You are the wind beneath my wings

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Head fuzzy a little, but happy. More tomorrow.


Memories like fingerprints are slowly raising

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I got my birthday present from S a month early... and I'm not going to complain one bit becauuuuussseee:



I was just so shocked I sat down and cried. S found this slightly amusing but he was also happy about my reaction- it meant that he got the right thing, haha. I have been wanting one for so damn long, and every time it looked like I'd squirreled away enough money to do so, something would come up like the car needing repairs or the kids needing something or getting massive traffic fines (*cough*) so I always end up putting all those other things before my needs (welcome to Motherhood, right?). As a result, I'd pretty much given up on the idea of ever getting one.

And then I came home on Monday and S was looking stern and said that we needed to go upstairs to talk... right now. This had me worried and confused because I had no idea what was wrong but he looked pretty upset. So we went up into our room and he still had this really stern look and he said "you know how [S's bank] called me about my [credit card] recently?" (they had called on Friday asking him to confirm a purchase, I took the call but they wouldn't tell me anything because I wasn't the card holder. This happens a lot when he orders computer parts online so I thought nothing of it). And then he said "Well, my stuff from [online computer resource] came in..." and I said "Uh-huh. Annnd?" because it wasn't making any sense. Then he said "Well, it wasn't for me..." and then he made me sit down and handed me a big box. I had no idea what it was - I figured a new monitor, at best.

So when I opened the big box and found a smaller box inside, I was flummoxed. I opened up the littler box and out it came... and I just sat there looking at it and I looked at him and he said "I wanted to wait, but I knew there was nowhere I could hide it on you here, and you've been wanting one for so long, I couldn't wait to give it to you..."

I just sat there and looked at it and cried. He went on to say that he knew I always wanted one, so that I could take my writing with me, and he wanted to encourage me to write more. He said that he knew it was one of the things that truly made me happy, and he wanted to encourage that as well. I kept apologising for crying and hugging him and crying some more. Eventually I got myself together but I was so damn overwhelmed and happy I couldn't help myself. He was a pretty good actor - I was convinced something was seriously wrong.

Of course, now that I have it, I am suffering from Block - hello there Irony, been a while. Don't make yourself too comfortable now.

My kids have to be "assessed" by an "occupational therapist" on their "fine motor skills" because their writing is apparently "a concern and illegible at points". Right, because when you are 6 and 9 your penmanship needs to be impeccable. Give me an effing break. S hit the roof when I told him. I gave in though and signed the damn document, hopefully they can get this "assessment" over the summer.

Hammer made an interesting point - the school is losing a lot of their special needs kids this year, so they are probably grasping at straws to keep their funding. But anyone who's met my kids would hardly find them to be falling under the "special needs" category. But whatever.

Also, report cards came in and their grades decreased (not so much for K, but definitely for C - her teacher is a cow, as some so delicately put it. Remind me to insert rant here later).

Ok, time to go do work type stuff I guess.... I find it hard to pull myself away from this thing though...




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So I've been a bad, bad girl and haven't updated this. My last post I was obviously drunk... which I apologize for but I won't delete it. It made me titter.

Apparently I wrote a lot of drunken emails that night - if you were a recipient, I hope it amused.

How I got to that point is simple enough - my sister in law invited me out last Saturday night. But let's get the rest of the updates over with first.

Friday K had a Father's Day Breakfast at his class, similar to the Mother's Day thing his class did for us moms, but minus the squaredancing and tea. Instead they put on a few plays, and the men were served muffins and juice. K was so very, very happy and pleased that S went. S particularly took the day off just so he could go - seems like a small thing to do but K was giddy beyond belief over it. S was Father of the Year for it, to be sure.

Friday night, uh... Gee I can't even remember! How bad is that? It was only a week ago... well that should tell you just how much I've been cramming into my days lately. Let's just gloss over Friday night and move on to Saturday.

Saturday, we went over to my folks' house for an early Father's Day barbecue. It was delicious as usual, and then my parents wanted the kids to stay over, which I was fine with as it's been a long while since they've spent time with my parents. So we came home and my sister in law called me and invited me out. S could come too if he wanted; he opted to stay in instead. Said something about enjoying some peace and quiet? I dunno. I told sisterinlaw I was dead broke and wouldn't be able to afford going out, and she said we'd just compromise by my paying next time. Fine by me.

We went to the Boar's Head, and drank and drank. Her co-workers were there, which was fine as I'd met most of them before. There was one lad there from England though who of course was madly in love with her because that's what happens to about 90% of the gents that work with her. Anyway. We got into a heated debate once he found out I was Portuguese - whined about how we robbed England of their chance to win the World Cup, and my saying they were just being a bunch of big nancy crybabies. And then we debated about other nonsense things, and every time I said something clever he kept shaking his fist at me and muttering "Portugueeeeese!" but it was all in good fun.

Then his folks came 'round, which was interesting - they are divorced but they're best friends. I don't know, whatever works right? So they got into the whole thing and the boy was embarassed to have them there but we didn't mind, they were good folks and lots of laughter was involved. Except his old man was coming on to me, which was slightly uncomfortable, but he's English, right? So I expected it. (Let's play a game called "How many stereotypes can I perpetuate in one blog post?")

They forgave me for being Portuguese, because at least I was passionate about football, and understood where they were coming from. Most Canadians don't really follow the game, so they don't get where we're coming from. I kept reminding them I was Canadian, I just was of Portuguese origin, which they waved away because it was a moot point to them.

So after all that the topic was switched to deep, philosophical things, like who was the best Batman... you know, the typical drunken garbage. The night ended at Bentley's for last call somehow, and then I walked sister in law home to her new apartment (which KICKS ASS by the bye, she just needs to paint it - her living room is painted like the outside of a BARN. No joke, but I digress...) and then I talked her ear off for about an hour, then cabbed it home.

Got home, wrote drunken text, woke S up because dammit I still felt like talking. Yapped his ear off, fooled around, fell asleep. That was about... 5? I think 5 by the time I fell asleep.

Woke up at um... six-thirty? Possibly seven. Wide awake so I went crawling downstairs and watched tv... it had to be early because infomercials were still on.

S came down eventually, took pity on me, went and got me coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Timmies. Made a joke about how this was his day off, I should be taking care of him. I snapped back that every damn day is Father's Day as far as I'm concerned, and reminded him of how my Mother's Day went, and he just laughed and told me to go back to sleep. Which I didn't, because then the kids came home.

Sunday we went to the in-laws' for Father's Day barbecue part deux, so yay I didn't have to cook! I certainly wasn't in any condition to do so.

Monday came and went, had to pick C up from school because she hurt her arm and they weren't sure if it was broken or not. Four hours at the hospital, one x-ray to confirm what I already knew but had to make sure of, and home we went.

Wednesday my boss held a bbq for us... which is to say on Monday he made eye contact with me and said, "G, please come here a moment" and then got me to plan everything for him. Which I don't mind because I like doing this kind of thing, but at the same time can be a bit aggravating.
The bbq was good though, and everyone contributed a side dish of some sort, and it put us in a good mood which was pretty important because it was the week from HELL. If this is any indication of how busy we are going to be for the entire summer, they should seriously reconsider staffing. The thing is, there isn't enough room in our department to put more bodies in, so I don't know where we'd put extra people, but it's obvious that we need the extra people, because we are simply being SMASHED with calls.

Chatted on and off w/Mr D, who is more or less dependent on me for wedding details for his brother, since nobody is telling him anything. Since he's in Geneva I can see why there would be a communication gap of sorts, but nobody has even made an attempt. I mean come on, his contact information is out there - you don't have to call or anything, just email. Whatever. It's been good to talk to him, as it's probably been about 15 years since we've done so. Playing catch up in between all the wedding business. He is amazed I am married with kids, doubly so when I remind him that not only do I have kids, but they are nine and six-going-on-seven. He's dying to meet them, dying to meet S.

So this past Friday, we had a gathering at Othello's because one lady was leaving, but also just to have an excuse to sit on a patio and socialize outside of work, since we seldom get the chance to do so during work. It was nice and pleasant, and then I got a text from sister in law who was at work but in a lot of pain due to, uh, girl complaints. So I went and rescued her, bought her a hot water bottle (she didn't have one, and it didn't occur to her that it would help) and then brought her home. She was pretty damn pale - I think part of the complaints being so bad was because she's been working herself into the ground lately, and the last time she actually had a day off she used to move to her new place. No down time can be pretty taxing on the body. Add to that the stress of living with someone who drives her absolutely batshit (don't even get me started on this bent - it's a very long story and this post is getting long enough as is).

Took care of sister in law, came home, fell asleep watching the Karate Kid. Yesterday, S made us brunch of french toast, sausage, bacon, and hash browns. Ever eat to the point where you're just content? Stomach full, feeling sort of sleepy-happy? Yeah, that was the feeling I got after brunch.

Yesterday afternoon, C and my mom and I went out shopping. C still had money from her birthday to spend, so we took her to her favorite store - Old Navy. I'm not even kidding, she LOVES that store. She got a new shirt & a bag and then wanted to spend the rest of her money on a tamagotchi so we got her one, had a quick supper, and came home. Went and rented some movies for K, who was feeling out of sorts and left out, and one of sister-in-law's co-workers is now giving him a giant Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) for his room. K is giddy over this.

Which brings us to today... lazy day but no, not really, as I've been cleaning like a madwoman all morning. I think this is enough updating for one day. I pinky-swore I'd be better about the updating and I am sticking by that promise.


holy dru knga hell

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so drnk not funny
wentou t w/sister inlaw drank many pitchrs beer. hurrah

just got home gong to go to bed meaybe

um, porbably ebarrassed by post by tomorro w but good fun had and also i love my husband hwich reminded sister inlaw of which also will bef unnier when soebr

mmm good vbooxzwe hurrah


hello is anybody out there

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Busier than you could possibly imagine. Welcome to the end of the school year/beginning of summer sports.

Last council meeting was tonight - it was good and etc.

Buck and Doe went over well, everyone left happy and that's what matters right?

I still haven't found something to wear to the wedding.

Tomorrow is somebody's birthday. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

I suck lately, I know. I'm sorry. Real post soon, PINKY SWEAR


And so it is, the shorter story, no love, no glory, no hero in her sky

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Damien Rice is pretty good at just rending your heart into little bitty pieces.

Buck and Doe this weekend. I'm getting things ready for it. I've sent the response to the wedding invite out - it's on the same day as my Dad's birthday, and as they're invited too this should prove amusing.

I sort of have my speech planned in my head - it's a matter of getting it all down on paper and accosting a captive audience.

Brownies tonight - last one of the year, and because it's cruddy out they're having it at the hall again rather than the park. Oh well, c'est la guerre, right?

I've had a lot going on in my head lately. Things that I haven't thought about in years are surfacing, and begging me to write it all down. And I have, but not here. Probably never here. Some things just shouldn't be. It's almost cathartic, this process of releasing the little bones that make up one big skeleton.

K is loving soccer, and was all sad that it got cancelled last night due to the rainstorms. Mostly because S missed last week's first game due to work, and K was looking forward to his daddy being around for this one.

Summer is fast approaching, and I don't feel ready for it. I turn 31 this year, which is a pittance compared to some, but dinosaur-like in status to others. I haven't brought up my birthday with anyone close to me - I'm secretly hoping it just passes quietly.


dying all the time, lose your dreams and you will lose your mind

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I'm exhausted but had a great time. I was officially up for 24 hours when 4:30 hit. There was no sense in getting to sleep until I got myself home. My legs are also very angry with me right now, I walked way more than the alloted times given to me by my team captain. I was just so restless and since there wasn't much else to do, a-walking I went. There were luminary bags lit as night fell, and they had arranged some to spell out the word "hope".

Relay for Life was pretty good. The luminary ceremony was moving, as was the Survivors walk. Reading the bags, there were so many people I knew, but this one hurt the most:

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