Posted by Slowplum on 11/30/2004 10:19:00 PM
What is your favorite smell? What does it remind you of?

Posted by Slowplum on 11/29/2004 12:23:00 PM
just got back from hospital for the scopes. so far so good. feeling groggy. methinks it's time for a bath!

barium enema results: negative! woo!

Posted by Slowplum on 11/27/2004 05:47:00 PM
still haven't slept yet. time for bed now i think. i've been up for uh... what's 24 +8?

lots of hours. can't do math.

time to sink into sleep like a warm bath. oooo a bath woudl be nice.... but i'd fall asleep and drown. not that any of you would give a flying fuck. but my man would. my kids would.

...would i?

Posted by Slowplum on 11/27/2004 03:40:00 AM
C just got over a bad ear infection.

I managed to get a free lunch today just by saying to one of our customer service guys "Hey I hear you are buying me lunch today!" He said "Sure get your coat" and hooray!

I have to go to Transport of Dangerous Goods training in a few hours. I haven't slept yet. This training ought to knock me right out, haha. I also have to go for MS training right afterward. I am going to have a hell of a busy day. So much for relaxation on the weekend (does that even exist anymore?).

I hate it when you get an itch inside your ear but it's too deep to do anything about it.

Now, since I just know that most of you are in suspense, I now present to you:

I am Jack's smirking revenge.

I am Jack's...? (pertaining to Fight Club)
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round here

Posted by Slowplum on 11/23/2004 06:27:00 AM
She knows she's more than just a little misunderstood
She has trouble acting normal when she's nervous

Posted by Slowplum on 11/17/2004 10:25:00 AM

hurt! ouch! pain!

Posted by Slowplum on 11/16/2004 11:05:00 PM
so i'm cranky and tired and go for my barium x-ray tomorrow

i'm also STARVING

stupid all liquid no solid rule

and citro-mag is HELL

and wtf what kind of insane doctor thought up the barium bit? (don't answer that.)

on the bright side, i got the day off work tomorrow.


i really don't wanna.

Posted by Slowplum on 11/14/2004 01:06:00 AM
just got home from the bar where i played babysitter to my very drunk friend. i was supposed to stay with her until close but i felt like crap (and i was sober and hate hate hate the bar scene here).

it was also really pissing her off that so many people there seemed to know me in some capacity because they kept coming up to me and she was like "that's right say hello to her, nobody says hello to me, holy fuck woman why don't you fucking run for mayor alfuckingready"

half the people i ran into work at the same company as i do

the other half were people i've known since high school

a small percentage were people that only just knew me in passing and yet felt compelled to seek me out and say hello

the town isn't all that small... maybe i'm just too friendly for my own good har har

normally this is the part where i bitch about my job or my family or some other aspect of my life, but i'm too god damned tired to think of anything so just make something up.

thx bye


tiny update and the years meme

Posted by Slowplum on 11/11/2004 06:35:00 AM
So update, i have to get a scope done (both ends) and a barium x-ray and a HIPA scan. I AM BECOMING SCIENCE.

saw my brother's new house last night, it is beautiful and i am really happy for him. let's hope things turn out ok.

Ten years ago, I...
1. was 18 years old.
2. had an appendectomy.
3. was dating the worst person I could possibly have chosen to date.

Five years ago, I...
1. was finding out I was pregnant with my second child. Actually, five years ago TO THE DAY I was finding this out. Creepy.
2. was panicking about this.
3. was living in a home with SO & little C who was only a year old at the time.

One year ago, I...
1. was given the "opportunity" to take on more workload (but not-so-much-more pay)
2. was celebrating my champaigne year... 27 years old on july 27th
3. was can't remember much more about a year ago.

So far this year, I...
1. have developed a mysterious ailment that causes me great pain any time I eat or drink anything.
2. seem to be drawing a blank.
3. see 2.

Last month, I...
1. discovered that I would be hosting our damn family christmas
2. was given the task of Team Ambassador for the annual walk for MS
3. was in a lot of pain.

Yesterday, I...
1. had a stressful day at work
2. and therefore had insomnia
3. got to explain to a couple of people from the US exactly why I was wearing a poppy.

Today, I...
1. am really tired because I didnt' sleep much
2. don't want to go in to work
3. but I have to anyway.

Tomorrow, I...
1. wish it were Saturday instead of Friday
2. need to get groceries and bake a cake for ME
3. get paid! Hooray payday!

In one year, I...
1. will probably be typing out yet another meme
2. unless of course I'm dead.
3. in which case, this won't matter, will it?

In five years, I...
1. am not thinking that far ahead.
2. will be married for 10 years.
3. will have forgotten all about this meme.

Ok not as creative as I could be, but done as toast.

Posted by Slowplum on 11/07/2004 08:55:00 AM
I'm tired and grumpy and also very hungry except I know the minute I eat something I will thoroughly regret it. Fuckin tired of hurting too.

Going to see the surgeon on Tuesday to discuss upcoming scope (the very thought makes me shudder).

My mom ALREADY has her Christmas things up. Tradition to her, the first weekend of November she puts them up. Even if Halloweeen is on the Friday, come that Saturday morning all the fall stuff is down and up goes the tree.

That would be fine but then I have a month of my kids pestering me to do the same. Grrr.

Do you have any idea how big a turkey made to feed 40 people looks like? It is insane. I am feeding my family a dinosaur this year.

The only thing that won't make me go broke for hosting the family Christmas is the fact that it's a potluck. Thank freakin God.

Ok time to go do something productive.


why i love jeff rowland

Posted by Slowplum on 11/03/2004 08:47:00 PM
right here is why.

It is funny and touching all at once.

That's all I really have to say about the whole politics nonsense. On to other crap that doesn't matter:

Was sick monday & tuesday. Went in to work Monday morning and made it to about 10 am then decided fuckit I can stay all day in the washroom at work or go home and be in the washroom where I'm comfortable and don't have to wear pants. So very, very sick. Then Tuesday morning I went so far as to get dressed and then decided to hell with it, I don't owe my workplace anything and they certainly won't thank me for coming in still sick so I stayed home Tuesday too. Nya nyah.

Kids started piano lessons today. This should be interesting.

I'm still feeling like crap so it's another early bedtime for me.

Memo to self:
- money for mom's xmas gift needed in the a.m.
- review coming up
- 12 auditors from US/Canada visiting. remember to smile goddangit.
- call dentist to book yearly appt.
- call surgeon to verify pre-op on the 9th

Okie doo. Time to go. Good night and you stay classy, America. I'm Ron Burgundy.

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