So much.

Posted by Slowplum on 1/01/2014 06:52:00 PM
So much has happened. My heart is nearly bursting from it all.

I lost my dear dear grandmother (my father's mom) on December 10 this year. I'm broken. She was our mom away from mom, if that makes sense. She helped raise us grandkids while our parents worked. She loved us all dearly and it broke my heart to say good-bye.

Other things have happened over time. Some harder than others.

It's a new year. Let's see what I can be thankful for today. Hmm.

Today I am thankful for sleeping in, resting for the first time in a long time. I have a roof over my head and two fantastic kids. A husband whom I love dearly and who loves me back, no matter what.

I'm thankful I didn't delete this journal in a huff. There are so many thoughts here that I can't possibly remember it all and it's good to have something I can look back on now and again.


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