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Posted by Slowplum on 5/24/2009 07:31:00 PM
Who watches "Fringe" and why was I not informed about how good it is? Shows that are intriguing and make me actually laugh out loud for reals are few and far between, and I really like this one. John Noble won me over from word one - seriously. Even S loves it, but then again, he loves Smallville, something I only moderately forgive him for loving. (Insert very long rant about how much Smallville sucks here.)  

Speaking of shows that are true and wonderful diamonds in the rough that I call "reality tv overdose", I'm glad that "Chuck" got renewed, boo to having to wait until next March to see anything, but what can you do huh?  

Not sure what I feel about how "How I Met Your Mother" ended this season, but I'm willing to stick it out. Wondering how long Dexter will continue to be brilliant, hoping they only let the show run until it runs out of steam rather than beat a dead horse. Remaining hopeful for next season.  

I gave up completely on Mad Men, which is a bit heartbreaking because it had soooo much potential in Season One but Season 2 left me cold.  

C has become hooked on CSI so I've been watching seasons 1-7 with her as we have them all on DVD - I feel it's important to watch with her, to help her understand more subtle plot points but also to be available for discussions the episodes inevitably bring. She's pretty astute and always has been, and has no trouble discerning between what is real and what is fiction, and she's drawn her own conclusions about a lot of things but she likes my feedback, and I like that she still seeks it. It's win-win, if you ask me.  

This became longer than I intended - I really only wanted to comment on Fringe. So yeah. It's awesome.


Rain rain go away

Posted by Slowplum on 5/14/2009 10:01:00 AM
It's stormy outside and the kids said it was a "ripoff" that school wasn't cancelled. For a bit of rain? Give me a break.

I'm going to start taking vitamin B6 & B12 to see if that helps me some with some of my problems. Long shot but you never know.

I came thisclose to deleting my facebook the other day. I just can't be bothered with it and I ignore about 90% of the invites to events, games, useless applications, etc. At the same time, some of the people I want to keep in contact with use facebook exclusively. Bleh. I hate feeling cornered into using a social networking site that is useless to me. I was thrilled when myspace stopped being in vogue, I'm praying that happens to facebook sometime soon but I doubt it.

Twitter is the next "big thing" which I've been using for some time for "mini posts" about absolutely nothing with zero value aside from mild entertainment. What I like about it is, I'm not forced into using it to communicate with people because nobody in their right mind would use twitter as their primary communication tool. For those of you in the know, here's a fun drinking game - have a drink every time p diddy mentions the phrase "locked in" or any of it's variants. I get what he's doing, it's the whole "stay positive" vibe, and I can't fault him for that, but it is amusing.

Ok time to see if my get up and go just got up and went without me.


small facelift

Posted by Slowplum on 5/11/2009 10:17:00 PM
Too lazy to make my own site layout, I yoinked one from btemplates.com. I reckon it looks as chaotic as I feel lately.

The weekend was hectic, with C having Guides camp (what craptastic weather they had), my brother-in-law's buck and doe, and Mother's Day. 

I lost my cell phone. That really, really sucked. It's like losing a limb for me because I used that thing as a planner, phone book, alarm (to remind me to take meds), you name it. Whoever out there that has it now, I hope you burn a thousand fiery deaths. I am so not kidding.

On the bright side, I got a new one to replace it, for FREE, thank you Rogers. It's a texty thingy that has a little keyboard that flips out when you need it, I didn't really need that but it's nice to have. 

I had a crap day at work today, I don't even want to get into it that's how bad it was.

Mother's Day was nice, K made me a bookmark and a card, C made me a rain measuring thingy and a card with coupons in it. One of them is good for "one week of K and C not arguing" - fat chance of it working, but the sentiment was there. One was for 5 free hugs which is pretty magnanimous of her as she is really stingy on the hugs - always has been. 

Ok my eyes are blurry and my ears feel blocked (again and always lately)



On a more amusing note

Posted by Slowplum on 5/05/2009 01:03:00 AM
Texts from last night - a website dedicated to drunken text messages. NSFW but that should go without saying.


Don't choke on the stardust baby

Posted by Slowplum on 5/05/2009 12:03:00 AM
Obscure lyrics for the win!*

I've been reading Michael Crichton books because I found a bunch at a garage sale for practically nothing. The one I am currently digesting is "The Andromeda Strain", which I'm finding mildly entertaining more than I normally would as it happens that this book is often thought of when pandemics come into the foreground. Queue in the current "swine flu" issue. As a sort of whistling in the dark method of humor, I told my husband that the swine flu must have come from space pigs landing and spreading their virus among unprepared earth swine.

I am not all frightened and "oh noes the world, she is ending!", but I am concerned more than I probably would be, as my parents are currently living in Aguascalientes. Mom emailed me today to say things were looking up though, and Mexico City is calming down some, which then sets the course for how the rest of the country responds. They are still being cautious, but they are hopeful of a swift resolution to the problem.

Anyway, back to Crichton. What I find interesting about his fiction is that what he writes is plausible. There is little in the way of a reader having to work on their suspension of disbelief because frankly - we have the technology to carry out a lot of what he suggests in his books. His published speech at the end of his most recent title, "Next", is well thought out, and I have to agree with his arguments with regards to gene patenting and its inherent problems. I find it frightening (but not surprising) that there are recent claims that a doctor has successfully managed to clone human beings. More frightening is the possibility of the U.S. taxpayers' funds being portioned towards research and development for human cloning. Frightening, but not surprising.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not an alarmist. I am far from building a panic room and preparing for the end times, or any of that jazz. But it stands to reason that there are plenty of moral, ethical, nevermind scientific, reasons why this is so wrong. I understand the more noble reasoning behind it - "we could build parts for transplants, research diseases and cures, bla bla bla!" Yeah, that's great, but at what cost? There is always the seedier side to the coin, and let's not kid ourselves, if there's something to be exploited in this, it will.

Now I'm just rambling and tired. And wishing I had someone to parry all this off of. Off of? Off with? Something something. Time for bed now I think.

*Ok, I'll spill - the title of this post is a line from the lyrics to the song "Andromeda" by Zucker Baby.

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