Be David Suzuki for Halloween?

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Too fun.



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Too. Funny.

In other news, I have strep throat and have been sick all week. No talk = no work, unfortunately, since like uh, 99% of my job is talking on the phone all day.

My uncle is really sick. Hospital sick. I can't really go into details because 1) I only know vague information at this point and 2) there is no 2, #1 sums it up basically.

My cousin Lola seems to be taking it ok (it's her daddy) but then she's had all week to sort of process it. I am hoping this is an eye opener for my uncle, mostly because I'm selfish and want him to keep living or some nonsense like that.

Ok I'm going back to bed or somesuch.


Eddie Izzard makes me laugh till I pee.

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Some dude did a Lego stop-motion film on Izzard's "Death Star Cantina" bit that also makes me laugh.

Ok I'm going to roll around YouTube for more. I need laughter like you wouldn't believe and this is just what the doctor ordered.


Making it up as I go along.

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After ten million hours of playing

"What do you want to eat?"
"I dunno, what do YOU want to eat?"

I stalked off into the kitchen all annoyed and hungry as hell. I'd already fed K some supper (he wanted, nay begged, for soup and sammiches) so it was just to feed S and I (C is at a sleepover birthday party for her cousin). I wanted spaghetti but S made that face people make when something smells bad when I suggested spaghetti, because sometimes he is a big baby like that. So instead of making a bunch and watching him fuss and either not eat it and be grumpy, or eat it and be grumpy (I'm sorry do I sound annoyed? Guess what, I'm annoyed. It happens) I rummaged through the fridge, freezer and cupboards and found some stuff.

Here's what I did:

Get out a big pan to put in the oven. I don't know... big, ok? I'm not good at measuring. Big and flat-ish, with at least a 1" lip around to hold in sauce.

Pull out some potato, chorizo, and garlic sausage. Wash the potatoes, and cut them up and put them into a bowl.

In the bowl, pour in some (I don't know how much ok? Just SOME) olive oil, some pepper sauce (I think we call it piro-piro? It's basically ground up pepper that has had some time to sit in a jar with olive oil, garlic and some other stuff) and toss in some paprika, garlic salt, celery salt, regular salt, pepper. A bit of hot sauce, if you are so inclined (which I am).

Ok, so mix the hell out of that so that the potatoes are covered and you are smelling the pepper and salivating because you are starving already dammit.

Toss that junk into the pan. Cut up the sausage, cut up the chorizo. Toss that on top, mix it in if you want the sauce on it.

Get some foil. Cover it up. Throw it in the (oops did I forget to mention pre-heat the oven at 400 F?) oven and let it cook. Check on it once in a while, until the potatoes are tender.

Pull it out and watch your mate look sheepish because you managed to toss together something delicious which was exactly what they felt like eating, whether they knew it or not.

Off topic: Holy cats it's my anniversary tomorrow!


Let's play spot the holes in the argument.

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Psycho Killer, Qu'est-ce que c'est?

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S gave me my anniversary present early, in a tit-for-tat motion, since it arrived on our doorstep today. And the gift is -- all three books about Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. He knows what a massive fan of the show (confession: also find Michael C. Hall to be a total badass hottie) and I've been very curious to see if the books go in the same direction. He said he had a hell of a time trying to find hardcover versions of all three, and apologised that he had to settle for paperback for the first two. I love that he was all worried about that.


Lack of posting

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I could lie and say I've been way too busy to post, but I won't. I've just been tired in general and blase about everything. Can't shake it off. This is a hard time of year for me.

Thanksgiving weekend was hectic. The Friday night I went out with a bunch of moms from the school and my pseudo-boss showed up, she's super nice so I didn't mind her hanging out. Most of the moms went home early so it was just me, Hammer, and bossalady. Stumbled after 3 as far as Hammer's home and then she drove me the rest of the way. I'm sure I would have managed to weave my way to my door but I was thankful for the ride.

Saturday was almost a complete write-off due to Friday night's events - mostly because I had forgotten to eat both lunch AND dinner during the day so the booze hit me hard.

Sunday was thanksgiving at my mom's house which was ok but a little weird because my dad wasn't there - dad was in the states visiting his uncle who is dying from lung cancer. Monday was thanksgiving at the in-laws' - hip hop hooray. Did I mention they got another chihauhau? Ugh, I HATE those kind of dogs, I can't even tell you how much.

S is very upset with his brother, over the fact that his brother asked someone else to be best man - this wouldn't upset S so much were it not for the fact that 1) family is EVERYTHING to S - you just don't choose over and above them. S chose his brother for our wedding, even though he had a friend he was much closer to at the time, because his brother is his brother! 2) the dude his brother chose is an idiot and won't do half the stuff he's meant to, so S will probably end up doing it anyway 3) S has been there time and again for his brother, helping him move to his one ex's place, helping him move out of said ex's place when she royally screwed him over, in general helping his brother get a job at his workplace, helping his brother buy the god damned engagement ring because his brother is a nob with no credit thanks to buying a stupid necklace for the ex and then not paying for it for over a year. You know, little things like that. S has never asked for anything in return - in fact has never asked his brother for help before at all, but is always there in a blink of an eye when needed. So why his brother would choose someone is just incomprehensible.

S's brother has been pissing off a lot of people lately actually - my sisterinlaw is also upset with him, mostly for not asking S to be best man (doesn't make sense to her either, nor anyone else for that matter) but also because brotherinlaw has stated he won't be inviting ANY of motherinlaw's family - and sisterinlaw has been trying to point out to him that he simply can't choose like that, family is family and if he knows what's good for him he will suck it up and invite them. Brotherinlaw hates being told what to do, and he's stubborn, and has NO common sense, and in general very much takes after his mother. So it's been grand, let me tell you. Just grand.

I myself am trying very hard to keep out of all of this because there has been enough drama in this little circle of late, but unfortunately I am too close to the bone not to get chewed on this one.

In further adventures of "My In-Laws Are Driving Me To Drink", brotherinlaw has planned paintball for this Saturday, and invited S, but S isn't too keen on going because of this whole wedding business. Saturday night apparently motherinlaw planned brotherinlaw's birthday dinner (even though his birthday is Friday) so that "everyone can come". Sunday they planned a surprise birthday dinner for S's grandmother, even though her birthday is the weekend following, and even knowing that Sunday is S's and my anniversary. Considering S works afternoons this week, we can't even try to plan something for Friday night, something else that motherinlaw also knew. She also knew that S and I had planned to go to St. Catherine's with our kids to visit my friend Mickey & his wife, to visit their babies and in general hang out, go out for anniversary dinner with them. Now of course it is all for naught and I had to cancel plans with them, again, because last time we made plans with them there was some other sort of family event that was planned last minute. "Oh oops, you had plans? So sorry." This is her passive-aggressive way of messing with my head, because she knows I can't say anything, since these are family events she is planning, and I've iterated more than once that family is very important. Nonetheless. Fuck. Off. And then she calls me up last night and has the audacity to ask me to help her write her god damed book report (aka write it for her)

Blah blah blah. Let's stop talking about that. In other news, K is going to be Harry Potter for Halloween and C wants to be a witch. Easiest. Costumes. EVER.

Time to go make some tea and eat a biscotti and watch Judge Joe Brown or somesuch rot. Cheers.



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booze. urrah!

so drunking trunk.

thx to hammer for taking me home. hop ei wans't tooo much truch.ble. shows hat i should really eat befoe trinkning.

so sorry. thanks for wonderful time though!@



oh Sweet Baby Jesus and all the Angels and Saints preserve us.

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Please please please tell me that they are just hiring 5th graders or something to update the "news" section of the local radio station's website. Please. Because this... I have no words.

Here's what is getting my goat. See if you can spot the errors:

Police have concluded this years marihuana eridication - destroying nearly 18-hundred plants. The biggest outdoor grow-ops were discovered September 14th in (removed location because that is just how I roll, so ignore this stuff that isn't italics.) - with 973 marihuana plants being seized. In total plants having an estimated street value of 1.8 million dollars were seized during the summer. None of the property owners are believed to be involved in the production of marihuana. In most cases, people trespass onto the property to plant the marihuana, damaging farmer's fields in the process.

I have half a mind to write a letter to the editor on this, since this isn't the first time I've noticed glaring errors that make my eyes just want to pull themselves out of my skull. Maybe I'm being a pedantic bitch, but my God people. Someone out there is getting good money to publish news - the least they could do is edit the damn thing before posting.

(I realize I may sound like a hypocrite nit-picking about this, what with my run-on sentence structures here and forgetting to use the basic points of grammar (forgetting to capitalize things, etc), but the only thing you are missing is that this, my blog, is my words just being spewed out willy-nilly half the time. When I'm writing things for really real, I'm pretty damn picky.)

/rant off.


bowling never looked so cool.

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Too bad it's so bloody expensive.


And basically my blog site got buggered because I clicked the xml conversion button by mistake, so I put up this copy/paste template in the meantime until I find my code. I guess I could consider this incentive to change things up again...


You can stand under my umbrella

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It's been drizzling dreary for the past few days. This does nothing to help my current mood.

K is still feeling under the weather, but ok to go to school now as his massive fever has broken. Of course, today is a PA day though so that gives him some extra time to recuperate.

Last night's parent council meeting was... very interesting. I could say more but - it would take too long, and I think all that needed to be said was said. In the end there were victories for certain parties, and a little disappointment for other certain parties, that all in all was pleasing to see.

This Friday I'm going out with a bunch of cool moms to celebrate pre-thanksgiving madness, or somesuch. Awesome.

Time to get ready for work.

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