he was very very pleased that they are starting to learn French now. He was also pleased with the music aspect of the curriculum. We'll see how things go. C loves her new teacher, who unfortunately is only a temp, covering a maternity leave until April. I don't see the point in the "actual" teacher coming back only for 2 months though. How is she supposed to grade students she hasn't seen all year? It hardly seems fair. Plus I have some other opinions I don't wish to rant about here.

Do you know what is hella tasty? Get some stewing beef or just cut up a steak. Fry it up in a wok with some olive oil. Add one package of frozen pasta & veggie mix (I recommend the Green Giant one - preferably the cheesy kind), one can of Campbell's Tomato with Basil and Oregano soup, 1/2 cup of water. Add a little salt and pepper to taste. Damn, skippy. It is taaaaaaaaasty. And quick! Took me 20 minutes tops, and that included the time it took to cut up the steak. Even the kids loved it! "It's like the meat and pasta and veggies all at once, mum!"

C is getting excited as it is that time of year again - time to sign her up for Brownies. K is also excited - under the impression that there is going to be Beavers in his future. Unfortunately, due to lack of volunteers, there is probably not going to be a program this year; this leaves me to be scrambling trying to find something else that K could participate in. I'm a big fan of fairness and K is just dying to have something that he does separately from the family, just like C.

I don't want to sign him up for that Thunderkidz crap again - it was nice and all but the church that puts it on follows some practices I just simply do not agree with. MIL was pretty offended when I said I wouldn't be signing them up this year - too fucking bad. It isn't my church, and if she finds peace there that is great and fine for her, but don't DARE tell me how to raise my kids and under what faith. (That little diatribe brought to you by a conversation we had wherein she offered to start taking the kids to her church with her, since I'm not taking them regularly to mine. Let's point a few things out here: They are MY children. I'm Catholic. She's going to a church which is Evangelical. While God is God and all, I can do without the swaying and "Praise Baby Jesussss!" crap - no I'm NOT kidding, they DO do this, and I don't want any part of it. And did I mention, they are MY children? Not hers?)

Rant off. Bah. Now I'm all cranky thinking about it. In the famous mumbled words of Fred Flintstone, "I love my mother-in-law, I love my mother-in-law..."

Don't get me wrong. I really do love her. But there are some things we just don't see eye to eye on, and while I know she usually means well, sometimes she doesn't. And I usually end up caving or just placating her somehow, to keep the peace. Because blood is thicker. Because SO won't argue with her. Because it's all small stuff. Because.

I'm hosting a Tupperware party on Friday. The main reason is I want to get their "Fridgesmart" stuff, which purportedly allows you to store vegetation in the fridge for days and perhaps weeks longer than you normally could. This has been verified by several friends who are avid fans of the stuff, even though they don't like Tupperware itself per se, they love this fridgesmart crap. I am all for being able to keep strawberries and broccoli longer than 3 days. Bring it on, Tupperware!

I feel so old, though. I mean, Tupperware? Like, that's the type of "party" old 1950's moms have, you know? Where I serve little gherkins and celery sticks, and maybe a salmon mousse or pate shaped like a fish. And the gents are out back smoking cigars and waiting for us to rub their feet.

Ok, this is enough update for one day I think. Now let's cross our fingers and hope dear old Blogger doesn't bust a gasket mid-posting.



Posted by Slowplum on 9/07/2006 07:44:00 AM
A few new items on the table:
1. Lunch w/Sir T
2. Hair dye!
3. Cell phones

So I caved yesterday & finally replaced my old nokia cell which was totally falling apart. Got 2 new Rogers cell phones under a family plan, which makes SO hella happy as he was always pouting about why did I have one and not him, blar blar blar. In fairness when we got the nokia it was a Christmas gift from the in-laws, but he never ever used the damn thing so I adopted it for my own. It was especially helpful when I was going back and forth to and from school.

Now we both have one with a good plan for calling between the two phones & etc. They also are mp3 players, cameras, calendars, calculators, text-messaging capable...etc. I have especially been having fun programming ring tunes for people, as the phones came with a program that allows you to edit mp3's so that snippets of songs can be played when people in general call, but you can apply them so that they are only utilized when a specific person/people call. All of which I wouldn't have known how to do had my sister-in-law not come over last night & helped me while we were waiting for my hair dye to set.

Yes, I dyed my hair last night, it is now something the box calls "Starry Night" but is basically black. I haven't been black in a long while - kind of missed it actually as it was hella easier to keep than any other color. My hair really, really loves black hair dye for some reason.

As for lunch w/Sir T, the food was decent but as is per usual at Madelyn's, a huge portion. The company was also good and I was able to give him his birthday present (however belatedly). He would have been happy to give me the details on his birthday celebrating, had he been able to remember any. It was something like a 3 (possibly 4) day bender, so of course the details are quite fuzzy. It should be interesting if this adventure is repeated when his roomate P's birthday comes up. Apparently sisterinlaw has been advised by P to take a few days off around that time - I see a few "Get well soon" cards in their futures.

Ok, back to playing with ring tunes. If you are of the type that knows me personally, and would perchance call the cell, I'm taking requests on ring tones. Sisterinlaw has cornered the Divinyls' "I touch myself", although she was also sorely tempted by Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing". I'm open for suggestions, however if I don't have the mp3 I might have to do some digging.

Ok off for Thursday's adventures. Ciao!


It's the most wonderful time of the year

Posted by Slowplum on 9/04/2006 09:53:00 PM
Tomorrow is C & K's first day of the school year. They're asleep in bed, happy as kittens, went to bed with no argument knowing the sooner they went to sleep the sooner they'd get to go.

For whatever reason, I'm really nervous for them. I don't remember being nervous the other times, but this year I am. Perhaps it's because my baby boy is now in school full time. No more every other day schedules, and his new teacher is giving me some nerves too. I'm not one to be fearful of change, and in this case I'm not really, I'm just nervous for him in ways I never really was with C.

C is pretty pleased with herself too because my Dad came by on Sunday and dropped off my old desk for her to use. She set it up with books and the like the second it was placed in her room. She was in her room most of Sunday because of it - not a peep to be heard. When I checked in once or twice she was happily playing away with her little Barbie laptop game thinger, or writing in her little diary, or doing some sort of project or other.

And I caught a glimpse of her growing up, and it caught my heart in my throat. As she lay out her things for tomorrow morning, she included her hairbrush & lip gloss on her desk, and chose her jewelry, and I saw it, the shadow of her womanhood cast over like a looming cloud. She's only eight. If I were selfish I'd keep her eight forever. But I'm not and I know with each year slipping through my fingers she will grow and grow. And I also know she is going to grow into this terrific being and I am so proud that I get to be a part of that, get to watch it happen.

And I see these things happening in my son as well, and my heart is full near bursting and I don't know what to do with it. I never realized parenthood could do this to a person. When I was younger, becoming a mother was never in my gameplan. It was more or less the bachelor apartment, boyfriend allowed to have a toothbrush there and not much else sort of vision. I think about that and I laugh at how hollow it seems to me now. I can't picture my life without my children. And it's interesting how you read of women who wear their hearts on their sleeves, who weep when they see sick children on television, whose hearts swell with fear at the thought of war, of poverty, of violence - but you never truly understand that until you become a mother yourself.

Now I'm just waxing sentimental, a clear sign I should probably go to bed.


No more standin' along the side walls; Now I've got myself together, baby

Posted by Slowplum on 9/03/2006 07:43:00 PM
So I have that Marvin Gaye song stuck in my head for some reason.

Last night went out with co-workers for a girls' night. Started it out at one co-worker's home with a potluck, drank some wine & then we all piled into one girl's car and headed to what's left of the bars downtown. We stopped at Molly Bloom's first because we figured at least if there was live music it would be worth our time.

As it happens, Molly Bloom's was dead but I did run into Sir T & two of his friends, so I was able to wish him happy belatedness on the birthday.

We mosied over to Bentley's where I discovered my sisterinlaw & her friendly folks and so I chatted with them momentarily & then sat with the ladies I came with. Funnily enough, one of the girls I went out with knew some of the people at sisterinlaw's table.

Got up to the bar to get a drink and was CARDED. Yes you heard me right. I went back to the table to get my ID and they asked me what the hell I was doing, I told them I got carded and they screamed with laughter. Then they were carousing & carrying on about that for a while. The bartender was all huffy and saying "geez you should take it as a compliment" I said of course I do and laughed.

I came back to the table and when they discovered I was 30 and got carded they thought it was even funnier.

Anyhow. P & Sir T have invited me over to play risk and/or zombies at some point. That should be good as I miss those folks.

Talked with sisterinlaw for a while before was dragged out to the only place left to dance in town - Woody's. Ugh. Danced for 2 hrs straight, then got a ride home & walked in the door to find the cat come barreling downstairs and SO walking to the front door from the kitchen. "I was beginning to get worried about you." Why? Because it was 3 something a.m. when I walked in the door.

In any case, a good time was had. I am glad I went out.

School starts on Tuesday. The kids can barely contain themselves with their giddiness over it.

I have next week off, so hurrah!

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